The Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew, Perfect for Summer

The Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew, Perfect for Summer

Enjoying coffee has become a routine for some people in many situations. Whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening, before or after eating, while working or relaxing, coffee is always suitable to be enjoyed in various conditions.

Well, when it’s summer, some people feel more comfortable enjoying some cold brew coffee.

There are many types of coffee beans for cold brew. For this reason, in this review, we will provide several recommendations about them. So, let’s check it now!

Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew

What are the Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew?

The best coffee beans for cold brew, of course, have various variations. Each of them also has a difference in quality. However, this cold brew coffee is good for those who have stomach acid disorders. Cold brew coffee is considered to have a lower acid content than hot coffee.

Well, there are several choices, including:

  1. Organic Lifeboost

Lifeboost organic, are coffee beans from Nicaragua that are exotic, soft, flavorful, and healthy. The right roast time for this coffee bean is a light roast. Which is, the caffeine levels and sour taste will reduce after being in cold conditions for approximately 16 hours.

  1. Coffee Bros

Is one of the best coffee beans for a cold brew which comes from a 100% blend of Arabica coffee from Brazil and Ethiopia.

This coffee has high quality because, during the roasting process, it is done little by little to get full attention. The hallmark of this coffee bros is that it tastes sweet and refreshing in its cold serving.

  1. Tiny Footprint Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee stands together intending to reduce carbon emissions. For every coffee bean sold, they will plant a tree in Ecuador.

The characteristic of this coffee is the mixture of roasted meat with coffee beans from Ethiopia. As a result, this coffee has a sweet, soft taste, and a distinctive aroma.

In addition to the three types of coffee beans for cold brew above, still there are so many other types of coffee. There will always be differences in each area, you just need to explore it more broadly.

cold brew

How to Enjoy the Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew?

After knowing some of coffee beans using for a cold brew that we recommend, now you also have to know how to make them. Most people think that cold coffee is dissolved in hot water and then added cold water, that’s wrong. You can make cold brew coffee by using cold water only.

You can also make the other variants of cold brew coffee with your blend. Of course with coffee beans produced in our company, Nusagro. You only need to choose the types of coffee to be mixed.

To see the types and place an order, you can visit our website. We guarantee that you will be interested in the quality of the coffee beans that we produce ourselves.

So, don’t hesitate to explore the delicious taste of this coffee beans types. Immediately for order and check out the product of your choice.

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Best Way to Store Coffee Beans that You Should Know

Best Way to Store Coffee Beans that You Should Know

Storing coffee beans properly is one thing you should know. How come? If you decide to buy coffee beans or roast coffee beans in large quantities but you can’t store them properly, then there could be a decline in quality.

For that, for the sake of good quality coffee, you need to know the best way to store coffee beans. So, let’s look at the reviews below!

Best Way to Store Coffee Beans

Why Do We Need to Know the Best Way to Store Coffee Beans?

The main goal of why we must know the best way to store coffee beans is to maximize the quality of good coffee beans, especially taste. The best storage to maintain the quality of coffee is in the beans themselves.

Therefore, original coffee beans that have not been treated will usually last longer. However, we will keep our coffee stock more often in the form that has been ground and has been roasted until it becomes coffee that is ready to be enjoyed.

How is the Best Way to Store Coffee Beans?

Here we will explain the 3 best ways to store coffee beans, including:

  1. Store in a Closed Container

Coffee beans are very susceptible to the presence of air, heat, humidity, and light. For that, the first best way to store coffee beans is to store them in a closed container. Airtight and dark conditions (without light) can maintain the authentic taste of the coffee beans you store.

In addition, also pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the room where you store the container. Store in a cool place, not in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

coffee beans store

  1. Buy Coffee Beans According to Your Needs

If you intend to buy coffee beans that have been roasted, then consider the amount you are going to buy. Because the quality of coffee beans will immediately decrease when it is roasted.

The presence of too much interaction between coffee beans and oxygen can destroy the freshness of the taste. For that, you should divide the roasting process according to the amount you need to drink coffee every day.

  1. Freeze Your Coffee Beans

This freezing process can help reduce the absorption of heat, moisture, odors, and flavors in the surrounding air. However, in the freezing process, you still have to use a tightly closed container.

When you want to use it, just remove the coffee beans as needed and put the unused coffee beans back into the freezer.

Well, from the three best ways to store coffee beans above, it’s a good idea to check the shelf life on the seal of your coffee packaging. Regarding the quality of the best coffee beans, you have to choose the right producer, such as our company, namely Nusagro.

