Can You Take Kratom While Breastfeeding?

Can You Take Kratom While Breastfeeding?

Kratom fans should still use this herbal plant in a controlled manner. Especially when you are in certain conditions, for example when you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Not only with kratom, but this kind of condition must be accompanied by caution because you are not only responsible for your health, but also for the baby who is still very dependent on you. Have you ever wondered, if can you take kratom while breastfeeding? 

You may have felt the many benefits of kratom, especially relieving pain, and increasing energy, to overcome some stomach problems. But certain conditions make you have to consider using kratom massively. In addition to the positive effects, consider also the negative effects, so this herbal plant is still controversial until now.

Is It Mandatory for Breastfeeding to Consume Kratom?

This plant that belongs to the coffee family is not a staple food. Despite its position as a snack or a snack, kratom has a special place in the hearts of its fans. The plant, which has the scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa, has even been consumed by traditional people for generations for certain purposes.

In essence, taking kratom is not an obligation. This is the choice of each person, but the level must be adjusted to the needs. As a strategic commodity, you can buy it in many specialty stores in the form of pills, capsules, teas, powders, and others. Or if you have your kratom garden, you can mix the leaves at will, for certain needs.

So, what about breastfeeding? In this condition, you are responsible for providing staple foods to the baby. Selectively choosing food and drink is something that must be prioritized, because what you consume will affect the baby’s health condition.

Although there are many benefits of kratom, we cannot close our ears, and this one commodity is still considered controversial in some areas. Certain organizations even equate kratom with illegal drugs because it contains an opiate effect. Therefore, when you are breastfeeding, you should choose safe and healthy foods. After all, taking kratom is not mandatory, either for ordinary people, especially for pregnant and lactating women.

Can I Take Kratom While Breastfeeding?

use kratom while breastfeeding 2

When taking kratom is not a must, then you should not take it while breastfeeding. But what if you’ve already included kratom as a favorite snack, even if you’ve been eating it for a long time? Breaking this routine may take some effort, because kratom has an opiate effect, even at very mild levels.

Kratom lovers may be wondering, “can you take kratom while breastfeeding?”. While you’re hoping for a pleasant answer, then the story I’m about to tell you may just make you more alert. Let’s look at examples of cases that have occurred in the past and were widely reported by the mass media.

A baby shows symptoms like someone who is addicted to drugs. The signs shown include restlessness and screaming like a drunk person. The baby also needs morphine injections so that his condition returns to normal. Investigate a calibration, the mother regularly consumes kratom tea, to be free from drug addiction.

Of course, his routine with kratom is considered normal, even healthy. But she soon realized when her baby had to suffer. Babies who are exposed to kratom from their mothers must go through a “cleansing” stage so that they can return to normal life and stop showing withdrawal symptoms. From this story, we can conclude the potential dangers of kratom, when a pregnant and breastfeeding consumes it regularly.  

Until now, there has been very little scientific research to answer the question of “can you take kratom while breastfeeding?”. But from the examples above, as well as various studies that have been done, kratom has been shown to affect breast milk. It can have an addictive effect, or affect the cells in the baby’s body that are still clean, and should not be contaminated by various natural or artificial chemicals.

How to Safely Consume Kratom When Breastfeeding

safetly time to take kratom

Under certain conditions, it might be called an “Emergency”, you could take kratom when this is not at all beneficial for the baby you are breastfeeding. Kratom is effective in relieving pain, increasing energy, and making you feel better. Breastfeeding who have previously been fond of consuming kratom may find it difficult to break the habit.

Of course, there is always a solution to every problem, including when you still want to take kratom while breastfeeding. Here are some of the best things you can do:

Limiting Kratom Consumption Doses

Please consult with your doctor so that you can limit the daily dose of kratom consumption. Your doctor may not recommend you take this herb while breastfeeding. But in an emergency, you may get a special prescription on the rules for consuming kratom so it doesn’t have a bad impact on your baby.

Pumping and Disposing of Kratom-Contaminated Milk

Pumping breast milk contaminated with kratom, then throwing it away, is another solution when breastfeeding still wants to take kratom. For example, you can pump breast milk immediately after eating kratom products. After the milk is drained, the body will immediately produce new milk, and this can be immediately given to your baby.

Even so, this method is still risky because we never know whether the breast milk given to the baby is free of kratom content. Unless breastfeeding wants to bother with laboratory checks, this will certainly be very inconvenient and draining of time and energy.

Setting Breastfeeding Time

This method is related to the second way, where you set the timing of breastfeeding, namely before consuming kratom, or after pumping breast milk. But this method is still very inconvenient, right? Do you want to add to the difficulty of life, just for the sake of consuming kratom, but still can’t guarantee that your baby is contaminated with kratom from breast milk?

Once you have completed the breastfeeding phase, you can go back to taking kratom and not have to harm anyone. Make sure you cooperate in the procurement of kratom with Nusagro. Our company is ready to provide a variety of original, high-quality, and legal for sale.

Red Vein Kratom Vs Green, Which is the Best?

Red Vein Kratom Vs Green, Which is the Best?

