The Top 4 Kratom Potentiators

The Top 4 Kratom Potentiators

Kratom is quite dynamic, so you can mix it with other foodstuffs. The goals are various, it can be to add taste, reduce the dose of kratom without reducing its benefits, to support the efficacy of kratom for certain needs. This method is also of course effective in saving kratom consumption. But instead of mixing with any ingredients, you should complete the reference on kratom potentiators to get the perfect kratom dish.

As we know, kratom has long been used by people for recreational and medical needs. For generations, this commodity has been relied on to relieve pain, increase stamina, cope with stress and improve sleep quality. People today consume kratom in the form of powder, tea, as well as capsules, or pills. This method is more practical with a longer storage period, rather than consuming fresh leaves.

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What is Kratom Potentiators, and Why Use Them?

Kratom leaves indonesian

The term “potentiators” refers to mixing a substance, in this case, kratom, with another substance to increase its efficacy and performance. The right kratom potentiators can increase the effectiveness of kratom even if you use it in low doses. When using kratom is more efficient, you will of course be able to save money on shopping because kratom supplies don’t run out quickly.

On the other hand, kratom potentiators will also prevent you from consuming too much kratom. When some people worry about the side effects of kratom if you eat too much, you are protected from this so that kratom can still have a positive impact on the body.

So, among the many food and beverage ingredients, what are the best Potentiators for kratom? From the results of experiments, research, and user experience, some ingredients are most recommended as kratom potentiators. Let’s read this article further to get more information.

The Most Effective Kratom Potentiators

There are at least four ingredients that are most recommended as potentiators for kratom. They are grapefruit juice, turmeric powder, caffeine, and chamomile. Each ingredient will produce a different taste, as well as properties that can be adjusted to the needs. Let’s listen to the explanation further in the following description:

Grapefruit (or Other Citrus) Juice

Grapefruit is high in vitamin C and has a dominant sour taste. These are potentiators that are very suitable for kratom, they can even increase the efficacy of kratom optimally. You can use other types of oranges. But so far, grapefruit is considered the best as a kratom mix. To get a delicious dish, you can make grapefruit into juice, then mix it with kratom according to the recommended dose.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is one of the mainstay spices to treat various diseases, even it should be a mandatory diet food to keep the body healthy. It is also very familiar among housewives because it is used as one of the mainstay kitchen spices.

To make it a kratom potentiator, you can mix turmeric powder into tea or other kratom solutions. For a more practical way of consumption, you can also mix turmeric powder and kratom powder, then put it in a capsule. This ingredient is effective in increasing the duration of the effects of kratom, has anti-inflammatory benefits, and is rich in antioxidants.


A small amount of caffeine mixed into kratom is very effective for optimizing the uplifting effect. You can mix mitragyna speciosa powder with coffee or other caffeinated drinks. Even so, you should pay attention to the dosage. Adding excessive amounts of caffeine to the kratom concoction can cause stomach problems, as well as invite uncontrollable nervousness. To use this potent kratom potentiator, you should start with a small dose.


Chamomile has the same basic effect as kratom, especially in providing a natural sensation of calm and relaxation. Chamomile tea is widely used to calm the body and mind, so it is a potent kratom potentiator and has minimal side effects. You can mix this ingredient with tea so that it can get optimal benefits.

Other Kratom Potentiator Options

Although the four ingredients above are considered the most ideal as kratom potentiators, there are several other recommended ingredients that you can use as variations. Here are some other ingredients that can be used as potentiators for this magical green plant:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar, its function is almost the same as grapefruit juice. The acid content in vinegar is effective in optimizing the absorption of kratom content to support body health and fitness.
  • Akuamma seed acts as a natural relaxation enhancer, and this is in line with one of the effects of kratom to deal with stress. Some users testify, that this one potentiator can prolong the relaxing effect when mixed with kratom.
  • Magnesium, which you can get from bananas, avocados, and other foods. You can make smoothies or kratom juice mixed with fruits and vegetables that are high in magnesium. This is one way to consume kratom deliciously and healthily.
  • Cat Claw, this one ingredient is a dietary supplement that has been proven to support vitality and body health. Mixing cat paws with kratom effectively increases morale and keeps the body fit and productive.

An Important Note on Using Kratom Potentiators

Among the kratom potentiators mentioned above, you can choose and adjust them according to taste, to get a more varied taste, while optimizing the positive effects of kratom. You can even improvise with other materials, but it must be accompanied by caution. If necessary, you should consult a doctor so that he can get recommendations and the right dose for dispensing kratom potentiators.