We provide 3 types of processed coffee beans, namely in the form of kratom/powder and roasted coffee which of course has a certain shelf life, as well as in the form of original coffee beans which have a longer shelf life.

You can order and determine the amount you want to buy according to your needs through the contact person on this website.

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5 Best Coffee Beans for Espresso in The World

5 Best Coffee Beans for Espresso in The World

Quality coffee grounds and beans are the determinants of the deliciousness of a coffee. One type of coffee that is quite popular is Espresso. For some people, this espresso coffee is perfect for starting the day.

Well, if you are new to the world of coffee, then choosing the best coffee beans for espresso is not an easy thing. For that, here we will present information about it. So, let’s see!

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

What is Espresso Coffee?

You need to know, espresso coffee is the result of extracting coffee beans with high-pressure hot water added.

Usually in terms of taste, espresso coffee has a stronger taste, because the roasting process takes longer. In addition, the texture is also smoother.

What Coffees are Included in the Best Coffee Beans for Espresso?

All types of coffee can be used as espresso, depending on whether it is suitable or not when enjoyed. Well, coffee lovers, have more interest in some of the best coffee beans for espresso, 5 of which are:

  1. Kult Coffee Bean with Dark Roast

The first best coffee bean for espresso is the Kult coffee bean, which is 100% arabica coffee originating from Guatemala, Colombia, and Sumatra.

The hallmark of this coffee is its rich taste, slightly spicy, and has a distinctive aroma. For coffee lovers, you can recognize this Kult coffee just by smelling the aroma. In addition, the freshly roasted cult coffee beans will show a glossy color.

  1. Whole Coffee Beans, Lavazza Super Cremma

Is the result of extraction from the best espresso coffee beans originating from Italy. This coffee is composed of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta. The combination of the two succeeded in producing a delicious combination, with a soft and thick cream, making it suitable as a mixture of cappuccino and latte.

The right roast time for this Lavazza coffee is a medium roast. Where the color of the coffee beans changes to an even dark brown color. Also usually, the taste of coffee becomes sweeter and pervasive.


  1. Cliffhanger Espresso Coffee (Kicking Horse)

This kicking horse coffee is Canada’s number 1 coffee. The reason is, coffee with a smooth and rich original taste can be served in various variants. Among them are, medium cliffhanger espresso, kick-ass dark, and medium three sisters. However, the oriental taste of kicking horse coffee is also quite popular.

  1. Coffee Beans Direct Espresso

Coffee Bean Direct also has a huge following in New Jersey. This coffee selling product is among the best because even though it is provided unroasted or after roasting, this coffee is always fresh. The aroma of espresso coffee is also very strong and dense after roasting for a longer time.

  1. Coffee Medium De Loja (Dark Roast Origin)

This coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee taken from Ecuador. This local coffee has a complex taste and is distinctive with a fruity aroma.

When drunk, there is no bitter/sour taste left, both from the beginning of the sip to the end. To roast this coffee, more attention must be paid, so that it is not too ripe.

Well, from the various kinds of best coffee beans for espresso in the world, you can feel the diversity of flavors.

For those of you who want to get real coffee beans or quality espresso, you can visit Nusagro on this web page. We focus on agricultural products from our gardens. So, we hope to be a distributor for you coffee lovers.

The review above is also the end of the discussion about the 5 best coffee beans for espresso, hopefully, this article can help you choose the best espresso coffee.

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Did You Know Best Coffee Beans in The World? This is It!

Did You Know Best Coffee Beans in The World? This is It!

For coffee connoisseurs, finding their version of the best coffee is fun. Every time we visit a certain location, we will find the uniqueness of the local coffee in that area. If coffee is in demand and sought after by other coffee connoisseurs, then it is included in the best coffee beans in the world category.

But so far, based on personal preference, the choice of the best coffee beans in the world has certainly fallen to Arabica coffee beans.

The pleasure of taste and aroma is certainly incomparable, including several other types of coffee which are derivatives of the Arabica coffee bean species.

best coffee beans in the world

Best Coffee Beans in The World

Well, in this review, we will discuss some of the recommendations for the best coffee beans in the world. Let’s check it down below!

  1. Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

The first best coffee bean in the world is Tanzania peaberry coffee. This coffee is also included in one type of Arabica coffee that grows on Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. The hallmark of this coffee is its strong and sour taste, like black currant with sweet coffee.

For the best roast time is medium, not overcooked. Because at that time will smell the refreshing aroma of flowers. Sometimes it also feels like the aroma of citrus fruits, coconut, pineapple, to wine.