Kratom has its unique characteristics. Kratom from most parts of Southeast Asia has a variety of colors with different effects. Sometimes users find it difficult to distinguish which kratom provides higher stimulant or energy. Until it finally surfaced about red vein kratom vs green, which is the best?

Color That Brings Effect 

So far kratom users have known that red and green kratom leaf veins will have a different effect. From the outward appearance, we can know what happened in red vein kratom vs green

Green-veined kratom plants indicate the plant is ripe. While the red-veined kratom plant is a plant that grows. The final color and the amount of alkaloid concentration of the kratom plant change as it increases or decreases sun exposure. Sometimes consumers argue about this in the market. Why is there kratom with veins that appear too red or too green? 

They seem to forget if there is a genetic factor that has an important role in crop yields. Farmers together with agricultural officers can also construct particular characteristics of kratom to determine the characteristics of a single vein so that it behaves according to a certain color vein since it is still in the form of a seed.

Benefits of Red Kratom

red vein kratom indonesian

If you’re looking for which is the best between red vein kratom vs green, then you only need to compare the benefits or effects between them. Next, you can research which kratom is most suitable for your body condition. You may also need a combination of both kratoms in daily therapy. Don’t forget to have a consultation with a doctor to take therapeutic steps using this kratom. 

So, here are some of the benefits of using red kratom.

  • Meditation effect. Modern people today need brain stimulation to be able to relax for a moment after doing such a busy activity. Red kratom has a significant effect on the brain for the user to get a meditative effect where he can be calm, peaceful, and just have a cool space in his head. 
  • Gentle energy stimulation. This week may be a productive week for you. Even though you’re tired, you can still do other tasks on the weekend. Red kratom can provide a touch of gentle energy so that you can complete all tasks on time.
  • Relaxing effect. After a hard day of work sometimes you get muscle tension, stress, and nervous stiffness. Red kratom helps relieve pain in your body. Your mind will slowly but surely release the burden of stress so that you can sleep soundly at night.

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Green Kratom Benefits

green vein kratom

Green vein kratom has a calming effect that doesn’t cause side effects like anxiety in users. You will only be comfortable like the moment when you get a special gift from your loveable person. Green kratom can be a booster by giving energy without a jittery effect. 

So, you know which one is the best red and green kratom, right? You have found the answer to the discussion about red vein kratom vs green by looking at your condition. If you’re still unsure about the best choice, so you contact Nusagro. You can talk to our agent to find out which kratom that suits you the best. 

We pack fresh kratom in various forms to be sent outside Indonesia. We have exported various kratom even to America. Let’s join to be part of us who will continue the tradition of consuming kratom as an herbal supplement that you can rely on to improve your quality of life.

What is Red Kratom: Effects, Uses, Benefits

What is Red Kratom: Effects, Uses, Benefits

You may already be familiar with kratom by now. Mitragyna Speciosa has three main respective superior specifications. You probably already know about red veins, green veins, and white veins kratom, right? In this article, we will know more about what is red kratom, how it affects the body, how to consume it, and what dose we should take every day.

What Is Red Kratom?

Red kratom has a bright red in the veins of its leaves which comes from the very high concentration of alkaloids. The stems are also red. Its appearance is quite striking. 

Anyway, the 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloid content will always be present in every type of kratom. When you want to buy kratom, you need to pay attention to the color of the kratom. Each color of kratom produces a different effect. 

Just like when you want to know what is red kratom. This is a type of kratom that provides a gentle effect for those who want a calming effect after swallowing it. Red kratom in your tea or snack can calm you down and gradually help you get a better night’s sleep. 

Red kratom can also be a strong pain reliever, whether it hurts occasionally or is chronic. However, you don’t need to expect this kratom to stimulate your body and mind because red kratom cannot deliver a stimulant effect like green or white kratom. 

Red Kratom Effects

The very high concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine in red kratom generally relieves chronic pain and insomnia. People like to use it to combat anxiety and difficulty sleeping at night. While people consume white veins kratom and green veins kratom for an energy boosting and support immunity effect. 

When you have reached a more serious stage in using this kratom until you have no doubt answer about what is red kratom, you will look for this kratom to get a more pronounced effect like the following:

  • Strong analgesic effect. Relieving chronic pain in the body is the job of red kratom that you can rely on. Maybe you have just finished taking care of a number of your wedding party preparation and your body is so sore that certain organs are attacked by germs. You can as soon as possible consume kratom in an enjoyable way you can. 
  • A mild euphoric effect with a smaller dose and a moderate euphoric effect with a higher dose. 
  • a Quite powerful stress-free effect. Maybe after drinking it, you can still remember the cause of particular stress, but red kratom has anticipated it in advance so that you can more easily get freedom for further stress. 
  • Sedative effect at higher doses. Sometimes you need a sedative for a bad day and no one can lighten your load. Red kratom can do it as long as you believe it is possible. 

Benefits of Red Kratom

red kratom for insomnia

Red kratom is a kratom with strong alkaloids for analgesic, medicinal, euphoric induction, insomnia, and recreational use effects. Several types of red kratom such as Bali red kratom also bring abundant benefits to its users. It’s not a matter of abundant doses that you can use carelessly, but of substances that are effective in many other ways. 

