Best Way to Store Coffee Beans that You Should Know

Best Way to Store Coffee Beans that You Should Know

Storing coffee beans properly is one thing you should know. How come? If you decide to buy coffee beans or roast coffee beans in large quantities but you can’t store them properly, then there could be a decline in quality.

For that, for the sake of good quality coffee, you need to know the best way to store coffee beans. So, let’s look at the reviews below!

Best Way to Store Coffee Beans

Why Do We Need to Know the Best Way to Store Coffee Beans?

The main goal of why we must know the best way to store coffee beans is to maximize the quality of good coffee beans, especially taste. The best storage to maintain the quality of coffee is in the beans themselves.

Therefore, original coffee beans that have not been treated will usually last longer. However, we will keep our coffee stock more often in the form that has been ground and has been roasted until it becomes coffee that is ready to be enjoyed.

How is the Best Way to Store Coffee Beans?

Here we will explain the 3 best ways to store coffee beans, including:

  1. Store in a Closed Container

Coffee beans are very susceptible to the presence of air, heat, humidity, and light. For that, the first best way to store coffee beans is to store them in a closed container. Airtight and dark conditions (without light) can maintain the authentic taste of the coffee beans you store.

In addition, also pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the room where you store the container. Store in a cool place, not in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

coffee beans store

  1. Buy Coffee Beans According to Your Needs

If you intend to buy coffee beans that have been roasted, then consider the amount you are going to buy. Because the quality of coffee beans will immediately decrease when it is roasted.

The presence of too much interaction between coffee beans and oxygen can destroy the freshness of the taste. For that, you should divide the roasting process according to the amount you need to drink coffee every day.

  1. Freeze Your Coffee Beans

This freezing process can help reduce the absorption of heat, moisture, odors, and flavors in the surrounding air. However, in the freezing process, you still have to use a tightly closed container.

When you want to use it, just remove the coffee beans as needed and put the unused coffee beans back into the freezer.

Well, from the three best ways to store coffee beans above, it’s a good idea to check the shelf life on the seal of your coffee packaging. Regarding the quality of the best coffee beans, you have to choose the right producer, such as our company, namely Nusagro.

We provide 3 types of processed coffee beans, namely in the form of kratom/powder and roasted coffee which of course has a certain shelf life, as well as in the form of original coffee beans which have a longer shelf life.

You can order and determine the amount you want to buy according to your needs through the contact person on this website.

If you need more agriproduct information, check only on Nusagro.

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