  1. Hawaiian Kona Coffee

The second-best coffee is the Hawaiian Kona Coffee. Kona coffee is known for its light, light taste, but has a complex aroma. This species of Kona coffee beans thrive on the large island of Hawaii, precisely on the slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai mountains.

The best roasting time for this coffee is also when it is a medium roast. Where the slightly sour taste of brewed coffee tastes like a combination of spicy butter with aromatic wine. We recommend that this coffee be served alone and not used as a mixture so that its uniqueness is not lost.

  1. Sumatran Mandheling Coffee

This coffee has a low acidity level. This coffee is suitable for those of you who like sweet coffee with a complex and earthy herbal aroma. These coffee beans come from Central Sumatra, precisely in the Lintong area near Lake Toba.

The pleasure of Mandheling coffee beans will be felt when they are at the perfect level of maturity. That’s when the caramelization process will help make this coffee even more herbaceous.

  1. Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

Still with the type of coffee that comes from Indonesia, namely Toraja coffee. As we know, the highlands of Toraja land are indeed known as fertile and rich land. Therefore, the Toraja coffee beans that successfully grow there also have their peculiarities.

Toraja coffee has ripe fruit that is dark brown. The taste is deep, the acidity is right, and it’s a little spicy, it can make the body feel fresher and more vibrant.

The best quality of Toraja coffee will be obtained when you use the wet grind method and the dark roast level of maturity.

  1. Antigua Guatemalan Coffee

This coffee bean grows at an altitude of 4,600 meters above sea level and has a darker taste than coffee from Central America. This coffee comes from the Arabica Catuai, Cattura, and Bourbon varieties, so it is also known as Strictly Hard Bean.

This premium coffee is suitable to be served in a medium-dark roast, because the taste is smooth and delicious, and the aroma is soothing when brewed.

  1. Kenyan Coffee AA

Kenya AA coffee beans are also included in one of the best coffee beans in the world. This premium coffee exhibits a full, strong, and pleasant acidity taste. The aroma is also very fragrant like a mixture of grapes, oranges, and berries. To achieve the perfect taste and aroma, you can roast it until it reaches a medium-dark roast.

coffee beans plant

2 Types of Local and Worldwide Favorite Coffee

In addition to the several types of coffee mentioned above, there are also two types of local coffee but are quite global.

These two types of coffee are also among the best coffee beans in the world because of their unique taste and aroma. They are Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans and Luwak coffee beans.

For Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans themselves are often described as complex coffee with a smooth and soft taste. The price of this coffee is not much different from Kenyan AA coffee. However, this classic coffee is often in the ranks of Gournet coffee in the World.

Meanwhile, Luwak coffee is coffee that comes from animal waste similar to weasels. It is a mammal that has a special method of processing its digestive products.

For the taste and aroma of this civet coffee, it has its peculiarity. Because this coffee is safe for the body, this coffee began to be exported to various foreign countries at a fairly high price.

If you want to try the uniqueness of the coffee beans mentioned above, you can find some of them in our marketplace, namely Nusagro.

We produce roast coffee beans, green coffee beans n, or in the form of ready-to-serve kratom powder. Of course, the coffee we serve is quality coffee beans. For that, please check here.

Best Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Factors that affect the quality of the best coffee beans in the world

Several factors determine that certain coffee beans are included in the best coffee in the world category, including:

  • The coffee has many fans and customers in a certain period.
  • The coffee is included in the Strictly High Grown (SHG) or Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) kopo group.
  • Have the right harvest time.
  • Pairing certain grades such as AA, AB, E, or PB.
  • Coffee that has a long shelf life after roasting. Because the longer it is stored, the taste and aroma of the coffee become more delicious.
  • It is a specialty coffee of a certain region or country that reminds you when you visit that location.

Well, from these factors, the enjoyment of coffee is born according to the preferences of each individual so that it becomes one of the best coffee beans in the world. So, this is information that we can provide, hopefully useful.

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Types Of Coffee Beans You Should Know

Types Of Coffee Beans You Should Know

For coffee lovers, knowing the types of coffee beans is the basic thing that you should know. It will help you to order coffee according to your taste.

As long as we know, every country may have different types of coffee with different flavors, depending on the type of soil and the habitat of the coffee beans tree.

One of the types of coffee beans that are very popular is Arabica coffee. However, there are so many other types that we don’t know.

For that, in this review, we will discuss some information about, what types of coffee are on the market and the uniqueness of each taste. So, let’s check it down below!

types of coffee beans

Types and Characteristics of Coffee Beans

If we classified by species, in general, coffee beans are only divided into 2, Arabica and Robusta. However, in this review, there are 4 types of coffee beans that we often know, including Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. For that, let’s look at the differences between these four types of coffee beans.