Some of the benefits of using red kratom are:

  • A more humane deep sleep. Who are modern people today who don’t experience insomnia? Almost every individual today must have got insomnia. Some of them have been able to leave insomnia and get quality natural sleep. Yet others stay with insomnia all the time until their productivity drops the next day and it repeats itself throughout the year. If you’re curious about what is red kratom, then you will only get the answer that this is what insomniacs consume before they need to sleep. 
  • It provides a relaxing effect which is effective in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Red kratom, in this case, Bali red kratom, can help anyone overcome opiate addiction. Kratom is safe and you won’t get addicted like you’re addicted to opiates.
  • It provides a calming effect where maybe when you haven’t used it you find it difficult to calm, relax, and peacefully how high your work level is.
  • It is a painkiller. Red kratom which is an analgesic will help to get rid of bones, muscles, or mental pain. 
  • It makes you get a good mood. People suffering from depression can consume this regularly for a better quality of life. 

What is Red Kratom Used For?

Red kratom is useful in overcoming insomnia, overcoming opiate dependence, and providing a relaxing effect. Like red Maeng Da which has a certain specification when it works by binding to opioid receptors in the brain so you can get a relaxed feeling. 

Meanwhile, you can use a low dose of red kratom as an analgesic for body aches after heavy work such as moving house or sports tournaments. And for those of you with poor sleep quality, while you always dream of getting enough sleep so that you can support your next-day activities, you can try red kratom. 

Red Kratom Origins

Red kratom is widely grown in Southeast Asian countries. The trees grow naturally because nature provides what the kratom plant needs. Hot and humid areas like Bali and most parts of Indonesia are ideal for growing red kratom trees.

Farmers outside Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries start planting and harvesting kratom leaves. They become good at growing crops and knowing the punctual time to harvest to get the color they want for this unique red kratom. 

How to Take Red Kratom

how to take red kratom

Kratom is just like any other herbal plant. You can sprinkle the powder directly on your cake dough, or drinks such as tea, or you can pack it in capsules. Each tea bag will contain 4 grams of powdered kratom.

You just need to dip the tea bag in a cup of hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. You can drink a cup of dark and warm kratom tea before going to bed or after working all day. 

Red Kratom Dosage Sizes

You can use red kratom no more than 3 grams of kratom on an empty stomach. After 30 minutes, you can examine what you feel. If you don’t feel any effect, take another gram. In a day should not exceed the dose of 4 grams. 

To have the best quality of red kratom, you can contact Nusagro. We provide you with the safe and best quality kratom from all over Indonesia. We will invite you to find your answer to the question that rings in your head about what is red kratom

So, call us now to drop off your first order, then we will ship your best red kratom to your doorsteps as soon as possible. 

What is Yellow Kratom: Effects, Uses, Benefits

What is Yellow Kratom: Effects, Uses, Benefits

You may not be familiar with what is yellow kratom. Is it like a kratom hybrid of several different strains or has it been there from the start? Yellow kratom is a mixture of two or more different kratom strains. Just like when a kratom vendor combines white kratom and red kratom which will then get ‘yellow’ kratom. Sometimes it leads to a golden color. 

Furthermore, people will relate the effect of this yellow kratom to the effect they get from mixing green vein, white vein, and red vein kratom. You may find yellow kratom from a mixture of all three or two of them. However, from one vendor to another vendor may have different interpretations of this yellow kratom. We must share with you about this yellow kratom so that there is no confusion when you want to buy it.  

What Is Yellow Kratom?

kratom yellow indonesian

Yellow kratom is a type of kratom that is quite disturbing to kratom users and activists around the world. This kratom is at a point between being and nonexistent since the beginning. Not many know the origin of yellow kratom so they can explain clearly what is yellow kratom to the customers. Even so, yellow kratom is there and it is rare in the market. 

Several debates have arisen about where this type of kratom came from. Speculation goes that if the yellow kratom comes from a leaf picked at a growth stage it can later give it a unique yellow color. 

Meanwhile, the facts that run on this speculation reveal that the source of the yellow veined kratom is the result of a different than usual or unique white kratom vein drying technique. During this drying phase, the color of the white veined kratom turns yellow. What we need to realize now is that there are only three types of kratom in the world, namely white, green, and red kratom. 

Yellow Kratom Effects

yellow kratom cause tiredness

se in adults makes them unproductive so that all work cannot be carried out according to the due date deadline. Sometimes complaints of fatigue and malaise are not known for sure the cause. 

You suddenly feel uninspired, tired, lethargic, and the most fatal is always making mistakes in every project you handle. Most cases of malaise lead to accidents after an accident at work and on the way home. It is difficult for the brain and body organs to work together so that they can focus on treading so they can safely arrive home. 

Those who have certain diseases can also end up having malaise due to weakened body organs. The weakness of the body’s organs is due to gnawing disease germs, treatment with certain chemical compounds that are burdensome to the work of organs, and the stress that rages due to the tedious routine of treatment. Yellow kratom provides a powerful energy effect to overcome fatigue as above. 

