Monkey Poop Coffee: Benefit, Taste, and Price

Monkey Poop Coffee: Benefit, Taste, and Price

From the good old Espresso to the sweet-on-the-lip Macchiato, every cup of joe certainly brings joy. But, have you ever tried the monkey poop coffee? Let’s take a look at the characteristics before taking a sip, shall we?

Monkey Poop Coffee Benefit, Taste, and Price

What is Monkey Poop Coffee?

Despite the name, this beverage does not come from poop of some monkeys. Monkey poop coffee is a rare type of coffee in which the beans are spitted out by some rhesus monkey and later are collected by the farmers. As it is not exactly digested by the animal, some people just call it the monkey coffee.

What is the Origin of Monkey Poop Coffee?

Monkey poop coffee originally comes from Chikmagalur, India, which consisted of large areas of rainforests and beaches. Living in these rainforests are the rhesus monkeys who naturally consumes ripped fruits including ripped coffee cherries.

The rhesus monkeys would chew on the ripped coffee cherries for several minutes, and then rather swallowing they would spit those beans out with tooth marks and saliva covering the beans. The local farmers would later gather all the spitted out coffee beans and then process them.

The enzymes contained in the monkey’s saliva would somehow break down the coffee bean and produce distinctive flavor, as well as turning the beans into grey colored rather than the typical green after processing method.

Monkey poop coffee is grouped together with all other types of coffee coming from animals under the category “poop coffee” just for the sake of group calling even though technically it does not come from monkey poop.

Taste of Monkey Coffee

Monkey poop coffee is said to be flavorful by people who have already experienced it. The coffee is said to emit strong aroma and gives off the taste of vanilla and chocolate, as well as a bit acidic with a hint of citrus. It isn’t too much to say that monkey coffee is a hidden gem in the coffee market. The heavy-bodied coffee is on the much higher spectrum of pricing due to being rare.

Regarding of the caffeine content, the monkey poop coffee tends to appear light in caffeine as it typically is Arabica. The acidity also depends on how the coffee beans are roasted. The longer you roast them, the less caffeine will remain as most of it burns off during the process. How you brew your beans also plays a part in the end result of acidity of your cup of coffee.

Is Monkey Poop Coffee Safe?


Monkey poop coffee is technically not dangerous to consume. The chewed-out coffee beans are harvested by the local farmers with much effort, rinsed and washed thoroughly, and then processed professionally. In the processing, the method used is typically the dry technique and later be roasted and sold as high value coffee commodity.

Rather than the monkey poop coffee being safe or not, it is more debatable whether it tastes delicious or not. Experts claim that the coffee has a wide spectrum of flavor, ranging from nutty and buttery, sweet like chocolate and vanilla, to citrus like flavor. One certain thing is that the monkey poop coffee would not be your usual go-to morning coffee.

  • Benefit of Monkey Coffee

Coffee itself is known to hold many health benefits. Gourmet coffee beans come from animal-processed, including monkey poop coffee, are typically low in caffeine content and acidity. The lowered caffeine amount means the beverage will boost your energy without taking a toll on your body. The lowered acidity means mercy on your stomach as it will be easier to digest.

  • How to Enjoy Monkey Poop Coffee

Everyone to their own cup of joe, we must say. However, there are known ways on how to enjoy a cup of coffee depending on the coffee types. With monkey poop coffee, it is said to better savor its taste without any complimentary attributes such as sugar, milk and creamer.

Due to the rich flavor, monkey poop coffee is best served black. People are advice to savor this rare cup of coffee sip by sip and remember not to add any sweetening as the high valued coffee is perfect when served plain.

  • Price of Monkey Poop Coffee

Monkey poop coffee is considered one of the most expensive animal-processed coffee beans. The production of the gourmet coffee depends a lot on the behavior of the monkeys and the climate changes in the highlands India. The rare coffee does not even reach a total of 100 pounds coffee beans on its availability each year. Furthermore, not many suppliers specialize in this sacred coffee.

Buying Monkey Coffee

Getting your hands on this high-priced goods may appear quite difficult as monkey poop coffee is still considered rare on this time of day. Its availability on the market changes a lot since the production depends very much on the rhenus monkeys and the environmental elements.

Therefore, if you have your eyes set on this delicacy, you’d better scout the top notch coffee suppliers on global level so that you do not miss out.

Monkey Poop Coffee or Luwak Poop Coffee?

roasted coffee beans

Both coffee come from animal-processed gourmet coffee cherries and produce quite characteristic flavor not commonly in other types of coffee beans. Monkey poop coffee is far more expensive due to its limit in production while luwak (or civet) poop coffee is quite cheaper and readily available on the market.

Most people settle with luwak poop coffee due to above reasons. If you eager to taste the rare monkey poop coffee, be sure to snatch it quickly when it is on the market. However, if you are okay with the much cheaper yet also taste complex, buy luwak poop coffee from a high-end supplier that is Nusagro.

Being a reputable supplier of luwak poop coffee originated from Indonesia, Nusagro offers only the best quality coffee beans harvested directly by the local farmers at their own factories. You will not be disappointed by the rich flavor of Indonesian luwak poop coffee as it is dubbed as one of the best coffee in today’s market.

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