  1. Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is the most common type of coffee and we often find it in the market. The reason is, Arabica coffee is very adaptive to grow in areas that have high rainfall and are at an altitude above sea level. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of coffee beans because it has lush rainforests.

Although Arabica coffee beans are easy to find, this plant species require more intensive care. Because, they are very susceptible to disease, so the farmers must take good care of them.

If we identify based on the taste, then Arabica coffee beans have a unique taste, which tends to be sour but soft. However, these coffee beans will easily lose their identity if they are combined with milk or creamer, then served cold.

However, no matter how it is presented, everything is still according to individual tastes. This also makes Arabica coffee quite salable in the market.

  1. Robusta Coffee

The types of coffee beans that are in second place are robusta coffee. This type of coffee is quite popular in several countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

The characteristics of this coffee are the caffeine content is quite high and the taste is bitter and quite strong. Therefore, robusta coffee is often used as the basic ingredient for instant or dark roast coffee.

Contrary to the nature of arabica coffee, robusta is considered a pest and insect repellent. This coffee plant species is also more adaptive, it can grow in various climates and altitudes. Farmers often benefit from the easy planting and harvesting process, so that more coffee beans are sold.

However, high-quality robusta coffee that is specially served is also able to compete to fill store shelves. The originality of the taste of this coffee has its pleasure for coffee lovers in general. However, to reduce the taste that is too strong, you can add creamer and sugar to make it more perfect.

  1. Excelsa Coffee

Next up is the excelsa coffee bean, which is also a member of the Liberica coffee species. However, this coffee plant habitat is more suitable for planting in the Southeast Asian region. It’s just that the production of coffee beans is not as much as other types of coffee.

Regarding characteristics, excelsa coffee has a sour taste with a dark black color after roasting. This uniqueness then makes Excelsa coffee popular among coffee lovers.

  1. Liberica Coffee

Liberica coffee beans are one of the rare coffee species. This species only grows in specific climates. So, it is quite difficult for farmers to sell it in the global market. One of the countries that had become the only supplier of Liberica coffee in the world was the Philippines.

At that time, economic growth became more rapid, but it did not last long. However, there is a certain satisfaction if we have tried it. Liberica coffee has a distinctive aroma and taste, which is like wood.

Well, these several types of coffee beans are just a small part of the many types of coffee that exist in the world. Each region has its type of coffee, different habitats, different climates, different characteristics of the coffee produced.

coffee beans plant

What Type of Coffee Beans will You Choose to Buy?

The choice of the type of coffee beans to be drunk must of course be based on individual tastes. Where you can survive to enjoy the delicious coffee in your way.

However, if you ask, what type of coffee is often chosen, then the answer is Arabica and Robusta coffee. Both of these options you can find easily anywhere and you can serve it with or without other additions.

Here we present some tips that can be taken into consideration when choosing a coffee, including:

  • Knowing the characteristics of the coffee to be selected.
  • Determine the amount of caffeine contained in coffee.
  • Choose the type of coffee bean according to the roaster you have.
  • Determine the choice of additional flavor combinations.
  • Pay attention to the quality of coffee beans.
  • If you are going to start a business, choose the types of coffee that are most in-demand by coffee lovers. However, there is nothing wrong if you provide various other types of coffee beans.

coffee drink

Where to Buy a Quality Coffee Bean?

You can find various types of coffee beans at coffee producers who sell their products both offline and online. In this case, we are, Nusagro also provides a wide selection of coffee products, such as kratom powder, green coffee beans, or roasted coffee beans.

We also have various types of coffee beans such as arabica, robusta, luwak, long berry, and peaberry. We dare to guarantee, the products we serve are quality products because they come from our harvest.

So, this is the final review that we can present about the types of coffee beans that you should know. Don’t hesitate to try and enjoy yourself the enjoyment of fresh coffee with its distinctive aromatic. Hope it is useful.

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How to Roast Coffee Beans in the Oven

How to Roast Coffee Beans in the Oven

How to roast coffee beans in the oven is not a difficult thing to do. Instead, this activity can be your fun moment at home. The roasting technique is not much different from other methods. However, there are a few different things you should pay attention to.

Well, in this review we will discuss some information about how to make roasted coffee beans in the oven. So, let’s see it down below!

