Buy Gayo Coffee Beans Indonesia

Buy Gayo Coffee Beans Indonesia

How much coffee is too much coffee? Not a mere drink to kick-off the day in the morning anymore, coffee has become a part of our identity. Being one of the most famous Sumatra coffee, Gayo coffee beans have become a proud characteristic of Indonesia.

Buy Gayo Coffee Beans Indonesia

What is Gayo Coffee Bean?

Gayo coffee beans are produced in the Gayo highlands of Sumatra and farmed from generation to generation by the ethnic group of the region, the Gayonese.

Although there are many types of coffee beans grown in different parts of Sumatra, Gayo highlands in the north part of the island contribute to the biggest Arabica coffee bean export. The well-earned title is rooted back since coffee beans plantations became a huge commodity in Indonesia.

For a very long time, Java coffee beans were the leading coffee product in Indonesia since the beans first entered the country through Batavia during Dutch colonization.

Over time, coffee plantations were expanded to different regions of Indonesia, including Sumatra. Mandheling, Lintong, and Gayo coffee beans are only the top few Sumatra coffee lovers of many around the world today.

Types of Gayo Coffee Beans

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Gayo coffee beans are well-known for their organic and unique taste that somewhat cannot be found in any other coffee beans. On their own, Gayo coffee beans are bold yet so fine in the aroma.

However, when mixed with another type of coffee beans, this Gayo blends beautifully with an aromatic whiff and distant taste in the beverage. The coffee beans fall into two categories which are the Arabica and Robusta Gayo coffee beans as below.

Arabica Gayo Coffee Beans

Arabica Gayo is the number one exported commodity amongst the two. Vastly consumed around the world, Arabica Gayo is high in demand for its mass production and global distribution. Arabica Gayo has a very distinctive taste as the characteristics of the region where it comes from play a big part in the production.

The high altitude and chilly weather of the Bukit Barisan mountain that is part of Gayo highlands are very ideal for the coffee plantation. Furthermore, the farming technique passed down from generation to generation among the Gayonese people also contributes to the high quality of Arabica Gayo coffee beans.

Arabica Gayo holds a complex flavor with bold consistency and aroma. There is a hint taste of bitterness that came from the local berries, nutty flavor that comes off as somewhat spicy, and buttery as well as chocolaty taste that is the sweetness. All that complexity makes Arabica Gayo coffee beans a perfect mixture for house blend beverages.

Robusta Gayo Coffee Beans

Although Arabica has all the fame, its sibling that is Robusta holds its charm. Robusta coffee beans are the second hard-selling goods in the market despite some saying that Robusta coffee beans are not as high quality as the Arabica ones. To be completely fair, each has its selling points and purposes.

Robusta Gayo coffee beans come from coffee plantation of different heights in the Gayo highlands. The plant itself typically much taller than the Arabica and the beans are more circular rather than oval shaped. The cheaper price of Robusta commonly comes from the cheaper costs of the production, and not because the coffee beans are of the lower quality.

In terms of flavor, Robusta Gayo coffee beans are quite on the bitter spectrum due to the high caffeine content. Some people even describe that a cup of pure Robusta often tastes rough and rubbery. Due to the somewhat preserved as unpleasant to drink on its own, Robusta commonly used as mixture in coffee blends, especially in instant ones.

Grades of Gayo Coffee Beans

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Gayo coffee beans are divided into two grades in the commodity. Although both grades are produced in the region of Gayo highlands in Sumatra, there are several features that distinguish them. However, it is important to notice that both grades have their own purpose in the market.

  • Specification

Grade 1 Gayo coffee beans are the best quality coffee beans farmed in the Gayo highlands. Being the premium one, this Grade 1 coffee is very high in demand and loved by many people around the world. It features green coffee beans with full bodies that are grown in the highest part of the Gayo highlands in Central Sumatra.

Grade 2 Gayo coffee beans are the second quality coffee beans farmed in the Gayo highlands. That being said, it does not mean that this Grade 2 coffee is of low quality and not selling well. Grade 2 Gayo coffee beans typically come in medium bodies at maximum and are farmed in different altitude from those of Grade 1.

  • Taste

Grade 1 Gayo coffee beans have complex flavor due to its top quality. Arabica Gayo Grade 1 has a strong earthly taste with a mixture of spiciness but more of sweetness. The proper level of acidity gives off pleasant smell, flavor and even after taste. Grade 1 Gayo is commonly brewed on its own as legendary beverage.

Grade 2 Gayo coffee beans have much simpler flavor and not as strong as the superior one. Arabica Gayo Grade 2 has a nutty taste mixed with a little bit of spice and a hint of chocolate. Grade 2 Gayo coffee beans are usually processed with other types of coffee beans to make a beverage. This second grade Gayo is perfect as a mixture for house blends to produce the best coffee flavor.

Supplier of Gayo Coffee Beans

As the world has its eyes on Gayo coffee beans, it is only right to maintain the high standard of the coffee production. Nusagro is one of the top sellers in the market which provides the superior Gayo coffee beans at factory prices. Buying from such respectable supplier means delicious coffee at hand without any hassle in the process.

The company has great experience in handling global demands of Gayo coffee beans and will continue to give back to the farmers in the Gayo highlands. Visit Nusagro official website now to get top quality Gayo coffee beans directly from the Gayonese farmers in Sumatra, Indonesia.

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