Most importantly, make sure you get kratom that is pure and free from other ingredients. Kratom is usually distributed in the form of powder, pill, capsule, or tea. Selecting a supplier will allow you to get kratom-processed products that are 100 percent original, of high quality, and at an affordable price.

The good news, Nusagro is here to provide the best quality kratom. As one of the most recommended suppliers, we process kratom fresh from the garden, in collaboration with local farmers. Production methods are carried out with guaranteed quality standards, supported by consistent experts. For more information about kratom potentiators, feel free to contact us anytime for the best advice and recommendations.

Smoking Kratom: Safety and Side Effects

Smoking Kratom: Safety and Side Effects

Smoking kratom is one of the many options for how to consume this herbal plant. Although not very popular, not a few kratom fans are curious about the taste sensation that will be obtained when smoking kratom cigarettes. But why is this method not recommended? Are there any special benefits when you smoke kratom or do they harm your health?

Kratom has long been used by people for recreation and medical reasons. This plant, which has the scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, has been used for generations as a medicine to reduce pain, cope with stress, and treat sleep disorders. But the use of kratom is also quite controversial because it is considered equivalent to illegal drugs. After all, it causes loss of consciousness, to addiction.

Not surprisingly, kratom is illegal in some countries. Many studies and medical records also support the controversy of this Southeast Asian plant. On the one hand, kratom is considered good for supporting health and the development of kratom for medical raw materials needs to be considered. On the other hand, kratom is considered equivalent to illegal drugs that should not be sold freely, because it is prone to abuse. 

So, what about kratom cigarettes? When this magic leaf is still in a gray position, does the method of consuming kratom affect its optimal efficacy? Is it true that kratom cigarettes are dangerous for the health of users, as well as for the people around who inhale the smoke?

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Is Smoking Kratom Bad for You?

smoking kratom

This is the most asked question, especially when a kratom lover intends to smoke a kratom cigarette. The short answer to this question is, yes, kratom cigarettes are not good, not only for the smoker but also for the people around who are exposed to the smoke. So, what’s the reason?

Kratom cigarettes have been around for a long time, and have even become a tradition in certain areas. But over time, this habit began to be abandoned because kratom has been processed in many other forms. Kratom is widely made into powders, teas, pills, and capsules, and this makes the way to consume kratom more practical with a longer shelf life.

Kratom cigarettes, of course, have to be burned at a high temperature so you can inhale the smoke. But precisely the heat that is too high will reduce the efficacy and damage the good content. After all, inhaling smoke from any cigarette will have more negative effects on health, rather than positive effects, right? For a further explanation of the dangers of kratom cigarettes, let’s read this article to the end.

The Short & Long-Term Side Effects of Smoking Kratom

Although research on the bad effects of kratom cigarettes is not perfect, we can see many testimonials about the disadvantages of this one cigarette. Exposure to smoke from burning kratom can harm health, both in the short and long term. One person claimed to experience severe headaches when he was around people who always smoked kratom.

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In addition to headaches, smoke that is exposed to the air is bad for lung health, it can even cause symptoms such as pneumonia. When kratom smoke harms those around you, why do you still want to be selfish by burning kratom cigarettes for temporary pleasure? Even though you are not even fully sure that you can get the maximum benefits from this cigarette.

Smoking Kratom Can Reduce Efficacy

Kratom cigarettes must be burned so you can inhale the smoke. Burning at high temperatures will reduce alkaloids, compounds that play a role in channeling the various positive benefits of kratom into the body. In other words, you will get little benefit from kratom, or even no benefit, when you burn it and just inhale the fumes.

Even so, research on kratom cigarettes is still ongoing. In the controversial status of this commodity, you should still be aware of the dangers and side effects of kratom, regardless of how you take it. But rather than doubt, you should not smoke kratom, but choose another way of consumption that is safer and more practical. For example, by consuming kratom in the form of powder, pills, or kratom tea.

Kratom & Temperature: The Results

Maybe then there are objections about the loss of benefits of kratom due to heat. How about brewing kratom tea? Why is kratom tea considered safe while smoking is discouraged? The answer, of course, is very easy, because you can’t equal the heat of the water for brewing tea by burning it directly.

Kratom-made tea will only be exposed to heat at a rate of 100 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, when used as a cigarette, he will be exposed to very high heat, up to 900 degrees Celsius. Exposure to very high heat is what makes the active components in kratom disintegrate before you inhale the smoke.

Finding the Right Way to Take Kratom

smokin kratom with cigarettes

There are much better ways to take kratom so you don’t have to rely on kratom cigarettes. Kratom can be eaten just like that by chewing the fresh leaves. But this method may not be practical, especially if you don’t have a kratom tree in your yard.

