Specification of Cloves Around the World

Specification of Cloves Around the World

Cloves are one of the spices in Indonesia. Besides cloves are used in some dishes, cloves are also used as herbal.

The substances inside the cloves are useful for the human body.

Cloves themselves come from the tree Syzygium Aromaticum. It belongs to Myrtaceae’s plant family.

One of the characteristics of this family is evergreen. It means they are available throughout the year.

Furthermore, cloves have many specifications. Below we will discuss the specification of cloves around the world.

Specification of Cloves Around the World

  1. Indonesian’s Cloves

Characteristics of cloves are dry, little bud, and usually come from a tropical country. Indonesia is the largest source of cloves in the world.

Indonesia has abundant cloves and there are many specifications of cloves, themselves in Indonesia.

We can see from the stems are 2,09 %, inferior cloves are 2.25 %, admixture ≤ 1 %, and the moisture is 6 % until 12 %.

Indonesian cloves are famous in the world. The quality is good for many additions of food and herbal medication.

Moreover, Indonesia can produce 85,000 to 95.000 metric tons of cloves each year.

Indonesian cloves are said as Lal Pari Quality cloves. Lal Pari Quality Cloves are the best cloves and that is the reason why Indonesia is famous because of its quality of cloves.

  1. Madagascar’s Cloves

Madagascar’s cloves are also high-quality cloves. We can see from the moisture level, the size of the cloves bud, color variance, the mixture or the cleanliness of cloves, and head-less.

The size of the cloves’ buds is extra large and the color is reddish-brown.

For more information about the specification of Madagascar’s cloves, we can see them below.

  • Superior Quality Cloves

It is handpicked sorted. It means, there is no engine to separate the clove’s bud from the mixture itself. This is dried well and the quality is good.

  • Clean Quality

This type of clove is guaranteed clean. The level of dryness is good.

  • Standard Quality

This type of cloves is standard. It means it is well dried and you will feel satisfied if you order the standard quality.

  • Headless Baby Cloves

Do you want the cloves without ahead? The baby cloves without ahead are the answer.

They are standard quality and they are also dry.

Whatever specifications of cloves in Madagascar are of the best quality. That is why Madagascar is famous as one of the exporters of cloves in the world.

  1. Brazil’s Cloves

Brazil is the second-largest producer of cloves in the world. Brazil’s gloves are famous because of their quality too. Below are the specifications of Brazil’s cloves.

  • Bahia 1 

Bahia 1 has a special quality of cloves. The foreign matter is just 1%

  • Bahia 2

Bahia 2 has the standard quality and the foreign matter is 1 % until 1.5%.

  • Headless Baby Cloves with Stem

If you search for baby cloves without ahead but there is a stem, this specification is the right answer. Because it is 1 % until 1,5 % foreign matter and about the quality is standard.

You need to know that Brazil cloves produce around 5.500 to 6.500 metric tons each year. That is made Brazil is the large exporter of cloves in the world.

In conclusion, there are some specification of cloves around the world. Indonesia, Madagascar, and Brazil are the most famous countries that export cloves all around the world.

Exporters of Cloves from Indonesia

Exporters of Cloves from Indonesia

Cloves are a very important commodity in Indonesia. Cloves can be used as spices in some food and as herbal drinks or medications.

Cloves have a unique taste and many functions. The substances of cloves make them export all over the world.

Many people around the world search for them. Indonesia is lucky to be a source of cloves.

So, there are many exporters of cloves from Indonesia.

Why are Indonesian cloves can be so valuable? Let’s see the explanation below!

Exporters of Cloves from Indonesia

Cloves As The Spices Of Food

The Indian dishes have a lot of traditional food that contains cloves as spices. The dish like curry and biryani need cloves to make them perfect in taste.

In Indonesian cloves especially from Maluku are very famous to make the dishes perfectly in taste. Some people use cloves in sweet dishes and other use cloves in savory dishes.

Whatever the dishes, cloves will be always special spices for everyone who ever tried cloves in dishes.

That is the reason that there are many exporters of cloves from Madagascar who sell them all over the world.

Cloves Can Be Tobacco In The Cigarette

A cigarette is one important aspect that always is searched especially in producing cigarettes.

We know that cigarette is a very important commodity all over the world. And thanks to cloves that give an aromatic and unique sense, so many people will feel amazing to smoke.

It makes the addiction effects for the user.

Not only there are some exporters from Indonesia but also there are some exporters of cloves from Srilanka who are interested to distribute and sell cloves all over the world.

Cloves Can Produce Oil

Research in Europe finds that cloves can produce oil. This oil is very interesting as herbal or medication.

Eugenol has many good substances inside that are useful for your health.

Cloves have high antioxidants too. They also use as relieving toothache.

If you have decay in your mouth, it is better to consume cloves to reduce your pain.

Eugenol is the oil of cloves. This substance has a high benefit.

Whole Cloves to Ground

Cloves Can Produce Perfume

The Dutch are interested in Indonesia because there are many spices in Indonesia. One of them is cloves.

Cloves are now not only used in food or beverage. Cloves are now can be used as a perfume too.

The extract of cloves contains unique and blends aroma around you. This aroma is very good to be as perfume and many people use the cloves perfume and they like it.

