Types of Matoa Fruit

Types of Matoa Fruit

Being one gem that originated from Papua, matoa has come a long way into the hearts’ of people across the world. The two types of matoa fruit have their characteristics yet both hold numerous health benefits. Have you tried this exotic fruit before? If you love fruits such as lychee, rambutan, mangosteen, and longan, you are likely to fall in love with matoa fruit.

Types of Matoa Fruit

Coconut Matoa

Coconut Matoa

With the Latin name Pometia pinnata, matoa comes from the same Sapindaceae family-like rambutan and lychee. There are two types of matoa fruit, namely the coconut matoa and papeda matoa. Matoa fruits are typically oval with measurements of 5 to 7cm long and 3 cm wide.

Coconut matoa has a diameter of about 2.2-2.9cm, with the diameter of the seed being about 1.25-1.40cm. Coconut matoa generally has a tough and medium-thin outer skin that is green-colored. Coconut matoa has a plump and chewy flesh similar to Aceh rambutan, another specialty from Indonesia.

Papeda Matoa

Papeda Matoa

Different from coconut matoa, papeda matoa has a softer outer skin that is colored red. The flesh of papeda matoa is more sticky and wet similar to mangosteen. Papeda matoa has a diameter of 1.4-2.0 cm. Papeda matoa is known for being juicy and sweet.

What are the Benefits of Matoa?

Both types of matoa fruit have a high nutritional value and they are especially high in vitamin C and vitamin E. Thus, the number one benefit matoa gives is as a perfect source of antioxidants. As you may already know, both vitamin C and vitamin E are essential for the body to fight free radicals. Simultaneously, matoa is an excellent booster for one’s immune system.

Matoa fruit is also great for your skin as its nutritional components promote the high production of collagen and optimize skin cell regeneration. These result in healthier skin that makes you look fresh and younger.

As for another benefit, matoa fruit is known to reduce stress levels and increase your mood. It is a perfect snack for you to munch on whenever you crave sweets. By snacking on matoa fruit, you get rid of your craving and hunger without gaining weight, and at the same time provide nutrients for your body. That is a recipe for a mood booster.

How to Enjoy Matoa Fruit?

Matoa fruit is enjoyed by eating the flesh or pulp raw or serving it for beverages. Matoa is also popular to be preserved as syrup because it has high endurance, storing longer than most tropical fruit and staying good at room temperature for a few weeks. However, the flesh or pulp itself is quite perishable, only lasting for a couple of days even when refrigerated.

A higher-quality matoa fruit means better matoa in terms of freshness, taste, and endurance. Buying matoa from a trustworthy supplier like Nusagro will ensure you get only the best products. Nusagro only uses the superior seeds from old matoa fruits and cultivates them in the best soil and weather conditions in Indonesia. Thus, whichever type of matoa fruit you purchase from Nusagro, satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Matoa Fruit Cultivation

Matoa Fruit Cultivation

Matoa is a sweet fruit native to Indonesia that is growing popular across the world. Called Pometia pinnata in Latin, matoa belongs to the family Sapindaceae, along with lychee, longan, and rambutan. Matoa fruit has an oval shape and sweet taste, and rumor has it that it can grow in one’s backyard. So, let’s learn more about matoa fruit cultivation before trying it at home, shall we?

Benefits of Matoa Fruit

Why matoa fruit cultivation is popular these days? Since growing matoa is considered easy and the fruit is delicious, more people are interested to join the game. Matoa timber can be used as home decoration, and matoa leaves can amplify the beauty of your garden.

Matoa fruits are packed with vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin E. Consuming matoa fruits moderately regularly can boost your immune system as well as maintain your beauty. If you are a fan of longan, you will take a liking to matoa as well as it has a similar sweet taste to longan. Consuming healthy fruit and enjoying the sweet taste at the same time will get you healthy and stress-free.