How to consume kratom can be more practical by consuming it in the form of powder, pills, and even kratom gum. Brewing kratom tea is another fun way, too, and you don’t have to worry about the efficacy of it being reduced by exposure to boiling water.

Various types of processed kratom products can be obtained easily through many manufacturers and suppliers. Make sure you are selective in choosing the best supplier, so you can get original kratom products, free of harmful mixtures, and the prices are still affordable. You can choose Nusagro as a reliable supplier in the procurement of high-quality kratom with a very dynamic product range.

Smoking Kratom in Closing

Smoking kratom is not the recommended way when you want to take advantage of this green plant. You will not only be harming yourself but potentially disturbing and harming others when smoking kratom in a crowd. Make sure you choose another, a better method, such as brewing kratom tea or mixing kratom powder and pills into your favorite beverage.

The Differences Between Mitragyna Javanica and Kratom

The Differences Between Mitragyna Javanica and Kratom

When kratom is still considered controversial, Mitragyna Javanica’s popularity immediately shot up. It is believed to be a safe alternative commodity and has been confirmed to be legal, and you can still get the same benefits as kratom, although with a lower effect. So, what are the differences between mitragyna javanica and kratom? Will Mitragyna javanica shift the position of kratom as a herbal plant that is rich in benefits?

As we know, kratom has long had loyal fans. In its home region, Southeast Asia, or in some countries where its distribution is legal, kratom will continue to be in demand and attract the curiosity of new users. 

The efficacy of kratom is not kidding. He is often relied on to improve concentration, support productivity, and be able to cope with stress. In addition to recreation, kratom can also support the medical field because it has compounds that can temporarily relieve pain.

While the efficacy of kratom is very well known, not a few are against its free circulation. Some countries even prohibit it strictly in the form of special regulations. The main reason is that kratom is vulnerable to abuse and has the potential to cause dangers equivalent to narcotics. In this kind of situation, Mitragyna javanica is presented as an alternative to kratom, because it is considered safer and neutral.

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What is Mitragyna Javanica?


Mitragyna javanica can be likened to a cousin of Mitragyna Speciosa aka kratom. Both come from the same area and are even native to Southeast Asia. Like kratom, Mitragyna javanica also belongs to the Rubiaceae family or is included in the coffee plant. The physical characteristics are similar, although we can tell the difference if we pay close attention to the details.

This green plant is considered equivalent to being an alternative to kratom because it has the same effect in terms of increasing energy and improving mood. Even so, the effects are not as high as kratom, so it is considered safer and its distribution is still legal in all parts of the world. But you still have to look at the differences between mitragyna javanica and kratom, to be wiser in using them properly.

Key Differences Between Kratom and Mitragyna Javanica

Mitragyna Javanica aka kratom

From the physical form and efficacy, mitragyna javanica and kratom have many similarities. but if we observe further, there are some differences between mitragyna javanica and kratom. Here are some points that distinguish between these two herbal plants:

Alkaloids Content

Alkaloids are compounds that are responsible for the unique effects caused by certain materials or foods. Kratom and mitragyna javanica have different alkaloid content. Mitragyna javanica does not have the main compounds that kratom has, namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. This compound is what allows users to get the positive effects of consuming kratom.

Research shows that mitragyna javanica has other alkaloids, namely mirtazapine, and 3-isoajmalicin. This compound is what allows users to get effects similar to kratom, but with very mild levels. This is what causes it to be positioned as an alternative commodity to kratom and you don’t have to worry about its legality.

Available Research

Research on kratom has been conducted in many institutions, even the most credible ones. This is what makes its position clear in terms of effectiveness, dosage, and use. On the other hand, Mitragyna javanica has not attracted the attention of many institutions so there is almost no scientific research on it. This is what makes us have to be more vigilant because the efficacy and side of Mitragyna javanica are still conveyed by word of mouth.

US legality

The worldwide popularity of kratom makes everyone respond in different ways. It has attracted quite a bit of attention and controversy, including its legal status. In the United States, the number of areas where local restrictions apply to the circulation of kratom includes Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. You should also always check the progress of kratom’s legal status in other regions.

On the other hand, Mitragyna javanica does not get much attention, so its status is still considered legal in the US and other countries. This doesn’t mean that it’s a safer ingredient, or that it’s considered an appropriate alternative. This is because not many people pay attention to the existence of this one commodity.


In terms of its alkaloid content, we can see that mitragyna javanica has a similar effect to kratom, but is not too significant. Some users then require higher doses for the use of this commodity, and of course, this is tantamount to wastage. Other users even feel they don’t get the same effect, but still, choose Mitragyna javanica because of its legal status.