As well as specific fatigue due to stress, worry, depression, and sadness so that you are easily sleepy and lethargic. If you ever ask some suppliers about what is yellow kratom, here it is. It has energy characteristics that help get rid of this type of drowsiness and lethargy. Its work certainly will not interfere with natural sleep time at night. But if you have to work at night, yellow kratom can be an option. 

Benefits of Yellow Kratom

There are at least 4 benefits of yellow kratom that you can feel after consuming it. You can examine whether you have tested these benefits now. 

  • Stress-free. The main stress hormone, cortisol, can be lowered by taking yellow vein kratom regularly. High cortisol levels can potentially increase the level of anxiety and depression. 
  • Stabilize energy levels. Yellow kratom that you consume based on the required dose will help you get stable energy where you feel neither too sleepy nor too excited. Stable energy to maintain the rhythm of your daily work. 
  • Overcoming pain due to anxiety. Pain in the body can bring anxiety to your feelings. By simply taking a not-too-high dose of yellow kratom, you can get a longer-lasting effect.
  • Helps improve focus. It is good for those who need a high level of focus such as night shift workers. 

What is Yellow Kratom Used For

Maybe you are still in doubt to know what is yellow kratom used for now. It’s ok. Take your time to get much information about this kratom. However, we would like to share information about Indo-yellow kratom that is suitable for beginners because of its nonbitter taste. Although it’s different from another kratom, you can get all the effects of kratom drugs from this yellow kratom. 

Yellow Kratom Origins

yellow kratom in indonesian

Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Vietnam is the origin of yellow kratom. Indonesia has a unique yellow Borneo kratom where not all manufacturers make it the same way. One vendor may have this yellow kratom different by its special set of high alkaloid properties. Make sure you get the original yellow kratom from a supplier in Indonesia. 

How To Take Yellow Kratom

There are so many practical ways to consume this yellow kratom. You can brew it for 10 minutes like tea, mix it into fruit smoothies, or mix it into healthy cookie dough. Drinking it with tea is best because hot water makes the alkaloids come out faster and tea makes your body absorb the kratom faster. 

Yellow Kratom Dosage Sizes

You should take an initial dose of 2.4 grams or about one teaspoon. After that, you can see how your body responds to the alkaloids. If you don’t feel it after an hour, you can increase the dose. People with a higher tolerance may need a little more dosage. What you need to note is that the dose of 2.4 grams should not exceed two times of use within an hour. You can stop when you reach the second 2.4 grams on that day. 

We hope you get comprehensive information about what is yellow kratom from us. Nusagro is an Indonesian kratom supplier that has original first-hand products. You can contact us to get any kind of kratom. We will send our products wherever you are. 

Top 10 Best Kratom Bar in The World

Top 10 Best Kratom Bar in The World

Have you ever thought about opening a cafe business with ethno botanical plant like kratom? Customers can drink kratom tea while talking with colleagues and spend the whole night in awake serenity. People only care about a relaxed, calm, and chill atmosphere to relieve stifled thoughts and feelings.

The concept of the kratom bar is also suitable for selling healthy tea drinks with soothing live music so that the use of kratom doesn’t look like a patient who is using certain drugs. Everything is free and and doesn’t burden the minds of the visitors who really come to do treatment with fun. 

Anyway, you will not find kratom bar writing in front of the cafe that you will enter. Kratom has so far had slightly sensitive embeds that relate to the law. For this reason, cafe and bar businessmenwho have a kratom drink menu will usually embed ‘kava’ as the name of the cafe and the menu. So, you’ll find kratom in a kava bar or cafe. 

You can find several kafa cafes or kratom bars in most parts of the United States. Maybe this is not like a bar or a cafe near you. As for it will not be easy to find the kratom bar through a Google search engine.

But if you are looking for cafe, restaurant, or kava bar, you will be able to easily find it. America is a region that is so familiar with the popularity of kratom. You can find one or more kratom bars that are part of the top 10 kratom bars in the world. 

  • Roots Miami

roots miami bar sell kratom

This kratom bar can be found in Miami, Florida, and New Jersey. This is one of the highest quality kava and kratom bar in the United States of America. Many artists, musicians, and creative people come to this bar which has a plenty menu of kratom and kava drinks. You can choose a drink of kratom extract from the leaves and oil kratom tree that comes from Southeast Asia. 

  • Brooklyn Kava

This is the first kratom bar in Brooklyn. The mainstay menu is a variety of Indonesian teas and Chaga teas. The tea from Indonesia at this cafe is kratom tea which they wrote based on the special color of the strain. You won’t see kratom menu in their menu book. Only focus on tea with green, white, yellow, and red strains which are the best kratom from Indonesia. 

  • Hakuna Makava Bar

This cafe provides herbal drinks such as kratom tea, kratom cocktails, coffee, kava, and others. This cafe has a warehouse-like interior. You can visit it in the Southwest of Downtown West Palm Beach in the Warehouse District. You can order all kinds of herbal menus from 2 pm to 1 am. 