How to Roast Coffee Beans in the Oven

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roasting Coffee Beans in the Oven

There are several advantages that you will feel if you roast coffee beans in the oven, including:

  1. Can produce coffee in larger quantities.
  2. There is no need to stir frequently, only occasionally because the surface of the baking sheet in the oven is flat. So that, all coffee beans have the same heat content.
  3. The results of roasting coffee beans are also quite beautiful, just like the results of a special coffee roaster.

But, there are some disadvantages of this method, such as taking a long time, difficulty to get the perfect results, and becoming less smoky. However, roasting your own coffee beans will produce its own satisfaction.

The Best Method of Roasting Coffee Beans in the Oven

Here we present the best methods about how to roast coffee beans in the oven, including:

  1. First, preheat the oven to 500⁰F. This temperature can change depending on the type of coffee beans and the type of oven. Well, if you are looking for coffee beans, we are from Nusagro also provides various types of the best quality coffee beans. You can contact our contact listed for reservations and further information.
  2. The coffee beans are placed on a baking sheet with only 1 layer, do not accumulate. We recommend using a baking sheet with holes or lining the pan with parchment paper for best results.
  3. Place the baking sheet in the center of the oven, so that the heat obtained remains consistent.
  4. Listen for cracks in the first 5-7 minutes, shake the pan so it doesn’t burn.
  5. Listen for a second crack, then take it out of the oven after 1 minute.
  6. Strain the husks from the coffee beans that have been removed.
  7. Leave the coffee beans in the open space for 12 hours so that CO2 can be released.


Perfecting Your Roast with This Trick

There are several tricks to reach perfect maturity. Among others are:

  1. Light roast, is between the first crack and the second crack with a light brown color.
  2. Medium roast occurs at the beginning of the second crack with a shiny dark brown color.
  3. Dark roast occurs after the second crack with a shiny dark brown color.
  4. Burning condition occurs if the baking time exceeds the limit. Usually, there is a burning smell and billowing smoke. The color of the coffee beans becomes dark black.

In addition, to be able to achieve the perfect results, you need to practice several times to use it and be consistent. Usually, the maximum time for roasting coffee beans is only 15 minutes. And now, how to roast coffee beans in an oven be an easy method, right?

So, what are you waiting for, try to make your best version of coffee?

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How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home? Let’s Check this Review!

How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home? Let’s Check this Review!

Being able to understand how to roast coffee beans at home is an art and satisfaction in itself. Especially if we can serve it perfectly to become a delicious cup of coffee. With this, you can make your taste of coffee.

If you dare to explore, the initial intention for trying may turn into an addiction. Because there will always be a surprise in every trial. So, don’t be afraid to try, let’s follow the guide we present below about how to make roasted coffee beans at home.

How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home Let's Check this Review

Should You Roast Coffee Beans at Home?

If you find this question, then the answer is “yes”. For coffee lovers, making your coffee at home is so fun. Well, to realize this, you can use a coffee roaster or other tools such as an oven, pan, or popcorn popper.

The main principle of the roasting coffee bean process is consistency, timeliness, and feeling. If you are was familiar, you will know the right times to make a delicious coffee.

How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home

Well, here we present how to roast coffee beans at home, let’s see!

  1. Prepare Coffee Beans That Have Not Been Roasted

Two pounds of unroasted coffee beans will turn into 1 pound of coffee beans when they are roasted. Well, choose the fresh green coffee beans, each coffee also has its characteristics. So, choose a coffee bean that suits your taste.

  1. Prepare The Tools To Be Used

The main tools that must be prepared are a roaster, heat-resistant gloves, a wooden spatula for stirring, a thermometer to control the temperature, a timer to set the time, and a container to cool the coffee beans when finished.

  1. Start Roasting

Add the coffee beans, turn on the heat, and make sure you keep stirring evenly. The coffee beans will slowly change color from green, yellow, brown, to dark brown. Pay attention to the temperature level according to the procedure, a temperature mismatch can make the coffee beans not ripen evenly.

roasted coffee beans at home

  1. You Should Also Check For The Sound Of The First Crack And The Second Crack

At the first crack, the husk or seed coat will peel off. Meanwhile, the second crack is a sign that the roasting process is complete and you must immediately remove the coffee beans.

  1. Cooling Process

The coffee beans are removed through a sieve to separate them from the husks. Then place it in a container to cool for a few hours. During that time, you can make sure whether there is still a husk left. Always wear gloves, because the coffee beans are still very hot.

  1. Start Brewing Coffee

Coffee usually tastes fresher, after being left for 5 days after roasting. For storage, place in an airtight container. However, on the first and second day, slightly loosen the lid so that the coffee beans can release carbon dioxide gas. After that, you can grind and brew it into delicious coffee with high freshness.