Vendor Price, Availability, and Quality

Minimal research and limited information about the circulation of Mitragyna javanica make consumers have to be vigilant. When kratom has a clear and credible vendor, this commodity which is considered an alternative to kratom should pioneer its popularity. Pricing for Mitragyna javanica is also not fixed. The quality of Mitragyna javanica can’t even be seen from the low-price set by the supplier.


Mitragyna javanica’s popularity, which is not yet equivalent to kratom, has not received high attention from many parties. This is what makes its status still legal in various regions of the world. On the other hand, kratom has loyal fans who always strive for research, legal distribution, and quality control in terms of production and distribution. 

Although not limited to a place, the status of kratom is clearer and is always found by certain parties. The quality of kratom products is also more guaranteed because of the presence of experienced and credible suppliers.

Which is Right for You?

In the end, all the choices are yours. Kratom and Mitragyna javanica are two different products, not only in terms of their alkaloid content but also in terms of their effects. You can use mitragyna javanica as an alternative to kratom, but this will not make it on par with kratom. Most importantly, you should consider the status and quality standards of Mitragyna javanica. When its popularity is not as good as kratom, it is very difficult to find a good supplier who can be responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the product you are about to buy.

On the other hand, there has been a lot of clear research, so you can see the differences between mitragyna javanica & kratom. Kratom’s position is very popular and controversial, so it will be easier for consumers to find the right supplier, for example, Nusagro. Our company is ready to provide various types of pure and high-quality kratom products, as well as equipped with safe and legal processes.

Kratom and Lemon Juice: Best Combination and Potentiator

Kratom and Lemon Juice: Best Combination and Potentiator

Have you ever mixed kratom with lemon juice? Maybe beginners are still unfamiliar with this method. But this is quite commonly done by kratom fans around the world. Not only lemon juice, but many other kratom potentiators are most recommended, and their purpose is more than just enriching the taste of kratom when consumed.

In this article, we will focus on discussing lemon juice as a kratom potentiator and what its benefits are. Can mixing lemon juice reduce the quality of the kratom, or will it increase the effect? On the other hand, you also need to have complete knowledge of other materials that can be used as the best combination for atomic compounds.

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Is Lemon Juice the Best Kratom Potentiator?

lemon juice

Before answering this question, it helps us to have a common understanding of what a “potentiator” is. This word refers to a substance or substance that supports the potency or effect of another substance, in this case, kratom. Potentiator ingredients mixed into kratom will increase its effectiveness as needed. For example, the duration to relieve pain becomes much longer, or reduce the dose of kratom but its efficacy to increase stamina remains optimal.

Kratom potentiator ultimately has an impact on economic goals, where you can save more on consuming kratom, and still be able to optimize its effects as needed. Certain potentiators can even support a more pleasant taste of kratom. A mixture of kratom and lemon juice is one of several other ingredients that are most recommended.

Next, let’s return to the main question, regarding the position of lemon juice as the best kratom potentiator. This statement can’t be said to be wrong, but we also can’t unequivocally call certain ingredients the best potentiators. Lemon juice is high in acid and vitamin C, which supports the unique effects of the alkaloid compounds present in kratom.

On the other hand, orange juice, especially grapefruit, is also high in antioxidants and this is very good for health and endurance. Apart from the various good ingredients that support each other, a mixture of orange juice will produce a more pleasant taste and neutralize the taste of kratom powder which is quite sharp.

How to Mix Kratom and Lemon Juice?

There are many ways to serve kratom with lemon juice. Among other things, mixing this one kratom potentiator in a kratom tea solution. You can also dissolve the kratom powder in the juice of lemon, or other types of citrus to get a good effect on the body without having to increase the dose of kratom.

Kratom Potentiator Apart from Lemon Juice

Enjoying kratom can be done in various ways. Even so, you must remain selective in choosing the available mixed materials. Make sure the ingredients you choose include the potentiator kratom which can enhance the positive effects of this herbal plant. On the other hand, mixing kratom with any ingredients will harm the body.

In addition to lemon juice, here are some of the most recommended kratom potentiators:

Apple Cider Vinegar

This ingredient has almost the same function as lemon juice in its position as a kratom potentiator. Apple cider vinegar has long been relied upon as a medicine and has a unique taste. You can mix a spoonful of vinegar into a cup of kratom tea. To enhance its properties, please add pure honey and cinnamon to make the taste more friendly.