  • Kapua Kava Bar

If you get the chance to take a trip to Fort Myers, Florida, you better come to the first kava bar and longue in Southwest Florida. This is a true healing place where you can enjoy kava tea, kratom, and ethnobotanical herbs derived from the highest quality ingredients in the world. 

To support your relaxed, carefree atmosphere, you can take advantage of the free internet connection here. You can also play chess, Jumbo Jenga, backgammon with colleagues with the same frequency. If you need a comfortable ‘me time’, don’t forget to take some quiet time by reading your favorite book. 

  • Noble Kava

The cafe in Winkler Square, Clement St. Bonne, North Carolina provides kratom drinks according to the various kratom veins you’ve ever known. There is white and yellow vena kratom which can provide energy and red veins that can calm consumers after a day of activities. 

After drinking it, customers will feel relaxed, have more energy, and talk a lot. You can have a warm social gathering after work or do a zoom meeting with a client in the evening. 

  1. Kavasutra

Once again kratom heaven is in Florida. This is a kratom bar in NYC serving a variety of kratom and kava drinks. Enthusiastic people come to the bar, not for the alcohol but for a calming, relaxing, and peaceful drink. You will feel like you are floating all the time and when you are ready to go, you’re in a good condition to leave. Not like when you go out at night with alcoholic drinks. The exotic feel in this kratom bar is also fun and is perfect as a relaxing place all night.

  • Grassroots Kava House

This kratom bar is in St. Petersburg, Florida. You will find a variety of drinks like in most cafes. There is coffee, tea, and other refreshing beverages with kratom, kava, and other herbal concoctions. All the drinks and dishes here are just like the menu we know but with an alluring kratom concoction. This bar also provides a place for gatherings, celebrations, and even casual events with your small circle. 

  1. Bula Kava Bar & Coffee House

bula kava bar sell kratom

St. Petersburg, Florida, United States has many bars that sell kava and kratom as healthy drinks that give immediate effect after a few minutes of drinking. Bula Kava Bar offers eclectic flavors of kratom, multi-flavored teas, coffees, and kava. This is one of the best places where you find kratom. 

Practical because you don’t need to process your kratom drink at home. The atmosphere is cozy and warm, there are board games where you can play with friends, an outdoor area where there is a pool table, and a small hut to protect your vehicle to keep it cool. 

  • Teens of Thailand

This bar in Thailand provides a mocktail drink made from kratom leaves. It is a bar that has a variety of exotic drink menus with various types of herbs.

  • Kratom Flow Bali at Grill

This bar is located in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia. You will taste its tea of heaven with the kratom flow in it. You can visit this bar from Tuesday to Sunday from 2.30 pm until 10 am. 

If you feel you don’t have time to visit that kratom bar due to your hectic work, why don’t you order the kratom online? Nusagro sells all the types of kratom you need. We export all our kratom products to many countries. You can check our track records in shipping around the world and the reviews of our customers here. We’ve been waiting for your first order as soon as possible.

Does Kratom Cause Constipation?

Does Kratom Cause Constipation?

One of the side effects of using herbal plant extracts for a certain period is constipation. At first, people were dehydrated and had stomach pains. Eventually, it became constipated. This is a condition where the intestines have difficulty removing feces because the feces have hardened. Kratom users have also got constipation after consuming a certain amount of kratom in a certain period of use. So, does kratom cause constipation

The use of kratom indeed has the potential to cause constipation. But this all comes back to the diet and lifestyle of its users. Does one continue to drink adequate amounts of water while consuming kratom or other herbs, keep an eye on the main nutritional intake, keep moving, and take regular sleep?

Compare Your Condition Before and After Consuming Kratom

your body and kratom

The first thing you should do when constipation occurs in your body is to drink enough water and then you can minimize the dose of kratom you use a little. Next, you can eat foods that contain fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and jelly or gelatin. If necessary, you can take laxatives or see a doctor who knows your condition. When your intestines have subsided and your constipation is over then you can start to trace your diet and lifestyle before and after using kratom. 

Have you implemented a healthy diet before using kratom such as consuming lots of fiber, exercising, getting enough sleep, not being stressed, and drinking enough water? Then after consuming kratom, do you still do the same diet and lifestyle? If so, then the potential for constipation is high in your body. It is not just kratom that causes constipation. 

When you get a question from your colleague, does kratom cause constipation, what will be your answer? You should put yourself as a lay user who is new to your body’s metabolism when using this kratom. So, the potential for constipation is still possible in certain user body conditions. However, don’t give up on kratom. You can still get many of the benefits of this kratom for a better rhythm of life. 

The Importance of Drinking Water to Avoid and Overcome Constipation

Constipation can come at any time. Whether you are consuming herbal powder or not. This is a signal to the body that you are really in a period of fiber crisis and dehydration. Drinking plenty of fluids when the temperature outside is soaring is also very important to prevent dehydration. If your body is dehydrated, various digestive disorders can occur, such as constipation. 