The aroma is unique and fantastic. Many people like the aroma of cloves.

Cloves Price Always Increase

Exporters of cloves from Indonesia want to export the cloves abroad because the price always increases every year. Exporters of Madagascar and Srilanka also do the same thing.

They think that selling cloves abroad will get high benefits and they are true. Now, many people realize how important cloves are.

In conclusion, cloves are one of the important commodities in Indonesia, especially Maluku island. We have to keep and take care deeply of this land treasure.

Because this treasure is very important for a better country’s devisa.

6 Benefits Of Cloves for Weight Loss. Let’s See!

6 Benefits Of Cloves for Weight Loss. Let’s See!

Do you have a problem losing weight? If your answer is yes, let cloves solve your problem.

Why are cloves? There are many reasons for it.

Cloves are the spices of Indian food. Every Indian people usually have cloves in their kitchen.

No one thinks that there is an amazing benefit inside the cloves. One of the miracle benefits of cloves for weight loss.

How can it be? Let’s discuss it together.

Benefits Of Cloves for Weight Loss

  1. Cloves Contain Useful Nutrients for Burning Fat

For your information according to the National Nutrient Database cloves have many useful nutrients. They are protein, carbohydrates, until dietary fiber.

If we look at the vitamins, cloves have some important vitamins such as vitamin C, folate, vitamin K, vitamin E, thiamin, and riboflavin. All of these nutrients have important roles to reduce your weight.

How can it be? Let’s continue our explanation.

  1. How can Cloves Lose Weight?

Cloves are beneficial spicy. You need to know that cloves can increase your metabolic system.

It is because cloves have anticholesteremic. It means that cloves can control your cholesterol well.

Besides, cloves also have anti-lipid properties that help you to control your weight.

The function as health benefits of cloves for weight loss can be more increasing if you consume cloves together with cumin seeds, cinnamon, and pepper.

If our metabolic system increases, our weight can be reduced easily. What amazing benefits from cloves!

In addition, cloves can be an oxidative stress therapy. It is because cloves contain antioxidants.

The function of this antioxidant is for decreasing dangerous diseases. It also can control your blood sugar in normal conditions.

Of course, if your blood sugar is controlled, you will be healthier and enjoy your healthy life.

clove for weight loss

  1. The Right Time to Consume Cloves as Health Benefits of Cloves for Weight Loss

The right time to consume cloves for reducing your weight is in the morning. You must not eat first.

You must consume cloves first, then you can eat.

It is the best time to consume cloves as health benefits in reducing weight.

Besides, if you want to be successful to lose weight, do not be lazy to do some sports in the morning or in the afternoon

It is better if you can control your food consumption.

Do not eat too much sugar again such as cake, chocolate, and other food that gives you fatter in your body.

Hold your passion to eat junk food because it will help you much to decrease your weight.

Besides consume cloves tea every morning with an empty stomach, you must help it too with your good habitual activity.

Don’t be lazy to make some movements for your body. You also can join with them in a healthy community, aerobic community, and another community.

Find yourself become healthy and happy if you follow my suggestion. So, you will not feel fail again in losing your weight.

  1. How to Make Cloves Drinking to Make You Healthier and Slimmer

To make cloves drinking is easy. You just need three ingredients. They are cinnamon, cumin seeds, and cloves.

After you collect the ingredients, you must roast them dry in a frying pan without oil.

After you make sure the aroma has appeared, you can take them from the frying pan. The next step is to grind them until smooth and become powder.

After these three ingredients are smooth, you can save them into the jar. Remember, you must choose the airtight jar.

When you want to consume your cloves for weight loss, you just need to boil one tablespoon of your cloves powder into a glass of water.

After that, let it become cold. You can add one teaspoon of honey for the maximal result.

Enjoy this tea every morning, as I said before, you have to consume it with an empty stomach.

Clove Tea for Sleep


  1. Another Recipe to Make Cloves Tea

We have explained how to make cloves drinking and this is another version recipe of cloves tea. Of course, it is good for your digestive system and reduces your weight.

The ingredients that you need to prepare are 4 until 5 cloves, 2 cups of water, ½ inch cinnamon stick, ½ inch ginger, lemon juice, and jaggery.

After you collect all the ingredients, the first thing you need is to boil the water in a deep pan. Waiting for the water to boil perfectly, crush 4 until 5 cloves and grate ginger and cinnamon sticks.

After you feel that the cloves, ginger, and cinnamon sticks have become smooth, mix them all, and put them in the glass. Then, pour the boiled water into the glass.

Let them steep for 15 until 20 minutes. After that, strain the water.

You can add 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Finally, you can enjoy your healthy cloves of tea.

It is easy to make the health benefits of cloves for weight loss, isn’t it? Don’t you want to try it at your home?

If you want to try it at your home, make sure all the ingredients are ready and the equipment is clear. It makes you cook easily and get the healthy benefits from cloves tea.

  1. The Advice

If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, you have to help yourself with do some body exercises. You don’t need to do it every day, but you have to do it regularly.

You can do it three times a week even twice a week. You just need to arrange your schedule to do some sports to burn your fat.