So, for those of you who are looking for the best coffee bean products, then we’re from Nusagro also provides fresh coffee beans that we harvest ourselves. Or, if you want to make an instant coffee, we also serve a kratom powder with various variants and you can directly brew it at home. To get it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

So, that’s all the information we can provide regarding how to roast coffee beans at home. Hope it is useful.

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How to Roast Coffee Beans to be a Delicious Coffee

How to Roast Coffee Beans to be a Delicious Coffee

Roasting coffee beans is not easy, but it’s not too complicated either. You just need to understand how to roast coffee beans, seems like understand every step process, the temperature setting, and an instinct for taste and aroma.

The main principle that makes a delicious coffee is the induction of heat that absorbs when coffee is roasted. At that time, the composition of the coffee will produce an aromatic pleasure.

Well, to make this delicious coffee, you are required to keep exploring and trying until you find the right taste. And in this review, we will discuss how to roasted coffee beans to be delicious coffee. For that, let’s look at the reviews below!

How to Roast Coffee Beans to be a Delicious Coffee

How to Roast Coffee Beans?

The coffee roasting process in brief is to change the green coffee to brown by roasting. The roasting time is adjusted to the method taken and the number of coffee beans that will be processed. For small capacities, it usually only takes 10 minutes, but for larger capacities, it usually takes up to 16 minutes.

Here are the steps to roast coffee beans, including:

  1. First step: Choosing a Grill

There are several ways you can do to make coffee beans. Among them are, by using the oven, popcorn popper, frying pan, or with a special coffee roaster. However, whichever method you use, it will be more delicious if you immediately drink the brewed coffee.

There is no best grill, it all depends on how you serve it. You’ll have to consider a few things, like how much coffee you’re going to roast, or the amount of heat you’re roasting. Because, if you ignore these 2 things, the level of maturity of the coffee may be uneven.

  1. Step Two: Choose Green Coffee

Usually, the highest quality company will provide dozens of selected green coffees. So, you no longer need to sort it out.

Here we suggest that you use coffee with an original taste as a start. So this can make it easier for you to choose the next type of coffee to try.

Well, for the best type of green beans, you can trust the product from our company, namely Nusagro coffee. We provide authentic Indonesian coffee of high quality and harvested directly by Indonesian farmers. Like 2 types of coffee that are quite commercial, namely Robusta and Arabica. As an experienced coffee producer, now you don’t have to worry anymore about the distinctive taste and aroma of coffee.

  1. The Third Step: Doing the Roasting Process

These are the important steps about how to roast the coffee beans. So, in this process, you must understand the different stages of roasting. Thus, you can control the taste that will be produced.

roasted coffee beans

The Stages to Roasting Coffee beans Process

The following are the stages that must be taken how to roast coffee beans, including:

  • Yellowing

Coffee beans that initially have a green color after going through the initial few minutes will turn yellowish when stored. At this time, the distinctive aroma and taste of green plants such as vegetables or fresh grass will be smelled. However, such coffee is not tasty enough to be consumed immediately, it still has to be continued to the next stage.

  • Evaporation

This stage aims to remove the water content contained in the coffee beans, also known as the drying stage. When the coffee beans are dry, the first crack reaction will occur due to the different temperature differences.

This first crack occurs when the evaporation temperature reaches 390 – 410⁰F accompanied by a fragrant aroma. However, the reaction to this first crack can very dependent on the type of coffee being roasted.

  • The First Roasting Stage

After confirming that all the coffee beans have the first crack, you can immediately end the evaporation process and start the roasting stage with a temperature of 415 – 425⁰F.

  • Caramelization

A reaction that uses sugar so that the aroma and taste of coffee become more attached. This caramelization process certainly requires a higher temperature than before. Then, the coffee beans will expand slightly, turn darker in color, and when the temperature reaches 440 – 450⁰F there will be a second cracking reaction.

When the second crack reacts, the sound can be heard but it is no more stable than the first crack. This roasting process then changes the initial characteristics of the green coffee beans to become darker.

  • Darkening Roast

At the end of the roasting process, dark-colored coffee beans will produce a distinctive and pungent aroma and taste. This aroma and taste are increasingly attached to the coffee beans due to the caramelization process and the second cracking reaction. These coffee beans will then become delicious coffee when brewed.