You have to stay hydrated every day so you don’t get constipated easily. The presence of water in the body can also make all tissue systems function properly. Water also helps you in several ways as below:

  • Water helps digestion to prevent constipation. 
  • Water can carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells so you can be more active.
  • Water can be a bearing joint. Water can regulate body temperature so you don’t get cold easily.
  • Water can flush bacteria from your bladder so toxins don’t stay in the body for long.
  • Water protects organs and tissue.
  • You can maintain the balance of electrolytes (sodium) in the body so that your body doesn’t suffer from degenerative diseases in old age. 
  • Water helps normalize blood pressure. 

How Much Water to Keep the Body Hydrated

Keep your Body Hydrated

The volume of water that you can consume daily according to your body’s needs. No rule requires a person to drink several glasses a day. So, you must know whether your body is dehydrated on that day or not. Dry lips, high thirst, fatigue, frequent yawning, and often feeling emotional are symptoms if you are dehydrated. 

If you are now consuming kratom or other herbal plants, then you have to adjust the volume of water you drink in a day. Herbal extracts will enter the body’s cells and will slide into the organs to eliminate toxins including the kidneys, liver, and intestines. 

The presence of water can encourage the remnants of the kratom disposal that you consume so that your organs remain healthy without having residual herbal crusts and you can always be healthy without having digestive disorders such as constipation.

Fiber Intake and Balanced Diet

balance diet

When you have chosen kratom to be one of the body’s health treatments, then you also have to pay attention to the intake of nutrients that enter the body. Many people hesitate to use kratom because of the question, does kratom causes constipation or not. 

Now let’s examine whether people with this side effect of constipation have a daily lifestyle of consuming little fiber or not. Most of the users who get constipation say that they do not consume enough fiber daily so constipation can often occur after they consume kratom in certain doses. You certainly don’t want to be part of the people who lack fiber intake, right? 

Increasing your fiber intake can be an important part of dealing with the potential side effects of kratom. Before finding constipation as a side effect of using kratom, you should start consuming soluble fiber and insoluble fiber regularly. Soluble fiber can give mass to the stool. You can get this fiber from bananas, apples, wheat, peas, and barley. 

Meanwhile, insoluble fiber is the fiber that can speed up the transit of food through your digestive tract. You can find insoluble fiber in whole grains, wheat bran, nuts, and most vegetables. 

Keep using kratom no matter what people always feel doubt does kratom causes constipation or not. Kratom can be your daily supplement for a better quality of life. Nusagro will help you to be able to consume the best kratom without significant side effects. We have exported kratom from Indonesia to several countries around the world. We are committed to always doing the best delivery to various places in all corners of the world. You can start a much healthier life now by consuming kratom and focusing on your healthy lifestyle every day with us. 

18 Kratom Strains Chart: Region, Color, Effects

18 Kratom Strains Chart: Region, Color, Effects

Traditional herbal medicine in Southeast Asia and Oceania must be familiar with kratom. Herbs are all about natural and minimal side effects if you mix the right.

The main effects of kratom that come from the presence of the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine include producing a stimulant if you take kratom at low concentrations, painkillers at higher doses, and mitragynine acting on adrenergic receptors to inhibit the release of adrenaline which the body can create the anxiolytic effect or anti-anxiety effect. 

People all over the world are familiar with kratom today because they have discovered the various benefits of this coffee-derived plant. When they want to buy kratom products, they will find a kratom strain chart that lists kratom types by color, region, and sometimes by tree subspecies classification. 

However, the two important substances in kratom namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine determine the difference in kratom strains. 

4 Largest Color Groups in the Kratom Strain Chart

This group of colors is a consistent color that you can find across the region and is a good point to start if this is your first time with kratom. 

  • White Vein Kratom

This kratom has a lower concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine than others but it is better for increasing energy. 

  • Green Vein Kratom

Kratom which is between white and red can give you a balanced effect. 

  • Red Vein Kratom

This kratom has a high level of 7-hydroxy mitragynine making it suitable for its strong pain-relieving effect. 

  • Gold Kratom

This yellow kratom through a complex traditional drying process is the strongest type in the kratom strains chart since the main concentration is in the alkaloids. 

Largest Region of Kratom Deployment

The kratom strains chart will always correspond to the region where the kratom grows. Southeast Asia is a paradise where Mitragyna Speciosa grows. There are at least four largest regions of the distribution of native and medicinal kratom plants. 

  • Indonesia (Outside Bali)

This is the largest kratom exporting country with varying quality. Kratom from Indonesia often gets an “Indo” embed. 

  • Bali

This is a region that produces high-quality Kratom to supply the world’s needs. Bali’s tropical rainforest climate is helpful enough for kratom plants to grow well. 

  • Malaysia

This is a region where Malay kratom grows very well. However, Malaysia is strict in banning the use and sale of kratom. You can easily find Malay kratom in Thailand because this kratom makes export trips from Malaysia to Thailand. 

  • Thailand 

Thai kratom is generally already in the form of extract capsules. Thai kratom products are the oldest kratom in the history of the kratom plant that residents and Western communities consume. 