After that, you must pay attention to your food consumption. It is better for you to choose low-fat food but still pay attention to the nutrients that your body needs.

Furthermore, there is no way practically to become slimmer.

The result cannot be seen directly but it can be seen through the process.

So, be patient to do the process to become slim. Help with the benefits of cloves for weight loss.

Clove Tea for Sleep, for Better Sleep in the Night

Clove Tea for Sleep, for Better Sleep in the Night

Clove is a small spicy but it has many benefits. Although the taste is bitter it has a great number of benefits.

One of the benefits is good to make you sleep tightly.

The substance of eugenol inside has medical effects such as reducing stress, relieving toothache and stomachache, helping the problems of breathing, and so on.

How is clove tea for sleep? Yes. It is good for sleep. Let’s see the explanation below!

Clove Tea for Sleep

What is Clove Tea?

Clove tea is made from cloves that soak in the warm water for two until three minutes. The taste is a little bitter but it has many benefits if we consume it regularly.

The way to make clove tea is very easy. You just need some cloves and soak them in the hot water.

After it warms, you can enjoy cloves tea. It is very famous because of its benefits.

The Benefits of Consuming Clove Tea Regularly

There are many benefits of consuming clove tea. It can control the sugar in your blood, so your sugar is in a balanced condition. It protects your liver too.

The substance of clove tea is very good to protect the organ of the body, especially the liver. Besides, it can make your teeth are free from plaque and comfortable to eat.

It will give you a fresher mouth because the clove tea will make your teeth becomes stronger and healthier than before.

Consuming clove tea is useful for relieving inflammation too.

Because the eugenol substance can be an anti-inflammatory agent and it makes your throat and gum become cured.

If you have a problem related to constipation, consume clove tea before sleep will help your constipation better than before.

And, do you want to sleep tightly in the night? Yes, if you have a problem sleeping.

Your sleeping always cannot be tightly in the night, you should consume clove tea and feel the changing of your life.

Clove Tea

Clove Tea for Sleep, is it Proved for Your Body?

Cloves are functional spices as we know. Besides the addition of spices for food, cloves also have functioned as herbal If you have a problem in sleeping especially.

Clove tea will help you sleep tightly. Sleep tightly is very important for our health because of the busyness of life, sometimes we have a difficult time sleeping.

If you are one of these people, it is better to consume cloves before sleep.

How to Make Clove Tea

To make clove tea is easy. You just need to take one teaspoon of cloves, then you must grind it.

After you feel they have become smooth, add a cup of tea to the powder of cloves. Boil it in 5 until 10 minutes.

After that, strain it and ready to drink. You can add some honey to the tea.

It is easy, isn’t it? Consume the cloves of tea before you go to sleep.

Trust me, when you are routine to consume clove tea, you can be more healthy and you will sleep tightly in your every night.

Clove tea for sleep is recommended. Try and prove it!

How to Make Whole Cloves to Ground Cloves?

How to Make Whole Cloves to Ground Cloves?

Cloves are one of the spices used to add aroma to dishes. To make it easier to use, cloves come in powder form. Have you ever wondered how to make whole cloves to ground cloves?

Whole Cloves to Ground

Use of Cloves for Daily Use

Before knowing the process of turning whole cloves into powder, let’s look at an explanation of the use of cloves. Cloves come from China which uses it as a breath freshener.

Cloves were used by Emperors in China to freshen their breath in the early 1700s. The emperor of the Han Dynasty called his subjects to chew cloves.

Oil derived from cloves can be used as soap, perfume, to mouthwash. Sometimes, cloves are also used in soda and alcoholic beverages.

You can make your clove oil by using ground cloves. The trick, mix ground cloves with olive oil, then store them in a small jar.

Leave it for about a week. Just take the oil, then transfer it to a clean bottle. In addition to perfume, clove oil can also be used as a natural cleanser. The antibacterial content in cloves can clean germs that stick to objects.

How to Make Whole Cloves to Ground Cloves 

With ground cloves, the need for spices for your cooking will be easier. Several steps must be done, to make whole cloves to ground cloves. Here are easy steps to make clove powder, a cooking aroma enhancer.

  1. The First Step, Drying the Cloves 

Drying cloves need to be done under direct sunlight. Before you dry them yourself, the process of selling cloves also begins with drying them first.

You need to dry it again at home, to produce a drying level that suits your standards. This will also affect the process of making whole cloves to the ground.

  1. Clean the Mill 

While waiting for the drying process, it’s a good idea to clean the mill that will be used to crush the cloves. Clean the mill of dirt, such as dust or residue from the previous mill.

You can use salt and a damp cloth to clean the mill. The trick, grind the salt first and clean the grinder with a damp cloth.

  1. Grind Whole Cloves 

Next, turn the whole clove to the ground by grinding it. Clove grinders can be purchased at a store near your home or can be ordered online at a store you trust.

When grinding whole cloves, turn the grinder off periodically to see how fine the cloves are. If it is not yet powdered, continue the grinding process.

  1. Store the Ground Cloves in a Clean Crock

When the grinding process is complete, you can lift the cloves from the grinder. Transfer the ground cloves to a clean crock.

You can use a plate, small jar, or bottle as desired. Tightly close the crock to store the ground cloves. It can keep the cloves from dust and bacteria that can contaminate the cloves.

