Coffee Pooped by Cats: What is it?

Coffee Pooped by Cats: What is it?

Coffee pooped by cats? Have you ever heard about that? If you feel interest about this topic, come read the informations below.

Coffee Pooped by Cats

What is Coffee Pooped by Cats?

Coffee pooped by cats: What is it? Does the term sound strange to you? Coffee pooped by a cat is coffee that comes from civet animal droppings. The name Luwak is a nickname from the region in Indonesia for an animal called the Weasel. These animals are similar to cats, so they are called coffee pooped by cats. The civet eats the ripe coffee cherries and removes the skin and coffee beans. Furthermore, the coffee beans from the civet or civet droppings will be collected, cleaned repeatedly, roasted, so that Luwak Coffee is obtained.

Luwak coffee besides getting the nickname as coffee pooped by cats is also known as cat poop coffee. Apart from the name of the coffee that seems disgusting, Luwak Coffee has a unique taste and an expensive price. Luwak Coffee has existed in Indonesia since the Dutch colonial period, which established coffee plantations on the islands of Sumatra and Java.

Luwak Coffee can be obtained from wild civets or civets in captivity. Luwak Coffee obtained from Civet captivity must pay attention to many things. Animal welfare must be considered. The cleanliness of the cage must be maintained. The availability of main food and coffee cherries must be balanced.

Luwak Coffee can be purchased in the form of coffee beans or coffee drinks that are ready to be enjoyed. The thing for sure is that you have to pay attention to its authenticity. Pay attention to whether the company has a certified authenticity or legality that can be accounted for. 

Currently, coffee processing is much more modern while still paying attention to coffee quality. Sometimes you hear the term coffee pooped by cats: What is it? Those of you who are curious about a more detailed explanation, please continue reading.

Difference Between Wild and Captive Luwak Coffee

Monkey Poop Coffee Benefit, Taste, and Price

Luwak Coffee can be obtained from both wild and captive Civets. The two types of Luwak Coffee have several differences, including:

  1. Wild Luwak coffee beans are light yellowish-brown. In contrast to the color of captive Luwak Coffee beans, which are light brown and slightly pale. The difference will not be seen when the coffee beans have been roasted. The roasting process makes the coffee beans brown. The difference in the color of the seeds will be visible when they are still in the form of green beans.
  2. The taste of wild Luwak coffee is smoother than captive Luwak coffee.
  3. Wild Luwak Coffee beans are thicker than captive Luwak Coffee beans.

The difference from the Luwak Coffee can be caused by the diet of the civet or civet that is different. Civets who live in the wild eat coffee cherries as a snack, which means they are not the main meal. While in captivity, coffee cherries may be the main food that is always given to Luwak. 

Another factor is the difference in the quality of the fruit eaten by the Luwak. These animals have the ability and habit of eating only the ripest and best quality coffee cherries straight from the tree. Meanwhile, the Civet in captivity eats coffee cherries prepared by humans. This relates to the term coffee pooped by cats: What is it?

The Civet’s initial period in captivity will only consume ripe coffee beans, but when the Civet is hungry and no other food is served, then the Luwak will also be forced to eat coffee that is not yet ripe. Another factor is that the wild mongoose will be free from stress. 

This is different from the captive mongoose, which mostly can experience stress due to a damaged diet, lack of nutrition, dirty and cramped cages, as well as unsupportive environmental conditions. The condition of the Luwak will affect the fermentation process in the coffee cherries that are consumed so that it can affect the final result of the quality of the coffee beans.

Wild Luwak Coffee has much less capacity than captive coffee. Quality Luwak Coffee comes from coffee cherries that have been perfectly ripe on the tree. This is why Luwak Coffee which comes from Luwak that lives in the wild has better quality. After the Luwak Coffee beans have been collected and roasted, they can be distributed. Next, are you still curious about coffee pooped by cats: What is it?

Benefits of Luwak Coffee

Kopi Luwak making

Luwak coffee has a very unique taste and has many benefits, including:

  1. Luwak Coffee is safe for the stomach. People who drink regular coffee, but have a sensitive stomach condition, can trigger unpleasant effects. The effects that can be felt include stomach tingling or pain. However, for those of you who have a sensitive stomach but still want to enjoy coffee, you can try Luwak coffee. This type of coffee may be a safer choice for your stomach and health. However, you have to prepare more budget to be able to enjoy Luwak coffee drinks. This is because the price of Luwak coffee is more expensive than regular coffee.
  2. Luwak coffee has a lower level of acidity and caffeine content than regular coffee. Thus, minimizing the risk of stomach discomfort and other effects.
  3. Luwak coffee contains polyphenols which are a type of antioxidant. Luwak coffee also contains caffeine which can help improve a bad mood. Still curious about the other benefits of Kopi Luwak? Your curiosity has started to be answered about coffee pooped by cats: What is it?
  4. Luwak Coffee can trigger the formation of bile which helps the digestive process through the large intestine to be faster. A smoother digestive process can help reduce the potential for the formation of carcinogens that can trigger cancer.
  5. Luwak Coffee can be used as an alternative drink for those of you who are prone to migraines. This is because the caffeine and acid content in Luwak Coffee is much lighter than regular coffee, so it can play a role in alleviating the effects of headaches that may occur.

Luwak Coffee does have many benefits, but you must still pay attention to your health condition and measure your coffee needs every day. Those of you who want to enjoy coffee while relaxing or want to enjoy coffee while doing a hectic job can use coffee from Nusagro.

We only offer you the best quality coffee. In addition, get various interesting reviews about coffee through our website. Nusagro is the best supplier of coffee beans in Indonesia. We offer various types of coffee, so you can adjust to your needs or preferences. 

Buying coffee from us means that you have contributed to the welfare of local coffee farmers. Coffee will be more delicious if enjoyed with coconut sugar. You can get coconut sugar made from golden nectar from us. We’re done with our review of coffee pooped by cats: What is it?

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