10 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

10 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Who doesn’t love coffee? Not a mere fuel in the morning, for a fan of the beverage, another cup of coffee is welcomed any time of the day. There is a wide variety of coffee across the world, ranging from the good old Robusta to the sacred Monkey poop coffee from India. Each type of coffee has its characteristics.

10 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

10 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Below are the 10 most expensive coffee in the world to try as coffee lovers; which one is your favorite?

  1. Ospina Dynasty – $1,540 per pound spine

Is an old coffee label that originated in Columbia. Considered as one of the leading companies that contribute to Columbian being one of the coffee typhoons in the world, the coffee beans produced are high in quality and price.

  1. Black Ivory Coffee – $1,500 per pound

Black Ivory Coffee is produced with Arabica coffee beans that have been through the digestive system of an elephant. This animal-processed coffee is a novelty of Thailand and exported at such towering price.

  1. Kopi Luwak $600 – per pound

Being a proud commodity of Indonesia, Kopi Luwak comes from the coffee cherries that are consumed and digested by civets, a cat-like animal. This coffee has such a unique taste that is mild and never bitter.

  1. Finca El Injerto – $500 per pound

Finca El Injerto coffee is produced in Guatemala and loved by coffee aficionados who are into floral flavored coffee. The coffee beans are small yet so rich, producing an expensive taste that goes up to $500 per pound.

  1. Hacienda la Esmeralda $350 per pound

Hacienda la Esmeralda comes from the Panamanian coffee plantation yet the coffee seeds are originated from Ethiopia. The coffee beans produce a distinctive floral taste that has no match in the coffee market.

  1. Saint Helena $145 per pound

Saint Helena is a type of coffee with caramel flavor and a little bit of citrus. The coffee beans are cultivated in St. Helena Island, located remotely in the Atlantic Ocean (1,200 miles away from the west coast of Africa). The difficulty to access the coffee and the transportation costs account for the high price of St. Helena coffee.

  1. Molokai Coffee $60 per pound

Molokai coffee comes from cultivation on the small island of Molokai, Hawaii. Due grown on volcanic soils, this coffee typically produces an earthly taste that is quite strong on the spectrum.

  1. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee $50 per pound

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is grown on the island of Jamaica and has been around since the 18th century. The coffee offers a mild taste with hints of nutty and floral notes. Blue Mountain is extremely popular in Japan, making the country one of the biggest importers of this Jamaican coffee.

  1. Los Planes Coffee $40 per pound

Originated in El Salvador, Los Planes coffee is cultivated by Sergio Ticas Yeyes’ family. The coffee is famous for its caramel taste with a touch of tangerine. The refreshing flavor of this coffee is widely sought after, resulting in its high price.

  1. Kona Coffee $34 per pound

Another type of coffee that is originated in Hawaii, Kona coffee is considered expensive due to being rare while high on demand. The coffee beans are famous for being aromatic and having a fruity yet smooth flavor.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans

arabica coffee

Among the 10 most expensive coffee in the world above, what is the best coffee? At the end of the day, only you could decide what is the right and best coffee for you. Regardless of the popularity or the price, you should look for the type of coffee that is most suitable to your liking.

Here are some easy tips on how to choose the best coffee beans for you:

  1. Arabica vs Robusta

Knowing your preference in the basic taste of coffee can save you so much time. Arabica coffee has a lower acidity level thus producing a mild taste. On the other hand, Robusta is strong in its acidity, producing a quite strong and bitter taste. Both coffees are found as a mixture of house blends; you only need to know which taste you prefer, the mild or strong one.

  1. Level of caffeine

Continuing from the first point, determining how many levels of caffeine you want in your cup of coffee may help you choose the right beans for you. The highest level of caffeine comes from the lightly roasted beans while the dark roasted beans have lower levels of caffeine.

  1. Your taste

Your preferred taste in beverage contributes to the best coffee bean choice for you. If coffee with a strong taste suits your liking, then you may buy the coffee beans roasted for a longer time. If you love blends with smooth flavor, the dry and light-colored coffee beans may be perfect for you.

  1. Be mindful of the roast date

Always remember to check for the roast date of your coffee beans. There is typically notice on the packaging that advises you on how much longer the beans stay fresh when roasted, along with the roasted date.

  1. Buying from the best supplier

Whether you choose a cheap coffee or go for the most expensive coffee in the world, make sure that you buy it from a company that has a good reputation in the coffee market. Buying a specialty from the original place that cultivates the coffee beans may be a wise decision since they are sure to sell only high-quality products.

Where to Buy the Best Coffee Beans

best coffee beans in the world

If you want to try Black Ivory coffee, you should opt to buy the product from a Thai supplier. On the other hand, if you love the Kopi Luwak, it is best to buy the coffee beans from a reputable supplier in Indonesia.

Nusagro is one great coffee company from Indonesia that offers a great deal for Kopi Luwak. Visit their official website now and get yourself the best quotation. Why not pamper yourself with one of the most expensive coffee in the world?

If you want to know more informations about agriproduct, visit Nusagro.

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