Don’t forget to clean the grinder when you’re done grinding the cloves. Grind the salt to help the cleaning process. After that, wipe with a damp cloth to remove any particles left in the mill.


Tips for Grinding Cloves with a Mortar and Pestle 

Apart from using a grinder, you can also use a mortar and pestle to grind the cloves. The mortar and pestle are an integral part of the equipment for smoothing any food ingredients. Including such as some cloves.

The mortar and pestle is a heavy stick with a protruding semicircular end. Usually, a pestle and mortar are made of wood, but there are other materials such as mortar and pestle. Namely ceramics and stone.

Make sure that you choose the right mortar and pestle to produce cloves with a sharp aroma. The mortar and pestle must also be clean.

Food ingredients to be ground using a mortar and pestle can be dry or wet.

However, if you are going to grind whole cloves to the ground, dry all the cloves first.

The mortar and pestle that will be used should also be washed first and wiped with a kitchen towel to remove any remaining water that is still attached.

Make sure the mortar and pestle are completely dry to make a good clove flour.

Now you’ve turned whole cloves to the ground which can be used practically for cooking. It is recommended to store ground cloves in a refrigerator or regular cupboard that is not damp.

whole cloves

What are the Benefits of Cloves for Health? 

Whole cloves to ground all of which have properties for the health of the body. The following are the benefits of cloves for body health.

  1. Promotes Better Liver Function 

Cloves have eugenol compounds that can minimize the presence of fat in the liver. So that disease will appear in the liver.

  1. Cloves Help the Digestive System 

Cloves contain oil that will protect the stomach lining from stomach ulcers. The oil will make the gastric mucus thicker, so it can protect the stomach lining.

  1. Can Treat Colds, Coughs, and Bronchitis 

Oil from cloves can help relieve colds, coughs, and bronchitis. You do this by using oil that is applied to the chest and near the nose.

  1. Cloves Prevent Cancer 

The content of eugenol can kill the growth of cancer cells in a person’s body. In addition, cloves are also able to prevent the growth of tumors in the body.

  1. Help Deal with Stress 

Besides being able to treat the flu, clove oil is also able to overcome stress. The trick, apply oil to the body and gently massage the part that has been coated with oil. The massage effect of clove oil will relax the body.

Those are some points as well as how to make whole cloves to the ground that is easy to do. This practice can be done at home.

So you don’t have to go to the supermarket to buy powdered cloves. In making clove powder, be sure to store the milled product tightly in a container that is not damp.

Are There Substitutes for Whole and Ground Cloves, Spices That Have a Distinctive Aroma?

Are There Substitutes for Whole and Ground Cloves, Spices That Have a Distinctive Aroma?

Making processed dishes sometimes requires the addition of cloves to give it a distinctive aroma. But what happens when you don’t have Cloves at home?

Are there substitutes for whole and ground cloves? Find the answer by listening to this explanation.

Substitutes for Whole and Ground Cloves

Are There Substitutes for Whole and Ground Cloves in Cooking?

No spices or other ingredients can replace cloves that have a very distinctive aroma. Because each spice has its characteristics, both taste, and aroma.

Although some spices have the same function as cloves.

The function of cloves in cooking is to give a distinctive aroma, so no other ingredients can replace the aroma of cloves.

Some substitutes for whole and ground cloves will not give the same aroma as cloves, especially in terms of taste.

If you don’t have Cloves on hand and need them to add to your cooking, you can use Allspice or Jamaican pepper first. It can replace cloves, but with a slightly different aroma.

Clove Substitutes

  1. Whole Cloves

You can use whole cloves instead of cloves that are commonly used in cooking. Use a teaspoon of whole cloves or about 3 times the size of a regular clove.

If you don’t have whole cloves, you can substitute allspice with the same recipe and amount. This can be a substitute solution for whole and ground cloves.

  1. The Cinnamon

Cinnamon and nutmeg can also replace your cloves when the availability at home runs out. You can use either one or mix the two with a 50-50 dose of each.

Cinnamon is not as sweet as cloves, so you need to add other ingredients to get a sweet taste. Especially if you are going to make a dessert, you can add a little vanilla extract to it.

  1. The Ground Cloves

You can use a teaspoon of ground cloves to replace a teaspoon full of whole cloves. Using ground cloves will change the color and taste of your recipe.

Whole cloves that you usually use, will usually be discarded before serving food. So that the taste given will be softer while providing a color that does not contribute too much to the food.


Facts about Cloves

Cloves have a sweet, warm, and aromatic taste. Cloves will blend very well when used together with allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and citrus flavors.

They go well when served with savory and sweet dishes.

Cloves are used in recipes all over the world. Both in meat dishes and curries, condiments in beverages such as cider and grapes.

The distinctive taste of cloves cannot be substituted for other whole and ground cloves.

You can save cloves by grinding them first, before using them for additional cooking. After that, it can be stored in a closed place such as a jar or bottle.

Those are some substitute ingredients for whole and ground cloves that you can use in adding to your cooking.

Substitute ingredients can not completely replace the aroma of cloves, but if urgent, they can be used instead of cloves.