Some Tips to Roasting Coffee Beans 

Once you understand how to roast coffee beans, you just need to remember the following tips. Meanwhile, the things that must be considered when roasting coffee beans to make them more delicious is:

  • Pay attention to temperature: The temperature used during the roasting process is usually in the range of 350 – 500⁰F, depending on the type of coffee used.
  • The agitation process: The coffee beans must be constantly or steadily stirred so that the heat is evenly distributed. Should not be left in a resting state during the baking process. This will cause some of the coffee beans to burn and not cook evenly.
  • First crack: Usually heard at 3 – 5 minutes, don’t forget to keep stirring the coffee beans.
  • Second crack: a few minutes after the first crack, a second crack will follow. Usually, we only wait up to 30 seconds. If it’s more than that, we often find scorching on the coffee beans.
  • Cooling process: let the coffee beans rest and cool down on a metal filter or parchment paper. Stir thoroughly to separate the coffee beans from any husks or dirt that might stick.

So many reviews that we can present about how to roast coffee beans. Make sure you understand the steps above and follow the tips we provide before processing your best coffee beans. Hope it is useful.

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Interesting Facts about Best Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Interesting Facts about Best Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Have you ever tried consuming best green coffee for weight loss? Are your efforts effective enough to achieve the ideal weight? Or are you still unfamiliar with what is called green coffee?

As one of the leading food commodities, this type of coffee is the same as coffee in general. It can be Arabica or Robusta, but the processing method is not roasted.

The coffee beans that have been harvested go straight through the cleaning and sorting stages for later packaging. This coffee can be enjoyed by boiling the seeds, so you will not get the slightest pulp.

Green coffee is quite popular, especially among health activists and coffee lovers. It has even become one of the most sought-after commodities today. Not only for consumption but can be a mainstay business object.

Are you one of the people who are interested in buying and selling best green coffee for weight loss? The market potential for this product is very wide. With a certain marketing strategy, the sale of this commodity can even penetrate the international market.

But before discussing further the business of buying and selling green coffee, let’s get to know more about interesting facts about coffee and other important things that you should know.

Best Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Green Coffee for Diet, Myth or Fact?

Many studies have been conducted to prove that green coffee can be effective in losing weight. However, some criticisms of the research also emerged because some of the research was funded directly by the company owners and green coffee businessmen.

Best green coffee for weight loss is suspected as a mere promotional agenda, when in fact this is not the case.

But let’s check other facts, where green coffee is indeed proven to contain a substance called “Chlorogenic Acid” which effectively inhibits the intake of bad fats into the body.

Coffee is also high in antioxidants and low in caffeine. Seeing this fact, we can conclude that green coffee can lose weight is not just a myth. Consuming green coffee regularly with the right dose can even increase endurance and body fitness.

Best Green Coffee Consumption Rules for Weight Loss

To enjoy a cup of green coffee, as the best recommendation, you can start by buying the coffee beans from Nusagro as one of the best green coffee suppliers. The quality of the coffee beans will determine the taste. So, be selective in choosing the best product so you can enjoy this coffee while getting the good benefits from it.

How to brew this coffee is very easy. Put 170 grams of coffee beans in a saucepan, then mix it with 710 ml of water or the equivalent of three cups of water. Boil the coffee for about 10 minutes, then stir occasionally.

After that, turn off the stove, then strain the cooking water into a cup. You can enjoy this coffee warmly, or it can be mixed with sugar or juice.

You can eat this coffee on an empty stomach to optimize its function to lose weight and increase vitality. Drink this coffee at least 30 minutes before eating.

For dosage and consumption rules, there is no clear information about this. But you should not consume this coffee in excess to prevent adverse side effects. If necessary, you can consult a doctor for the best recommendation.

green coffee plant

Unique Facts about Green Coffee that Rarely People Know

As mentioned above, green coffee does not go through a roasting process, so many of the good ingredients last, and have a good impact on health. This type of coffee is not only effective for diet but also to help maintain body fitness, to overcome certain diseases.

But before you decide to try it, do you already know more about this special coffee? Don’t claim to be a coffee lover if you don’t know the following unique facts about green coffee:

– Low Caffeine

Instead of roasting, the coffee beans that have been harvested go through a soaking process that makes the caffeine content very low. On the other hand, the chlorogenic acid content persists so that certain types of coffee can be the best green coffee for weight loss.

– Contains Active Ingredients for Weight Loss

Chlorogenic acid, as we have mentioned in the previous description, is the content in green coffee, where it is effective in controlling bad fat levels in the body. On the other hand, this content is also good for blood pressure, the cardiovascular system and increases the body’s metabolism. 

Chlorogenic acid works by reducing the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar in the body. That way, you have the opportunity to be helped in losing weight effectively by consuming green coffee.