Cayenne Pepper

Spices that have a spicy taste can also be excellent kratom potentiators. Cayenne pepper triggers increased saliva production, improves digestion, and supports heart health. When mixed into a kratom blend, you can feel the soothing sensation of kratom as well as the benefits of cayenne pepper for health.

To get a balanced mixture, you can start by dissolving 1 gram of kratom powder in 8 ounces of water. Next, add the ground cayenne pepper into the solution. The spicy taste of chili peppers will make you more excited, and this is very important to support your busy schedule on days with a busy schedule.


The calming effect of this one ingredient is in line with the function of kratom for relaxation and overcoming anxiety. Hence, it can also be relied on as the safest kratom potentiator. Please mix chamomile and kratom tea to get a unique taste sensation, as well as a calming effect so you can think more clearly in dealing with every problem.


Kratom and lemon juice are not the only mainstay ingredients so you can get the optimal benefits of kratom without increasing the dose. Another ingredient that is highly recommended as a kratom potentiator is turmeric. This spice has active ingredients that can slow down the metabolic process, so the effects of kratom can last longer on a person’s body. You can mix turmeric powder into the kratom solution to get the perfect properties.

Cat Claw

This medicinal plant originating from the Peruvian rainforest contains alkaloids that can make the effects of kratom in the body last longer. But you have to be careful with the dosage, because the use of this ingredient may lower the tolerance level of kratom users. Start by taking this kratom potentiator in low doses to see how the body reacts.


komoditas kopi

Mixing kratom with coffee is also very common, to increase morale and concentration. But you also have to be careful with the dosage, because mixing caffeine into kratom in high doses will be harmful to the body. We recommend that you use any mixture into your kratom blend wisely, and based on the recommendations of your doctor.

Safe Ways to Consume Kratom and Lemon Juice or Other Potentiators

In addition to lemon juice, several other ingredients can be added to the kratom mixture to increase its effect, and make you save money on using this herbal remedy. Whatever ingredients you choose, always pay attention to the dosage. Do not start mixing the ingredients with an excessive dose, because you have to consider your body’s reaction.

On the other hand, make sure to choose kratom that is 100 percent original. When many suppliers offer a variety of processed kratom products, such as kratom tea and kratom powder, you must ensure the credibility of the manufacturer so that you can get the original product, without a mixture of certain ingredients.

Please do some research for Nusagro as one of the most recommended kratom suppliers. In your research, you will find important facts about the credibility and reputation of the company, so you can get the best kratom products at the most affordable prices. Next, you can mix kratom and lemon juice, or with other ingredients, to get optimal benefits.

Kratom for Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression

Kratom for Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression

Discussions about kratom will always be interesting and up to date, especially when you are curious about its legality in each country. This commodity is indeed quite controversial. On the one hand, many studies show the benefits of kratom for mental health and various other health problems. On the other hand, many people are worried, even explicitly prohibiting the free circulation of kratom, because it is considered part of a narcotic that is prone to abuse.

In this article, let’s focus on the function of kratom as an antidote to various mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. This herbal plant has long been relied on to increase stamina, relieve pain, deal with stress, and improve sleep quality. This material is even considered a safe and natural alternative medicine so that a person can be free from the bondage of illegal drugs.

Judging from the benefits of kratom, it is indeed closely related to solving mental problems in humans. But let’s do a further review, so that we can wisely assess the function and how to use kratom. On the other hand, it is also important to consider the side effects of kratom, as well as how to consume it properly so that kratom can support mental health.

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What and Why Do We Need Kratom?

There are many medications and therapies to treat mental disorders. You can go to a psychiatrist, or do various physical activities, such as yoga and other sports. You may also be given certain types of chemical drugs when mental illness is acute. So, where is kratom’s position in supporting mental health?

Kratom is a natural herb that can support, or even replace, anti-depressant chemicals. Various studies show that the use of kratom is healthier and can be a powerful antidote to overcome various mental disorders. This commodity contains active ingredients in the form of mitragynine alkaloids and 7-hydroxy mitragynine as pain relievers.

The use of a plant named Latin mitragyna speciosa has been done for a long time and has even become a tradition in certain areas. The kratom tree is usually used for its leaves to be used as vegetables, or made into powder, tea, or capsules, with certain processing methods. The effect of opium on kratom is not like narcotics, so this magical plant is considered safe, it can even treat drug addicts.

How does Kratom for Mental Health Work?

Among the various benefits of kratom, along with the controversies, let us focus on how kratom functions to treat various mental disorders. There are many causes of uncontrollable depression and anxiety. To help calm down so that the days are more productive and enjoyable, we should seek medical help, in this case, a psychiatrist or psychiatrist.