Benefits of Cloves Sexually for Man and Woman

Benefits of Cloves Sexually for Man and Woman

Besides the spicy dishes, do you know that cloves have benefits in sexual activity for men? yes, this is the fact. Cloves have sexual benefits, especially for a man. Clove itself contains flavonoids, alkaloids, carbohydrates, proteins, essential vitamins, and other nutrients. These substances have dominant roles in increasing sexual activity for men. Furthermore, let’s see the explanation of the benefits of cloves sexually for men below!

Benefits of Cloves Sexually for Man

Benefits of Cloves Sexually

Every man will always want to be healthy. Not only healthy in daily activities but also healthy in sexual activities. There are many problems related to sexual activity, such as a little amount of sperm, hard to be erected, premature ejaculation, and so on. Consume cloves regularly can help you with these sexual problems. 

Cloves for Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone hormone is a useful hormone in increasing a man’s libido. Consume cloves regularly, can increase your testosterone hormone. If testosterone hormone becomes high, the desired erection will be high too and the man will feel great sexual pleasure. The man’s libido will boost maximally, and the man will feel the great sexual sensation because of it. 

How good are the benefits of cloves sexually for men?

Cloves to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the case that is scared by men. Why not? The sperm will spread out sooner than it should be. Every man wants to become a long time but sometimes it is hard to be done because of premature ejaculation. Cloves help to prevent this problem. Cloves increase the blood flow and make it stimulate the nerve system of the genitals. That is why premature ejaculation can be avoided well. 

Consume cloves regularly and you will find the way to be the right man.

Cloves are Better to Increase the Amount of Sperm and Its Motility

Do you feel that your amount of sperm is little? Or do you feel its motility is a shorter period? If you have a problem related to this, you should consume cloves regularly. The substances of it such as vitamins, alkaloids, carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients help you to add the amount of your sperm and its motility. 

Benefits of Cloves Sexually for Woman


Benefits of Cloves Sexually for women

Not only for a man, but cloves also have good benefits sexually for a woman. It can increase the stamina of the woman, so the woman feels so sexually excited. The substances of the cloves make it easier for sexual activity. For further information related to the benefits of sex for women, let’s see below!

Cloves can Improve the Level of Ovulation

Infertility is a complicated problem. Some women cannot get their level of ovulation, so it is difficult for them to be pregnant. If this is your reproduction problem, try to consume cloves regularly. It will possible for you to get the right level of ovulation and you will have a big opportunity to be pregnant.

Cloves can Boost Your Stamina

As we said before that cloves can boost your stamina. For women, it will boost nerve stimulation. It will make the body more relax and fresher. 

You will feel you have full of energy, so you can do your activities well. 

Cloves can Reduce Your Weight

The substances in cloves are important to give you a slim body. This is useful for you who run the diet program. Cloves will help to reduce your weight and you will look younger than your age. You will feel happy with the result and enjoy your life younger again. 

Benefits of Cloves to Strengthen the Tooth and Cure Toothache

Do you have a problem with your teeth? Have you had a toothache and you don’t know how to cure it? Well, the answer to your problem is to consume cloves regularly. Cloves have been proven as antiseptic and anesthetic. It will help your teeth to become healthy. It will relieve your pain and strengthen your teeth’ enamel. 

The research has found that consume cloves regularly will protect your teeth from decaying.

Benefits of Cloves to Healthier Teeth

Besides strengthening the tooth and cure toothache, cloves are used to protect the health of teeth. It is good to avoid plaque, gingivitis, bacteria in the mouth, and other dental-related issues. Research has shown that consume clove is more effective to keep your teeth healthier than using a mouth rinse product.

Wow, what are the good benefits of cloves, right?

How to Consume Cloves?

Cloves are good for health especially as the benefits of cloves are sexual for men and women. So, to get the good function of the cloves, we have to know how to consume cloves well.

It is better to eat one clove for three days. After you feel comfortable with the taste, you can increase your consumption until reach 4 to 5 cloves per day. It can be various from one person to another person. 

One point that you have to remember is not to consume cloves overboard. It will make some negative effects on your body. We can consume cloves, but with good rules. However, consume cloves excessively can make harmful effects on your body.

The Side Effects of the Cloves

If you consume cloves excessively, it will make negative effects. The negative side is increasing the bleeding potency. So, if you must do surgery because of your illness, do not consume cloves again two weeks before and after surgery. 

Another side effect is that cloves can harm our digestive system. So, cloves are not recommended for people who have heartburn and gastrointestinal disease. 

And the last side effect of cloves is that cloves can make your skin becomes allergic. This is proved by dermatitis and skin burns. Your skin will feel bad, so do not consume cloves excessively. 

The conclusion is that cloves are important for keeping the sex of man and woman. In addition, cloves are good for a healthier tooth. Consume 1 clove per three days is good and you can increase your consumption until 4 to 5 cloves per day. But remember, do not consume cloves excessively. There are some negative sides to your body.

However, if you want to be better as sexual whether you are a man or woman, consume cloves regularly will give you benefits of cloves sexually for men and women. Don’t you want to try?