– Contains High Antioxidants

Consuming green coffee regularly in a balanced dose can help your body ward off free radicals. This is due to its high antioxidant levels. In addition, antioxidants are also useful for increasing immunity and are believed to improve brain performance.

green coffee

– Potential Business Objects

The skyrocketing popularity of green coffee makes it worthy to be relied on as a potential business object. Nowadays people are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, including changing the way coffee is consumed, no longer by roasting it, but by boiling it.

If you are interested in starting a business of buying and selling high-quality green coffee, start by finding the right supplier. This means that you do not need to start by growing coffee on your land, because it will consume your time and capital. 

You can get the best suppliers through objective research on the internet. You can analyze the official websites of many suppliers, check the marketplace and social media, and see a list of the most recommended green coffee suppliers.

– Available in Various Quality in the Market

The quality of green coffee circulating in the market is not uniform. Differences in the quality of coffee beans can be seen from the location of the plantation, how to plant and care by suppliers, and how the coffee beans are treated post-harvest.

This is closely related to the quality and performance of suppliers. So, make sure you don’t just buy green coffee beans, let alone buy them in large quantities for business needs.

Nusagro is a company that guarantees optimal product quality, supported by a credible and experienced team of experts. Not only coffee, but our company has also produced many other strategic food commodities since 2017, with proven mechanisms and quality standards. 

Until now, our company is ready to meet the demands of hundreds of customers spread all over the world with high-quality food commodities, including best green coffee for weight loss. Let’s be part of our partners without hesitation to start a healthy and sustainable business.

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How To Find International Coffee Buyers?

How To Find International Coffee Buyers?

Coffee is a drink that is loved by many people, both on a national and international scale. Coffee connoisseurs will buy the beverage ingredients wherever they look for it, including international buyers. Then, how to find international coffee buyers? 

For people who like coffee, almost every morning they will consume it. Therefore, they must have coffee stock at home. Where do they buy their favorite coffee? Here are some of the biggest coffee-producing countries, where you will easily find international coffee buyers.

Some Country of the Biggest Coffee Producing

It is known that good quality coffee will be easy to find in countries close to the equator. These countries include: 

  • Brazil

coffee brazil
coffee brazil

Brazil has dominated coffee products in the world since 1830. Because the country’s coffee production is very large, 30% of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil. 

The largest coffee production in Brazil is Arabica coffee. In percentage terms, only 26% of robusta coffee is produced from all coffee in Brazil each year.

Based on data taken in 2018, Brazil’s total coffee production amounted to 3 million metric tons. That way, you can find international coffee buyers looking for the best coffee. 

Coffee production centers in Brazil are spread over 7 administrative regions. The areas most recognized by the world community are Sao Paulo, Bahia, and Rio de Janeiro.

  • Vietnamese

A country that is part of the Asian continent, Southeast Asia to be exact, is one of the best and largest coffee-producing countries in the world. A large number of coffee production in Vietnam makes this country ranked second after Brazil in the category of the largest coffee-producing country in the world. 

17% of the world’s coffee comes from the plains of Vietnam. Left behind slightly by Brazil who occupied the first level. International coffee buyers are also looking at coffee from Vietnam. 

Vietnam is the only country in the world capable of producing a year more than 1.5 million metric tons of coffee. The type of coffee that dominates the product in Vietnam is Robusta. The land accounts for 96% of the total coffee plantations in Vietnam.

  • Colombia

Colombia is the third-largest coffee-producing country in the world. This country lost to Brazil, which became the champion of the largest coffee producer. You can find international coffee buyers in a country known for the sport of football

Colombia produces 800,000 metric tons of coffee annually. The best quality coffee makes this product from Colombia loved by the world community. 

This coffee from Colombia has a taste similar to coffee from Brazil. It has the aroma of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. The difference is that Colombian coffee has higher acidity than Brazilian coffee.

  • Indonesia

indonesia coffee
indonesia coffee

Still, a neighbor to Vietnam, Indonesia is also the largest coffee-producing country in Indonesia. It is known, within one year Indonesia can produce 650 thousand metric tons of coffee. 

The coffee produced comes from various regions, such as the island of Sumatra to the island of Papua. Even though it comes from one country, Indonesian coffee has its taste according to the origin of the plant. Coffee plantations in Indonesia are managed by Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises. 

One of the famous types of coffee from Indonesia is civet coffee. This type of civet coffee has a distinctive aroma and a very strong coffee taste. This coffee is one of the favorites of international coffee buyers around the world

Those are some of the biggest coffee-producing countries in the world, where you can find international coffee buyers there. A person’s love for coffee will continue to be done by finding a suitable coffee on the person’s tongue.


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