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom for Sale

You may find this powerful type in the kratom strains chart. Its popularity is at the top level all over the world. This kratom is widely found in fertile areas of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Maeng Da has premium quality strains containing three types red, green, and white strains. Many people use this kratom for some benefits such as:

  • Its antidepressant properties help balance emotions and moods.
  • People consume it to help fight mental disorders so that their quality of life becomes better.
  • It is a great pain reliever and can replace the opiates that make the user addicted. 
  • It increases the work efficiency of its users.
  • Provides a steady energy boost.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • It helps increase user confidence. 

Bentuangie Kratom 

This is the newest type of kratom on the world market. Although this is new, the popularity of this kratom is immediately shot because it has the benefits of relieving pain, providing quality relaxation, improving mood, helping improve sleep patterns, and having a calming effect that lasts longer. 

Green Thai Kratom

Thai Kratom for sale

The energy boost is the middle name of this kratom. The effect of this kratom is based on the combination of red and white vein kratom. This kratom was first grown in the fertile land of Thailand. Then, farmers across Southeast Asia started to cultivate this kratom. 

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Please see the table below for the percentage of kratom effects.

ENERGY 90 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 80 100 100 30 45 50 50 40 60 100
MOOD 70 90 70 70 70 70 80 70 100 80 50 20 60 65 75 75 100 100


40 45 70 80 80 80 70 70 75 70 80 100 100 100 100 100 60 55
STIMULATION 100 100 70 90 70 70 70 80 60 100 30 10 10 25 25 10 100 75
SEDATION  10 10 10 25 10 30 10 30 75 30 30 70 80 50 75 75 25 30
RELAXATION 25 35 50 45 45 60 50 35 45 50 80 60 90 80 85 100 45 35


The Best Kratom You Can Buy

After looking for details information about kratom strain charts from everywhere, maybe you will get confused. There are so many benefits you can get from kratom.

Not only one but also more than 10 types of kratom around Southeast Asia, right? You may still hesitate in determining the type of kratom that best suits your body and mental health conditions. 

Anyway, you can consult with medical experts who know very well about treatment using kratom. You can contact them via the internet or make an appointment in person to meet at the clinic. 

You can also contact our agent in Nusagro to know more about the best quality kratom from Indonesia. Nusagro has had more than 100 customers since 2021. They have used our kratom products with different types and needs. 

Our kratom is at the highest level of quality and freshness assurance in Indonesia where it is a first-hand agricultural product. You can contact us for more information about kratom and don’t forget to drop your first order. 

Buy Kratom Online in Den Haag

Buy Kratom Online in Den Haag

Are you a fan of kratom? You are not alone as many people around the world love this plant. As kratom leaves have already had a long history in traditional medicines in Asian countries, the herbals are now making their way into the top list of loved substances in Western countries. That is, as long as the country makes it legal to use kratom and its products.

Legality is an important point to address when talking about substances. Although there have not been many length-depth studies about the harmful effects of kratom, some Western countries still believe the negative effects of kratom are overpowering its positive effects. So, let’s see if kratom is legal in the Netherlands and where to buy kratom in Den Haag.

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Where to Buy Kratom in Den Haag

den haag lanscape

It is not difficult to buy kratom in Den Haag. Compared to other European countries, the Netherlands has many physical shops that sell a variety of kratom-based products. The quality of these herbal products is also top-notch as they are imported directly from Southeast Asian countries that grow kratom plants. Although one may argue about the high price.

If you are not sure about stepping into the local store and asking for kratom, you can always shop online. The big herbal stores in Den Haag typically have an online site where you can order kratom products. The price may even appear a bit cheaper as is typically the case with online shopping. 

Is Kratom Legel in Den Haag?

kratom legal in den haag

There has been a debate regarding kratom legality around the world, including in the Netherlands. It raises a big question as to why people are getting hot over this now as the substance has been widely accepted and used even for human consumption for decades. Kratom has even been a part of traditional medicines in Asian countries for hundred years. So, why is the issue now?

Nevertheless, kratom is legal in Den Haag, as of today. The kratom-based products are big in Netherlands as the people find them beneficial. You can easily find local shops selling kratom products in Den Haag compared to other cities in the Netherlands that allow plant distribution. So, rest assured as it is still safe to use kratom in Den Haag as of today.

Recommended Best Kratom Supplier in Den Haag

As mentioned above, it is easy to find local shops that sell kratom in the Netherlands. There are many good suppliers in Den Haag that offer a wide variety of kratom-based products. You can choose what kratom products you like and of what quality, because it plays part in the price. If you want a greater deal, you can shop online directly from the importing countries of kratom.

Kratom of the Netherlands is typically imported from Kalimantan, Indonesia. Finding an Indonesian supplier might be the best move. This will ensure the best quality kratom even when you buy it in bulk. Nusagro can offer you a wide variety of herbal products, including kratom, at great prices. 

So, to buy kratom in Den Haag, you can simply buy it from Nusagro, Indonesia.