Types of Cloves and Functions

Types of Cloves and Functions

Clove is a dried flower bud. It has many functions in our kitchen. It can be the flavor of savory dishes or sweet dishes. Clove is very versatile. Clove comes from an exotic evergreen tree in the Myrtaceae family, Syzygium Aromaticumnative.

It is native to Maluku Island, the east of Indonesia. Besides clove can be the flavor of dishes while cooking, clove is also used as a healthy drink. Clove can be anti-microbial, antiseptics, and pain-relief properties.

Furthermore, clove has many functions both as a flavor of dishes and as a medication practice. There are some types of clothes that you need to know.

Where Does Clove Come From?


Originally, clove comes from Maluku, Indonesia. As we know that Maluku is called Spicy Island. It is because there are many spices grow on this island. They are nutmeg, mace, and clove.

Clove is very famous all over the world because of its benefits. Many people all around the world plant this plant such as Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zanzibar, India, and Tanzania. 

How Does Clove Look Like?

If we describe clove, we can start from the tree. The tree of clove is about 25 to 50 feet in height. We can harvest the flower bud using hand. If you see the green color has changed to be pink, it means the cloves are ready to pick. After that, you can spread them on the mat. Then, the final step is you can dry it in the sun for about 3 days.

If we see the clove itself, the length of the clove is just half an inch. The form has a stem and a rounded head. When the clove becomes dry, you can see a hard exterior with the head and body of the clove. It contains eugenol, the primary compound of clove. The sweet, intense, and pungent cloves are saved inside the dry clove.

What are the Functions of Clove?

If you ask about the functions of clove, there are so many functions of clove. The unique aroma and the sweet taste make clove the spices of many dishes. You can add cloves to the food and beverage that are suitable for cloves. Gingerbread, cookies, and pumpkin pie are the sweet dishes that cloves are there to add the sweet taste of cookies, 

Not only the sweet dishes, but cloves are also in savory dishes. In savory dishes, cloves are also combined with ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and peppercorns. Your savory dishes will be more delicious adding cloves inside. And there is the warming effect of using cloves inside your dishes. 

Cloves can maintain your body temperature and improve your body circulation, so you will feel warmer in your body. Besides, cloves can attach to bacteria growth. It is also used as a traditional curative. Other functions are antiseptic, antimicrobial, and pain–relief properties.

You can also add cloves to your beverage. Feel the warmer sensation after you drink it. You can add clove to your tea or your wine. It will give a warmer sensation and wonderful taste. So, cloves have many functions, don’t they?

Do You Know Hand-Picked Cloves?

Hand-Picked Cloves
Hand-Picked Cloves

Hand-picked cloves do not mean the cloves that pick directly from the trunk, but it refers to the hand selection of the cloves. The cloves will be selected as the biggest and highest quality cloves and they are said as hand-picked cloves. There are many hand-picked cloves are exported to the United States. The cloves can be from Penang, Ceylon, and Sri Lanka.

How are Cloves by Oil Content?

Cloves are valued by the amount of oil inside. The higher the oil content is inside the glove, the better the quality of the cloves. You need to know that high-quality cloves contain 15 percent or up to 15 percent of the oil. The higher quality of cloves will be smelt more aromatic and this distinctive aroma is called eugenol.

So, the more eugenol is inside the clove, the more aromatic cloves will be. It is interesting, isn’t it? So, make sure your choice is the higher quality of cloves to create the great taste of clove in your house.

What is Eugenol?

Eugenol is the clove oil. It has many functions. People in the United States usually use eugenol as an additional substance in food products, perfumes, mouthwashes, cosmetics, and toothpaste. This clove oil contains anesthetic properties.  

If you have a toothache in you, it is better to chew the cloves because the eugenol of the cloves will help to relieve your toothache pain. This is the reason that dentist also uses clove oil as a mild anesthetic. You can find the clove oil not only from the clove itself but also from the stems and leaves. So, eugenol has many functions, doesn’t it?

Cloves in Cigarette

Cloves in Cigarette
Cloves in Cigarette

In Indonesia itself, cloves are a part of the cigarette. Cloves add the aroma of cigarettes. They make cigarettes aromatic. The spicy of the cigarettes spread well. The production of cigarettes in Indonesia is high annually.

It makes the cloves are very important to produce every year too because, without the aroma of cloves in cigarettes, they will not be perfect in taste.

The anesthetic sensation can not be gotten without cloves inside. So, the cloves are very important aren’t they?

Furthermore, they are the original and types of cloves. We know, that cloves are very important to the addition of the food whether sweet or savory dishes. Besides, they are used as the additional substance of beverage.

It has an anesthetic function too. The eugenol of cloves is used as an additional substance in many products, such as toothpaste, cosmetics, perfumes, and so on. 

Straight to the point, cloves are also chosen, we say them as hand-picked cloves. It means the cloves are the best chosen. They are selected as the best and high-quality cloves.

It is very important to choose the best quality cloves because the higher quality cloves have up to 15 % of the clove oil. This best quality of cloves can export to the United States and other countries. 

In conclusion, we have known all the types of cloves and their functions of, haven’t we? So, choose the best quality cloves!


11 Magic Benefits of Drinking Cloves Water

11 Magic Benefits of Drinking Cloves Water

Cloves are one of the spices that originally come from Indonesia. Cloves as the spices of the food give a fantastic taste for the food. They are suitable for curries, pulao, chutneys, dessert, biryani, and so on.