Matoa Fruit Cultivation at Home

Matoa is grown all over Indonesia but the famous ones come from Papua, which are matoa kelapa and matoa papeda. The first has a larger outer appearance and thicker meat, thus is priced higher in the market. On the other side, the cheaper matoa papeda is smaller in size and has thinner yet softer meat.

To do matoa fruit cultivation at home, you need to prepare enough space in your yard just to be safe the plant can grow well and the fruit can be harvested easily. A wider space allows you to benefit the matoa timber and fruits. Prepare the space by making a hollow measuring 40cmx40cmx40cm and filling it with the mixture of compost and fertilizer.

For the planting process, you need matoa seeds that are sown and already fertile enough to grow well. Or, you can prepare matoa seeds that have grown about 30cm and plant it into the planting hollow and cover the stem with soil containing compost and fertilizer.

Take good care of your matoa plant so that it will flourish in time. Matoa plant will grow with dense, beautiful green leaves and the fruits are expected to show up about four to five years later. If you grow tired of taking care of the plant and tired of waiting for the fruits, you can always benefit from the matoa timber as it can function as a home decoration.

If matoa fruit cultivation is too difficult for you, the best option to enjoy matoa is by buying it fresh from the best supplier in Indonesia. Nusagro offers a great deal of matoa fruit with guaranteed quality as it holds the reputation as the best supplier of the country’s commodities. You just need to go online and visit Nusagro’s official website to order some matoa fruits at the best price—and maybe buy some other exotic products from Indonesia as well while you are at it because why not.

Matoa Fruit Supplier

Matoa Fruit Supplier

Do you like matoa fruit? It is no wondering why matoa fruit is very popular. Because of the high benefits, matoa fruit is also sweet.

The combination of the three taste of fruit in one matoa fruit makes this fruit has a good place in the heart fruits consumer. Do you want to buy matoa fruits at a good price? You are in the right way.

Matoa fruit supplier will give you the best choice for the best matoa fruit.

matoa fruit supplier

  1. High Quality

Matoa fruit supplier offers you high-quality matoa fruit. We serve you the best of matoa fruit. It is fresh and original from Indonesia. You can choose two variants of matoa fruit. They are coconut matoa and papeda matoa.

Coconut matoa is bigger than papeda matoa. Its rind is green in color. The taste is sweet. Papeda matoa is smaller but don’t doubt in taste. The taste is good and unique of matoa fruit.

Its rind is usually red. Whatever matoa fruit that you choose, we offer you the best matoa fruit.

  1. The Price

Are you worried about the price? Don’t be worried. We offer you the best price for matoa fruit.

We can be trusted as a trusted supplier. We develop fair trade. We will not cheat you with the bad quality of matoa fruit.

The price is suitable for the quality that you accept. We can guarantee the quality for you.

  1. Our Farm

We get matoa fruits from the good farm. It uses organic material for fertilizing plants. We also select the better quality of matoa seed. So, matoa fruits that arrive in your hand are the best quality of seed.

You will find the natural substances inside your matoa fruit. We guarantee you that we don’t use non-organic fertilizer to produce high-quality matoa fruits.

  1. Benefits Of Matoa Fruit

So, what is the reason that many people hunt for matoa fruit? Besides the taste is good, there are many benefits of matoa fruit itself.

First, it can keep your heart well. There are so many people getting heart-attack nowadays, but consuming matoa fruit will avoid you from this dangerous disease.

The second benefit is lowering your blood sugar. If you have high blood sugar, consuming matoa fruit will reduce your blood sugar.

The third, matoa fruit is good for your digestive system. If you have a problem with your digestive system, it will protect your digestive system well.

And the fourth, matoa fruit can save you from the dangers of cancer. Yes, this is fact that matoa will help your body’s cell becomes healthier and further from the dangerous cancer.

Moreover, matoa fruit can boost your stamina, so you can be still healthy and powerful to face your day.

Matoa fruit is an amazing fruit, isn’t it? It is no wonder many people say it as heaven fruit.