Buy Kratom Online in Florida

Buy Kratom Online in Florida

How well do you know kratom? The Mitragyna Speciosa tree, which grows a lot in Asia, has leaves and shoots that are very efficacious to provide a psychoactive effect with the content of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. You can get the energy to do many daily activities from consuming kratom according to the dose. You can also treat certain diseases and feel the analgesic effect or relieve pain in the body.

Those of you who want to get out of the impact of certain drugs that harm the health of the body is also good at taking kratom for daily intake. Breaking your physical dependence on these drugs will provide a freshness effect and particular stimulant effects so that your life will be better than before.

Most states in the United States legalize the purchase and use of kratom. Lost Angles and Florida is the states that allow citizens to use kratom. When you buy kratom in Florida while you are a Wisconsin or Vermont person, then it doesn’t matter. You are a person in an area where kratom is legal. 

Where To Buy Kratom in Florida?

kratom in florida

When you are in Florida, you may find several vendors selling kratom. Most are offline stores that you visit directly. But buying kratom in Florida is not that narrow. You can buy kratom online in Florida. You may find an online shop near your area or you may find another kratom seller outside Florida. 

Purchasing through a website or marketplace is so easy and you can read all the reviews of buyers who have felt the effects of the products they bought. Then you can get an idea of the quality of that kratom. Do not hesitate to immediately switch vendors or suppliers if you find low-quality kratom products in an online store. 

Is Kratom Legal in Florida?

kratom tree

Did you know there is a new law to protect kratom users and the therapeutic kratom products people enjoy across the US? Although not all parts of the United States can enjoy the effects of this law, Florida is still safe as an area where you can buy and use kratom. Meanwhile, for those of you who live in Sarasota County, it is a good idea to follow the slightly stricter kratom situation policy. 

Recommended Best Kratom Supplier in Florida

When you are going to buy kratom in Florida, you should already know comprehensive information about whether or not kratom is legal for your area. Make sure your area is free from restrictions on the use of kratom. 

Next, you can search for kratom vendors or suppliers wherever they are via the Internet. Some suppliers come from countries in Asia such as Indonesia and India. Their kratom products come from direct farmers so you can get superior and fresh kratom that is unmatched by other packaged kratom. The price is also reasonable because this product doesn’t go through several middlemen. 

Nusagro is one of the suppliers of kratom originating from Asia. We pack authentic Indonesian kratom to pass through export gates worldwide. Anyone in the United States or Florida and Europe can try our genuine kratom which is a superior product and different from other products in the global Kratom market.

Buy Kratom Online in California

Buy Kratom Online in California

You can find a wide variety of kratom products in California today. Almost every area of California sells Kratom of various sizes and approaches to customers. People buy kratom in California to get psychoactive effects. There is a feeling of relief when energy increases after taking a lower dose. They also admired the sedation and relaxation at higher doses. 

Kratom is a supplement that must be ready to stock at home. Online purchases of kratom have increased even more than buying kratom in offline stores. Some complain about the high purchase price of kratom in offline or physical stores due to the long chain of intermediaries. 

While buying kratom online is often much lower because many kratom manufacturers sell it directly on their websites without going through intermediaries. 

Where To Buy Kratom in California

california city lanscape

You can buy kratom in California both online and through offline stores. You can start by searching online using the keyword ‘kratom near me and then find a store that is easy to reach.

In a search via Google, you may see some store addresses that you can search by taking public transportation, walking, or driving a private vehicle. All decisions are in your hands. 

You are with people around the world who want to use kratom to manage pain, reduce anxiety, increase energy, raise focus, or maybe stop the opiate medication.

Kratom now become a very popular herb. Even sales through online stores are already at the highest level considering that many kratom manufacturers find it easier to sell their products online to reach those who are far from California. 

These sellers will only compete for a consistent supply of high-quality kratom leaves or powder. Active kratom users can distinguish which premium kratom has strong quality and which only gives a momentary splash. Some sellers from outside California such as Indonesia, India, and Africa are also entering the wider kratom market. 

Is Kratom Legal in California?

buy kratom in california

Kratom is legal in most areas of the United States. Many people there use kratom for various personal purposes. Meanwhile, in some areas such as Alabama, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Vermont, kratom has become illegal for some reasons since the discovery of its content in kratom was revealed. 

There are so many opinions according to scientific theories and events in the field that ultimately lead to a firm decision if the people there cannot buy or use this herb product. Even so, California is included in the ranks of states that legalize kratom. 

Only about 1.5 million people in parts of San Diego County prohibit the use of kratom. Most of these bans are misguided. San Diego has marked kratom as one of the many synthetic drugs. 

Recommended Best Kratom Supplier in California

As long as you are not in San Diego County, it is legal to buy kratom in California. You can buy online from us. Nusagro is an Indonesian agricultural product factory and wholesale supplier. We focus on producing agricultural products such as kratom, matoa, green coffee beans, palm sugar, and many more. 

We export our products around the world such as to the USA, South Korea, Malaysia, Jeddah, Czech Republic, and many more. We guarantee you the premium quality of kratom from Indonesia. So, you can contact us now to drop your first order.


If you have any questions about our products, we would love to hear from you. Please Call Us Today.


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