There is much food that suitable if it is combined with cloves. Besides, cloves have many benefits for health. They can be as anesthetic, immunity, and respiratory. For further information, let’s see the benefits of drinking cloves of water.

Reducing Weight

cloves water
cloves water

If you consume the cloves of water every morning after waking up, you will see the changes in your body. You can see the size of your waist will be smaller than usual. That will be an amazing experience for you who always want to reduce your weight. 

You just need to consume cloves of water regularly every morning and feel the happiness of a slimmer body.

Good for Digestion

Do you have a problem with your digestive system? Consuming cloves of water regularly will help your problem. Cloves have eugenol which function is to help your digestive system doing its task. It can increase saliva production that is good for your digestive system. 

If you have a gastric problem, cloves of water will help you to reduce the pain and symptoms. You can feel comfortable with your stomach and relax with your body. How beneficial the cloves are!

Cloves can Be as Antibacterial

You can use cloves of water for your tooth and mouth. It has been studied that cloves can be antibacterial. Cloves can kill mouth bacteria and fight plaque. So, your tooth can be clean with consume cloves of water regularly. You will feel healthy and clean mouth. It will make you free from toothache and you will have fresh breathing too.

So, drinking cloves of water can help you to solve the problem of your mouth.

Boost Your Immune System

cloves immune booster
cloves immune booster

A healthy and strong immune system is very important for us. With a healthy and strong immune system, It will not be easy to get the illness in our body.

Drinking the cloves of water is suggested. It can help to boost your immune system because cloves water contains good minerals and vitamins for the immune system.

Besides, cloves water has manganese, calcium, and magnesium. All of the substances are very important to boost the immune system to become healthier and stronger.

Create the Healthy Bone

Another benefit of drinking cloves of water is to create healthy bones. Cloves water contains manganese that is very useful for strengthening the bone. The substance inside of cloves’ water can help to increase bone mass and density. So, it is needed especially for you who face osteoporosis. 

You can avoid this situation if you drink cloves of water regularly. The more we get older age, the more we will have such a risk bone. To avoid this bad situation, we should consume cloves of water regularly and feel the changing of our health.

Help You with the Inflammation

Cloves are rich in antioxidants. So, it will help you to reduce stress and inflammation. As a result of this, you can be younger and free from inflammation and stress. For people who suffer from arthritis, it is recommended to consume cloves of water regularly.

If you are one of the survivors of arthritis, you will feel free with consuming cloves of water regularly.

Help to Reduce Your Body Temperature


If you have a fever, drinking cloves of water will help to lower your body temperature. Vitamin K and E inside the cloves will fight bacterial infection in your body. You will feel better after you drink cloves of water regularly. Try it and see the better health changing in your body.

Get Healthy Skin from Drinking Cloves Water

Healthy Skin
Healthy Skin

Another benefit of drinking cloves of water is to get healthy skin. Cloves contain vitamin E that is good for the skin. If you have a wound, skin problem, and fungal infection, it is better to consume cloves of water regularly. The antioxidant substance will help you to heal your wound or other skin problems.

You don’t need to be worried, because cloves will harm dangerous toxic that enter your skin. Your skin will be healthy and fine if you consume cloves of water regularly.

As Anti-Cancer Agents

Do you know that one of the cloves’ functions is as an anti-cancer agent? What does it mean? It means that drinking cloves of water can avoid you from cancer. It is very useful to protect your body from the hazardous of cancer.

Cloves Can Be Used as Hand Sanitizer

Nowadays, hand sanitizer is a very important thing. Hand sanitizer can protect our hand’s cleaning. And do you know that cloves can be used as hand sanitizer? And how to make it? It is very easy to make it. You just need to hold the cloves of water and wash them on your hand. Then, your hand will be clean. It is so simple, isn’t it?

Cloves Water is Good to the Sexual Reproduction of Both Man and Woman

To increase the sexual function of both men and women need to drink cloves of water regularly especially in the morning. It is better for your stamina.

It makes the sperm better for man and the ovulation process will be in good condition for the woman. The substance of the clove’s water is very good for the healthier reproductive organ.

If you have a sexual problem, related to your erection for the man or your ovulation circle, you can try to drink cloves of water regularly and feel the new you.

The conclusion is the benefits of drinking cloves of water are needed for our health. There are so many benefits of cloves.

However, we are also forbidden to consume cloves excessively, because it can make negative effects on our bodies. So, you can consume clove water slowly and increase the cloves until you feel enjoy consuming it.

Furthermore, if you want to search for herbal drinking, cloves water is the right choice. The benefits of drinking cloves water make cloves recommended as the health drinking.


How to Use Cloves for Cooking? Recipes and Tips for You

How to Use Cloves for Cooking? Recipes and Tips for You

Do you usually use cloves for cooking? Cloves or in Latin Eugenia Caryophyllata is one of the oldest and most popular spices ever. It has a long history, regarding its contribution to culinary and pharmaceutical fields, cloves are widely used in international cuisine as well as medicine.


What are cloves?