And if you want to buy matoa fruit, call us. We will give you the best quality of matoa fruit, from a matoa fruit supplier.


What is Matoa Fruit?

What is Matoa Fruit?

Matoa fruit is small, watery, and pulpy fruit. The texture is like the longan or rambutan.

It originally comes from western of Indonesia, Papua. This is seldom to find but it is sweet and watery.

This small fruit is a member of the lychee family and the scientific name of this fruit is Pometia pinnata.

The nutrients inside the fruits are high and they are good for our health.

Below, we will show you what matoa fruit is. And find yourself feel amazing with matoa fruit!

What is Matoa Fruit

  1. The Characteristics Of Matoa Fruit

Matoa fruit or we call it as Pometia pinnata is small like longan. It is also like passion fruit, but the skin is thinner.

The taste is sweet and the nutrients inside are great things for the health. Although matoa fruit is seldom to find in the common market or a stall fruit, many people like the taste of it.

Matoa fruit includes the Sapindaceae family.

You can find it around the place of Indonesia, such as Borneo, Sulawesi, Maluku, North Maluku, Papua, and West Papua.

If you search for matoa fruit in those places, it can be easy to you to find it. Matoa fruit is very famous in those regions.

  1. The Nutrients Inside Are High Quality

Although matoa fruit is small, it has many high-quality substances. Matoa fruits contain high vitamin C and antioxidants.

They are needed for boosting the immune system, increasing productivity, avoiding cancer, and making the body more healthy.

An antioxidant is useful to keep your skin elasticity and you will feel younger and the energic life does not dream again.

Consuming matoa fruit regularly gives you young energy and you will stay healthy with the nutrients inside.

matoa fruits

  1. The Taste Of Matoa Fruit

The taste of matoa fruit is amazing. It is the combination of longan, lychee, and rambutan.

If rambutan has a sweet taste or a little sweetness, matoa fruit does not have a sour taste. It is only a sweet taste inside the matoa fruit.

If we see from the texture, the texture of matoa fruit is more tender than longan. Longan is chewy. That is the unique taste of matoa fruit.

  1. The Price

Matoa fruit is seldom to find through the year.

Although in Indonesia itself, it has the time of harvest. It makes the price of matoa fruit is more expensive than other fruits. Matoa fruit is about Rp. 50.000 until Rp. 80.000/kg.

It is more expensive if we compare it with longan, grape, and mango.

Matoa fruit is a heaven fruit for some people because the combination of the taste, benefit, and price are suitable.

So, this fruit is always for the middle to upper economy class.

Moreover, matoa fruit is famous fruit and it has many benefits especially for your health.

Consume matoa fruit regularly will boost your immune system because it contains high vitamin C. The antioxidant inside will make your skin smoother than before.

So, in this heaven fruit, you can enjoy the taste and benefits inside. What a wonderful fruit!


Benefits of Matoa Fruit

Benefits of Matoa Fruit

Matoa fruit is a small fruit but has great benefits inside. This fruit originally comes from Indonesia. It is often found in Papua. The shape is like rambutan, lychee, or longan. Matoa is not as popular as longan.

Many people do not know about Matoa fruits. It is also seldom to sell in the market.  But, when the fruits are there in the market, many people want to buy them.

That is not just because of the sweet taste of matoa, but the benefit of matoa fruits are great. Below is a deep explanation related to Matoa fruit.

Benefits of Matoa Fruit

  1. Matoa Fruit

Matoa fruit originally comes from Indonesia. It is not famous fruit like other fruits such as durian, jackfruit, guava, and so on. The taste is the mixing of longan, lychee, and rambutan fruit. It has a sweet taste and juicy texture.

Matoa itself is noted as Pometia pinata. It is a family of Sapindaceae. From the classification of matoa fruit. It is closed relative to lychee and maple.

Although matoa fruit has a small side, it has great benefits. What are they?

  1. The Nutritional Value That Contained Matoa Fruit

Matoa fruit contains high vitamin C and E. It is good for the body, especially for you who want to be still fresh, young, and energic.

