Types Of Coffee Beans You Should Know

Types Of Coffee Beans You Should Know

For coffee lovers, knowing the types of coffee beans is the basic thing that you should know. It will help you to order coffee according to your taste.

As long as we know, every country may have different types of coffee with different flavors, depending on the type of soil and the habitat of the coffee beans tree.

One of the types of coffee beans that are very popular is Arabica coffee. However, there are so many other types that we don’t know.

For that, in this review, we will discuss some information about, what types of coffee are on the market and the uniqueness of each taste. So, let’s check it down below!

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Types and Characteristics of Coffee Beans

If we classified by species, in general, coffee beans are only divided into 2, Arabica and Robusta. However, in this review, there are 4 types of coffee beans that we often know, including Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. For that, let’s look at the differences between these four types of coffee beans.

  1. Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is the most common type of coffee and we often find it in the market. The reason is, Arabica coffee is very adaptive to grow in areas that have high rainfall and are at an altitude above sea level. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of coffee beans because it has lush rainforests.

Although Arabica coffee beans are easy to find, this plant species require more intensive care. Because, they are very susceptible to disease, so the farmers must take good care of them.

If we identify based on the taste, then Arabica coffee beans have a unique taste, which tends to be sour but soft. However, these coffee beans will easily lose their identity if they are combined with milk or creamer, then served cold.

However, no matter how it is presented, everything is still according to individual tastes. This also makes Arabica coffee quite salable in the market.

  1. Robusta Coffee

The types of coffee beans that are in second place are robusta coffee. This type of coffee is quite popular in several countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

The characteristics of this coffee are the caffeine content is quite high and the taste is bitter and quite strong. Therefore, robusta coffee is often used as the basic ingredient for instant or dark roast coffee.

Contrary to the nature of arabica coffee, robusta is considered a pest and insect repellent. This coffee plant species is also more adaptive, it can grow in various climates and altitudes. Farmers often benefit from the easy planting and harvesting process, so that more coffee beans are sold.

However, high-quality robusta coffee that is specially served is also able to compete to fill store shelves. The originality of the taste of this coffee has its pleasure for coffee lovers in general. However, to reduce the taste that is too strong, you can add creamer and sugar to make it more perfect.

  1. Excelsa Coffee

Next up is the excelsa coffee bean, which is also a member of the Liberica coffee species. However, this coffee plant habitat is more suitable for planting in the Southeast Asian region. It’s just that the production of coffee beans is not as much as other types of coffee.

Regarding characteristics, excelsa coffee has a sour taste with a dark black color after roasting. This uniqueness then makes Excelsa coffee popular among coffee lovers.

  1. Liberica Coffee

Liberica coffee beans are one of the rare coffee species. This species only grows in specific climates. So, it is quite difficult for farmers to sell it in the global market. One of the countries that had become the only supplier of Liberica coffee in the world was the Philippines.

At that time, economic growth became more rapid, but it did not last long. However, there is a certain satisfaction if we have tried it. Liberica coffee has a distinctive aroma and taste, which is like wood.

Well, these several types of coffee beans are just a small part of the many types of coffee that exist in the world. Each region has its type of coffee, different habitats, different climates, different characteristics of the coffee produced.

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What Type of Coffee Beans will You Choose to Buy?

The choice of the type of coffee beans to be drunk must of course be based on individual tastes. Where you can survive to enjoy the delicious coffee in your way.

However, if you ask, what type of coffee is often chosen, then the answer is Arabica and Robusta coffee. Both of these options you can find easily anywhere and you can serve it with or without other additions.

Here we present some tips that can be taken into consideration when choosing a coffee, including:

  • Knowing the characteristics of the coffee to be selected.
  • Determine the amount of caffeine contained in coffee.
  • Choose the type of coffee bean according to the roaster you have.
  • Determine the choice of additional flavor combinations.
  • Pay attention to the quality of coffee beans.
  • If you are going to start a business, choose the types of coffee that are most in-demand by coffee lovers. However, there is nothing wrong if you provide various other types of coffee beans.

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Where to Buy a Quality Coffee Bean?

You can find various types of coffee beans at coffee producers who sell their products both offline and online. In this case, we are, Nusagro also provides a wide selection of coffee products, such as kratom powder, green coffee beans, or roasted coffee beans.

We also have various types of coffee beans such as arabica, robusta, luwak, long berry, and peaberry. We dare to guarantee, the products we serve are quality products because they come from our harvest.

So, this is the final review that we can present about the types of coffee beans that you should know. Don’t hesitate to try and enjoy yourself the enjoyment of fresh coffee with its distinctive aromatic. Hope it is useful.

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