Cloves are dried flowers that come from the tree family of Myrtaceae. It was named after the French word “clou” meaning “nail”. This spice, which is famous as a mixture of Indonesian kretek cigarettes, has a powerful aroma and resembles a tiny tack.

The oldest cloves were first discovered on the island of Maluku, Indonesia. And today it is still a prominent product of Indonesia. Not only in Indonesia, now you can easily find this spice in various parts of the world such as Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar (Tanzania), and other hot tropical areas.


What do cloves taste like?

So, this spice with an intense aroma has a subtly sweet flavor and adds a lot of warmth to the dish. However, the sweetness is balanced by a slight note of bitterness and astringency.

Cloves are best paired with spices that have a sweet taste such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice.


What are cloves?

What food do you put cloves in and how to use it? (Indonesian Culinary Version)

Because of its strong aroma and being able to neutralize fishy odors, it is often used in dishes that contain seafood, offal, or goat.

Indonesian dishes that use cloves as spice are gulai, kebuli rice, stews, or curries. Some even add it to nasi uduk to enrich the taste.

How to add cloves to cooking can be done by using them whole or you crushed them first. Crushed cloves will emit a stronger aroma than if we use them as a whole.

Although cloves are tiny, the aroma is very strong so use it sparingly. Because if there is too much aroma in the dish, it will be very pungent. To cook 1 chicken, just use 2-5 cloves or 2-3 for 500 grams of meat.


The do’s and don’ts when using cloves for cooking.


  • Do use cloves thriftily.

As already mentioned above, cloves have an intense aroma, stronger than allspice. This means you have to be very careful with how much you use. Because if you use it too much, cloves can cover up other spices and make your cooking bitter.

If you use it in the right amount, then the taste of cloves can complement other spices that have a sweet and savory taste, and also it can make your dish more delicious.

  • Do remove the whole cloves.

It would be a bad idea to leave whole cloves in your cooking for some reason. The first relates to the spicy taste of cloves. Whole cloves have a sharp taste, so when you eat a whole clove your palate will be filled with the taste of cloves, leaving the tongue numb.

The next reason relates to the texture of cloves. Cloves have a nail-like texture that can cause you to choke as if you swallow a whole fishbone.

  • Do stud whole cloves with onions and add them to soup or braised dish.

By mixing cloves and onions, you don’t have to bother grinding and removing individual cloves one by one.

  • Don’t cook cloves for too long.

The result of cooking cloves for too long is the same as giving too many cloves to your dish. In other words, your food will be bitter and have a strong clove taste. This is because cloves will continue to secrete essential oils during the cooking process.

  • Don’t grind cloves by yourself.

Like other spices, the flavor of cloves will be more powerful and stay fresh if you buy them and grind them by yourself. However, it would be better that you buy them ground.

The reason has to do with the clove oil effect it has on plastic. Most spice grinders are made of plastic and clove oil can cause holes in the plastic, which can potentially damage it.

These holes can cause the clove flavor to stick to the plastic grinder, and as a result, the clove flavor can be passed on to other spices that you are going to grind.


Chicken Stew

3 Dishes ideas featuring cloves. (Indonesia Culinary Edition)


  • Goat Curry (Gulai Kambing)

This goat curry recipe is the Central Javanese version. This dish has a watery and abundant sauce but is still tasty because it is rich in spices. Not only meat, but the parts of the goat that are also cooked are offal and ribs. Goat curry is best eaten with a spicy taste.

The cloves will be combined with cinnamon, star anise, lemongrass, bay leaves, lime leaves, and galangal to remove the fishy smell from the goat and give the curry a sweet and spicy taste.

  • Chicken Stew

This nostalgic home cooking is usually an alternative dish when you are confused about how to process the chicken. In addition, a chicken stew is also often served at the time of Eid al-Fitr for Muslims in Indonesia. Cloves can be combined with other spices such as bay leaves, galangal, ginger, and ground nutmeg.

  • Kebuli Rice

Kebuli rice is usually cooked in mutton broth, goat’s milk, and butter. This food is very popular among the Arab community in Indonesia or the Betawi people in Jakarta. Cloves are cooked together with lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and raisins.


What are the health benefits of cloves?

Although cloves have a tiny size, this spice contains a lot of nutrients that are good for the body. One teaspoon of cloves or 2 g contains 21 calories of energy, 1 gr of fiber, and 1 gr of carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, and a small amount of Vitamin E

One teaspoon of cloves can also meet 30% of manganese, 4% of Vitamin K, and 3% of Vitamin C of daily needs. Here are the health benefits of cloves:

  • Treat for stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers are most often caused by thinning of gastric mucus caused by several factors such as stress and infection.

An animal study showed that clove essential oil can increase the production of gastric mucus which functions as a barrier to the effects of stomach acid, while preventing erosion of the stomach wall due to stomach acid.

  • Reduce tooth pain

Cloves contain anti-inflammatory components that can reduce swelling in the area of ​​​​the infected tooth. Besides killing bacteria in the mouth, cloves can also help relieve tooth pain. You need to know that this also can get rid of bad breath!

  • Handling phlegm cough

Another health benefit of cloves is that it can treat coughs with phlegm. The eugenol component in cloves is an expectorant, which can help expel phlegm in people with phlegm cough.


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