Matoa fruit is the answer to your willingness. Matoa fruit contains high antioxidants. This is very essential for our life. If your antioxidant is sufficient, it will be good for your body.

You will be healthier, younger, fresher, and still active. So, let’s see the specific benefits of matoa fruits below!

  1. Immunity Booster

Do you feel that your immunity system is weak? Do you easily suffer from common diseases such as influenza, fever, and cough? If you answer yes, it is the correct one for you, matoa fruit.

The role of matoa can be as an immunity booster. Matoa contains high vitamin C that is very good to boost your immune system.

Try to consume matoa fruit regularly and see what your body will be like. It will be stronger and healthier to face common diseases. You will be seldom or even never to suffer common diseases again.

  1. Fights Viral Protection

If you suffer viral protection, it is not fatal but to fight with this case you must have high immunity. Your immunity system can be boosted by consuming vitamin C and antioxidants. And matoa fruit has both.

Matoa fruits contain high vitamin C and great antioxidants to help you to fight viral protection. So, consume matoa fruit and enjoy a healthy life.

matoa fruits

  1. A Great Source Of Antioxidant

As we know before that matoa fruit contains vitamin C, besides it also contains vitamin E. The combination of these two vitamins will make a great source of antioxidants for your body.

The result will make you active, healthy, and still fresh, although you are old. Eat matoa fruit and enjoy the healthy and young life in you.

  1. Increase Your Fertility

Do you have a plan to have a baby? If yes, consume matoa fruit can be the answer to your willingness.

Consume matoa fruit can increase your fertility and the chance for you to get the baby. It is not stated just for women but also for men.

It can add the quality of your sperm, so your will can be achieved. Both men and women can get higher fertility if they routinely consume matoa fruit.

  1. Support Your Endurance

If you are easily tired, consume matoa fruit can help you to support your endurance. You can work for a longer time. And you are still healthy because your energy is still fresh.

It means, your endurance to work is very needed for your more productive life. Moreover, consuming matoa fruit will give you better endurance, better work.

  1. Protect Your Heart’s Work

The heart is one of the vital organs that we must keep well. Heart function is vital for our life itself, Heart pumps the blood all around the body. That is why we must protect it well.

Matoa fruit contains high vitamin E that is useful for maintaining heart cells, promoting healthy heart vessels, and generate the heart’s cells regularly.

Vitamin C, contained by matoa fruit, can improve the regulation of the heart’s blood flow. So, the benefits of matoa fruits are amazing, aren’t they?

matoa green

  1. Avoid Cancer, The Dangerous Disease In The World

Cancer is a dangerous disease in the world. It can kill our life and to protect your body from a dangerous disease, you can consume matoa fruit regularly.

The antioxidant and vitamin C contained by this fruit is high and useful for avoiding cancer. Antioxidants can solve the free radicals and prevent the development of cancer.

  1. As The Medication Of Dysentery

Because matoa fruit is seldom to find throughout the year, this is very difficult for the researcher to see the truth of this. People say that matoa fruit can solve your dysentery problem.

Consume matoa fruit can give you a better experience in eating and drink so, you are not worried about what you have consumed. You just need to protect your stomach with consume matoa fruit.

  1. The Skin Is Healthier And Younger

We have known that vitamin E is good for your skin. You can get the effect of vitamin E if you consume matoa fruit.

On the other hand, vitamin C makes your skin elastic and smooth like young. You can look younger than your age. So, consume matoa fruit, to get this benefit only for you.

  1. Relieving Your Stress 

Matoa fruit is good to consume in your daily busy day. Vitamin E is needed for relieving your stress.

Your work will run smoothly and you will not be stress anymore. You can add matoa fruit to the food that you usually consume. In conclusion, there are many benefits of matoa fruit.

Although it is seldom to find and it is not as popular as lychee or longan, matoa fruit has some great benefits. The benefits are very useful for us and our life.



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