However, in many cases, access to reach the medical community has encountered various obstacles, ranging from costs to self-determination to cover up mental disorders. Some people then take the wrong path, which is to find peace by taking illegal drugs. This method is just an escape, and the culprit is getting himself into an uncontrollable addiction.

In this situation, kratom is present as an alternative solution. Technically, it does not belong to the class of opioids, because it can not be included in the type of morphine or other illegal drugs. Kratom contains mitragynine, an active ingredient that can bind to opioid receptors in the brain so that it can relieve pain for a certain time.

Not only physical pain, but the compounds contained in kratom are also effective in providing calm, both due to anxiety disorders and acute depression. Various studies related to this continue to be carried out, along with the many testimonies about the benefits of kratom for treating various mental disorders.

Kratom Consumption Rules to Overcome Depression and Anxiety


Kratom status is still considered alternative herbal medicine. The medical field has not officially used kratom in its medicinal formulations. This may be fueled by the controversial status of this plant from Southeast Asia. Because in some countries, the status is considered illegal, while in other areas it is still allowed to circulate clearly.

Circulation of kratom that does not involve medical personnel, of course, makes the rules for its use not very clear. But practitioners and those with experience recommend starting with the lowest dose. Because the reaction of each body will be different in responding to the effects of kratom for mental health and other purposes.

Scientific studies recommend a dose of kratom of no more than 5 grams per day. The dose is enough for the body to get the desired effect. Once the body has adjusted, the dose of kratom should be kept low, or mixed with a kratom potentiator such as grapefruit juice, turmeric powder, or caffeine. This will increase the effect of kratom and you will still save on consuming this strategic commodity.

In certain cases, the dose of kratom may be increased, for example, to relieve severe pain, or for other needs. But make sure the use of kratom has received recommendations from a health and medical experts so that you don’t feel side effects that are detrimental to your health.

Kratom Side Effects

You should consume kratom wisely and have received recommendations from health experts. Dosage and how to consume kratom must also be considered so that you are not exposed to minor side effects such as dry mouth, itching, constipation, headaches, and drastic mood swings. In some cases, uncontrolled use of kratom can also lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, decreased libido, loss of appetite to impaired kidney function.

The use of kratom for pregnant and lactating women is also not recommended. Because this will harm the fetus and baby who are still very dependent on their mother. In short, the use of kratom should be done wisely and based on medical recommendations. Also make sure you get kratom from a trusted supplier, because consuming kratom that is not pure, or even fake, will make things worse, even completely useless for dealing with mental disorders.

To get original and high-quality kratom, please cooperate with Nusagro. Of course, you must do your research first to ensure the credibility and reputation of our company. Finally, when you want to use kratom for mental health, support it with a selective attitude in choosing a kratom supplier, and still pay attention to the dosage and how to consume it.

Buy Kratom Online in Mexico

Buy Kratom Online in Mexico

Kratom fans are scattered in many regions, including Mexico. Although this herbal product has not dominated in the country, the circulation of various processed products of Mitragyna Speciosa is quite smooth and does not violate the law at all. So where can you get the original kratom? How do you buy kratom online in Mexico?

Kratom is a strategic commodity that always has loyal customers. This is not surprising, because this herbal plant has many benefits for the health of the body. Besides being effective in relieving pain and increasing stamina, various processed products of Mitragyna Speciosa can also be relied upon to free oneself from addiction to illegal drugs.

You can enjoy a variety of processed kratom products in the form of powders, capsules, tablets, teas, and others. Not only as a consumer, but you can also take advantage of kratom commodities as a potential business object. Although the business location is in Mexico, sales can be made online so that the reach of consumers does not have to be limited to certain areas.

Where to Buy Kratom in Mexico?

Various specialty stores usually provide kratom that has been packaged so that it is more practical to consume. Kratom tea is even quite popular and supports the routine of some users. Even so, the conventional way of buying is very inconvenient, right? Kratom is widely promoted online, so consumers can easily choose the most suitable product.

In other words, buying kratom in Mexico or other countries should not be based on a particular store. In today’s digital era, you can make all transactions online, including when you want to buy kratom for personal consumption, or resale in your position as a distributor.

Is Kratom Legal in Mexico?

mexico city

The status of kratom is still controversial. In some areas, this commodity is allowed to circulate. But in other areas, kratom is included as part of illegal drugs and is illegal to be traded, or consumed. The good news, Mexico until now does not consider kratom a dangerous item. Its status is still legal, so anyone can sell, buy and consume kratom without having to worry about getting into legal trouble.

