Everything You Need to Know about Java Preanger Coffee

Everything You Need to Know about Java Preanger Coffee

Coffee lovers around the world must be familiar with Java Preanger Coffee. This legendary coffee has a distinctive taste and aroma that other coffees don’t have. People are even willing to pay a high price to sip this cup of coffee from West Java, Indonesia.

In its almost never-ending popularity, do you know this special coffee? Do you know the best place to get high-quality Javanese coffee?

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Java Preanger Coffee. In addition to adding insight, you will be smarter to choose the type of coffee that best suits your taste.

You may even be able to start a business of buying and selling the best coffee beans when you already have complete knowledge about this legendary coffee.

What is Java Preanger Coffee?

Java Preanger Coffee

Java Preanger Coffee is a term for special coffee originating from the land of Parahyangan, West Java, Indonesia. This coffee was grown during the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia, where the coffee seeds were brought from Malabar, India.

Historically, the Dutch government recorded the first coffee cultivation using a forced cultivation system in 1706 AD. The distinctive taste of coffee is formed from superior seeds, supported by an ideal soil height, a suitable climate, and trees around the coffee plantation.

Here are unique things about Java Preanger Coffee that you should know:

– Origin Of The Term “Preanger”

Priangan is the name for the Sunda land where coffee is cultivated. The Dutch at that time found it difficult to pronounce the word “Priangan”, instead, they said “Preanger”. That’s the term that until now is popular among Europeans and all over the world, as its popularity continues to rise.

– World’s Number 1 Coffee

Since the beginning of distribution, this coffee immediately gained a lot of fans. Not only for coffee lovers in the country but also for people in Europe. This coffee from Indonesia even has a specific nickname, namely “A Cup of Java”.

The Netherlands relies on Java Preanger Coffee as one of its mainstay commodities. This coffee has even been included in various coffee contests and competitions, then was asked to be the best coffee in the world.

– Coffee Taste

This type of Arabica coffee from “Priangan” has a distinctive taste, which is fruity and floral, resulting in a very exclusive taste. You can also feel the aroma of nuts and caramel which makes you relax.

The acidity and caffeine levels are low enough that it is safe for consumption by those with sensitive stomachs. You will also feel the right thickness, and natural sweetness when you don’t mix coffee with sugar.

– Coffee Distribution

At first, Java Preanger Coffee cultivation was only in many areas in West Java, especially Bandung. Furthermore, coffee cultivation began to be tried in various other areas such as Sumatera, Bali, Timor, Sulawesi, and other islands.

Cultivating coffee in different areas produces different flavors. However, this Arabica coffee flavor variation is very rich and still superior.

– The Effect Of Coffee On The Local Economy

The worldwide popularity of Javanese coffee makes many farmers interested in growing coffee on their land. This is also supported by the government and companies that provide capital for mutually beneficial cooperation.

However, there were times when coffee prices fell due to oversupply. But in other seasons, the price can be very high due to limited supply. The existence of Java Preanger Coffee provides a unique economic impact for farmers and communities around coffee plantations.

Java Preanger Varieties

java preanger

When it comes to the Java Preanger varieties, you have to trace where the coffee beans come from. It is a subspecies of the main coffee seed grown in other areas. Java Preanger Coffee seeds were originally imported from Malabar, India, then specially cultivated in Indonesia.

For example, the planting system is organic and applies the principles of sustainable agriculture. The Java Preanger Varieties that are still cultivated by local farmers include the Ateng, Kartika, East Timor, Linea 795, Sigararutang, and Andung Sari varieties.

Specification Grade

Before buying coffee beans to enjoy yourself, or to be used as a business object, you also need to know about the specific grade of coffee. This is a quality standard that has been set by the Indonesian government based on certain criteria and characteristics. The grading of coffee will also make it easier for you to get quality coffee at a reasonable price.

There are at least six grade levels for Arabica, Robusta, and other types of coffee, including Java Preanger Coffee. Coffee Grade 1 refers to the least defective coffee beans, while the higher the number of grades, the higher the level of defects.

Among the criteria for disability observed were the color of the coffee beans, whether they were black, partially black, or broken black. The presence of coffee logs and brown coffee will also reduce the grade of coffee.

Another physical characteristic that is observed is the coffee skin, whether it is medium, small, or large. Coffee beans were also observed whether they were horn-skinned or not. Beans that are still young, cracked, hollow, or spotted can also reduce the grade of coffee.

Coffee farmers and producers are very concerned about the way of planting and post-harvest treatment so that they get high-grade coffee. That way, the selling value of coffee will also be more expensive than the low-grade one.

Java Preanger Coffee Price

There is no uniform price for a packet of Java Preanger Coffee. Many things make the price vary, and the most decisive is what grade level. Although this legendary coffee is often priced at a high price, you can still get a more affordable one by buying directly from farmers.

But of course, you have to make a selective selection to get high-quality coffee directly from the supplier.

Coffee that has undergone processing, for example, has been roasted to a certain level, will affect the price. For example, coffee that has been roasted at a medium level will be different from that roasted at maximum temperature.

You may even have to pay a higher price when you buy Java Preanger Coffee that has been brewed by a famous barista at your favorite coffee shop.

But the price of Java Preanger Coffee that you have to pay is very relative. When you are a coffee lover who gets maximum enjoyment from a cup of Javanese coffee, you may be willing to pay anything to get it.

It’s different when you want to buy coffee beans for business needs. As is the behavior of businessmen in general, you will prioritize low prices for quality coffee beans that remain superior.

Buy Java Preanger Coffee

best coffee beans in the world

Currently, many people want to do business relying on Java Preanger Coffee. Because you will not lose customers. Precisely when you can provide the best coffee, coffee fanatics will come and are willing to pay anything for your coffee.

Moreover, Java Preanger Coffee already has a very good name and image in the eyes of the world. This coffee business has the potential to generate high and sustainable profits.

But if you are a consumer, there are many conveniences to buying Javanese coffee online or offline. High market competition makes you have to be selective in choosing the best coffee. But nowadays price and quality research can be done easily on the internet.

So you don’t need to be confused about buying Java Preanger Coffee, because all the conveniences and transaction facilities are very good in today’s digital era.

Why Choose Our Product?

When you are interested in getting high-quality Java Preanger coffee beans, it means that you have to be selective in choosing suppliers who are experienced, credible, and work professionally. You don’t have to go directly to a coffee cultivation center in West Java and meet the farmers directly. This method may be inconvenient, as well as time and cost.

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You can also get a one-stop-shop service to choose the type of coffee that suits your business needs. Nusagro provides various types of coffee based on the variety and standard processing method.

Please contact us to get your version of the best coffee, of course with the most suitable price quote. Let’s work with us to get the best quality Java Preanger Coffee, both for personal consumption and for potential business objects.

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