Recommended Best Kratom Supplier in Mexico

Buying kratom in Mexico is very easy, especially when you do it online. But you should be selective so that you can get original and high-quality kratom, and the price is the most affordable. The high interest of people to buy kratom encourages many fraudsters to sell fake kratom. If you’re not careful, counterfeit products can be dangerous and you won’t get any benefit from kratom at all.

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Can You Take Kratom While Pregnant?

Can You Take Kratom While Pregnant?

Pregnancy should be a special moment for those who experience it, as well as for those around them. Everyone must work together to support the health of the mother and fetus, and protect them from any harm. When it comes to the existence of the Mitragyna Speciosa herbal plant, many people wonder, “can you take Kratom while pregnant?”

Even though it is included in herbal medicine, its efficacy has even been tested from generation to generation, Kratom until now comes with a series of controversies. On the one hand, this one plant has been used for generations for certain treatments, relieving pain, overcoming stress to supporting excellent stamina.

On the other hand, kratom is considered to have dangerous content and an addictive effect, like narcotics. This commodity is even declared illegal in some areas, although other areas still state that kratom is safe and legal. So, what if pregnant women take kratom? Is it safe? Or should you avoid it altogether?

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Why is Kratom Considered a Controversial Commodity?

When kratom is in a controversial position, research on Kratom is still very minimal, there seems to be a tug of war between business interests in the research that has been carried out. But the medical field should be in a neutral position and make factual statements. Here are some reasons why kratom is controversial:

Pro Kratom 

They consist of business actors in the kratom sector, for example, farmers, distributors, or suppliers who produce various types of kratom-processed products in the form of tea, powder, capsules, tablets, and others. Loyal consumers who have experienced the benefits of kratom will also become supporters, so they focus on propaganda to support the legal circulation of kratom.

Cons Kratom

They may come from business competitors who feel disadvantaged because kratom is widely relied on to treat many people with drug addiction. Some are in a contra position, because they are worried, and have even witnessed many losses due to kratom abuse, or the circulation of dangerous counterfeit kratom.


Researchers and medical circles should act as intermediaries, and should not be massively exploited by the supporters and the contra. Based on scientific data, research, and case studies, this group should have a neutral position, so that anyone can wisely use kratom as needed.

The medical community should also be more vocal when the kratom controversy does not subside. Valid information about positive and negative impacts will also be very useful to answer questions about: can you take kratom while pregnant?”

How Does Kratom Affect the Fetus in the Womb?

After briefly discussing the kratom controversy, let’s start focusing on the core discussion, namely the consumption of kratom for pregnant women. Maybe for those of you who have never had contact with kratom, you won’t care what the answer is. But this information will be important for mothers who have previously consumed kratom regularly.

As is known, kratom has many health benefits, from relieving prolonged pain, and increasing vitality, to being an antidote for those who want to quit drug addiction. Kratom leaves are usually consumed in the form of powder, tablets, capsules, tea, and others.

When you are pregnant, you certainly want to make sure all the food and drinks that enter the body do not harm the baby, right? In this case, kratom is not good for the baby’s development. In a news report, a mother who regularly drank kratom tea while pregnant made her newborn baby show signs of dependence on illegal drugs.

Of course, the mother did not mean any harm to the baby, when he was used to consuming processed kratom products. But, when the baby was born, he showed symptoms of withdrawal, and restlessness and always had to be injected with sedatives to stabilize his condition. The baby then has to go through a cleansing stage so that he is completely free from the effects of the kratom that his mother gave him when he was pregnant.

Can I Take Kratom While Pregnant?

Kratom for pregnant

Reflecting on the examples above, as well as several other similar cases, we should be able to conclude that it is best not to take kratom while pregnant. This kind of advice may be the same as when you are also prohibited from drinking caffeinated products, smoking, or drinking beer. The fetus is very dependent on what the mother consumes, so make sure you always take care of yourself to only eat foods that are good for both mother and fetus.

Even if pregnant women have to take kratom for emergency reasons, be sure to consult with a doctor first. That way, you can at least get the right dose and not have a bad impact on the fetus. Also, make sure the kratom products you consume come from trusted suppliers. This is important, because in many cases, people get fake kratom products, and have to experience health problems, to the point of being life-threatening.

But the best thing about being pregnant is to avoid kratom as much as possible. Mothers should have the extra strength to resist the urge to take kratom, when she realizes that their unborn child should be their priority, above all else.


So, far there is no completely safe way when you want to take kratom while pregnant. When you are asked, “can you take kratom while pregnant?” The answer is clear, “No need”. After all, mothers will always have a lot of energy to sacrifice a lot to ensure the health of their babies. 

After your baby is born, the kratom fast can be ended, and you should not breastfeed your baby directly. Go to the store, and buy formula milk to keep your baby alive and completely free of kratom. Even so, it would be even better if you choose to breastfeed for up to two years.

After your task is done with the baby, please return to consuming this herbal plant according to taste. You can consume it in the form of tea, powder, capsules, tablets, and other forms. You should also be selective in choosing a kratom supplier, to make sure you can get the original product. Please cooperate with Nusagro to obtain various types of original and quality processed kratom, as well as in safe and legal trading.

Can You Take Kratom While Breastfeeding?

Can You Take Kratom While Breastfeeding?

Kratom fans should still use this herbal plant in a controlled manner. Especially when you are in certain conditions, for example when you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Not only with kratom, but this kind of condition must be accompanied by caution because you are not only responsible for your health, but also for the baby who is still very dependent on you. Have you ever wondered, if can you take kratom while breastfeeding? 

You may have felt the many benefits of kratom, especially relieving pain, and increasing energy, to overcome some stomach problems. But certain conditions make you have to consider using kratom massively. In addition to the positive effects, consider also the negative effects, so this herbal plant is still controversial until now.

Is It Mandatory for Breastfeeding to Consume Kratom?

This plant that belongs to the coffee family is not a staple food. Despite its position as a snack or a snack, kratom has a special place in the hearts of its fans. The plant, which has the scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa, has even been consumed by traditional people for generations for certain purposes.

In essence, taking kratom is not an obligation. This is the choice of each person, but the level must be adjusted to the needs. As a strategic commodity, you can buy it in many specialty stores in the form of pills, capsules, teas, powders, and others. Or if you have your kratom garden, you can mix the leaves at will, for certain needs.

So, what about breastfeeding? In this condition, you are responsible for providing staple foods to the baby. Selectively choosing food and drink is something that must be prioritized, because what you consume will affect the baby’s health condition.

Although there are many benefits of kratom, we cannot close our ears, and this one commodity is still considered controversial in some areas. Certain organizations even equate kratom with illegal drugs because it contains an opiate effect. Therefore, when you are breastfeeding, you should choose safe and healthy foods. After all, taking kratom is not mandatory, either for ordinary people, especially for pregnant and lactating women.

Can I Take Kratom While Breastfeeding?

use kratom while breastfeeding 2

When taking kratom is not a must, then you should not take it while breastfeeding. But what if you’ve already included kratom as a favorite snack, even if you’ve been eating it for a long time? Breaking this routine may take some effort, because kratom has an opiate effect, even at very mild levels.

Kratom lovers may be wondering, “can you take kratom while breastfeeding?”. While you’re hoping for a pleasant answer, then the story I’m about to tell you may just make you more alert. Let’s look at examples of cases that have occurred in the past and were widely reported by the mass media.

A baby shows symptoms like someone who is addicted to drugs. The signs shown include restlessness and screaming like a drunk person. The baby also needs morphine injections so that his condition returns to normal. Investigate a calibration, the mother regularly consumes kratom tea, to be free from drug addiction.

Of course, his routine with kratom is considered normal, even healthy. But she soon realized when her baby had to suffer. Babies who are exposed to kratom from their mothers must go through a “cleansing” stage so that they can return to normal life and stop showing withdrawal symptoms. From this story, we can conclude the potential dangers of kratom, when a pregnant and breastfeeding consumes it regularly.  

Until now, there has been very little scientific research to answer the question of “can you take kratom while breastfeeding?”. But from the examples above, as well as various studies that have been done, kratom has been shown to affect breast milk. It can have an addictive effect, or affect the cells in the baby’s body that are still clean, and should not be contaminated by various natural or artificial chemicals.

How to Safely Consume Kratom When Breastfeeding

safetly time to take kratom

Under certain conditions, it might be called an “Emergency”, you could take kratom when this is not at all beneficial for the baby you are breastfeeding. Kratom is effective in relieving pain, increasing energy, and making you feel better. Breastfeeding who have previously been fond of consuming kratom may find it difficult to break the habit.

Of course, there is always a solution to every problem, including when you still want to take kratom while breastfeeding. Here are some of the best things you can do:

Limiting Kratom Consumption Doses

Please consult with your doctor so that you can limit the daily dose of kratom consumption. Your doctor may not recommend you take this herb while breastfeeding. But in an emergency, you may get a special prescription on the rules for consuming kratom so it doesn’t have a bad impact on your baby.

Pumping and Disposing of Kratom-Contaminated Milk

Pumping breast milk contaminated with kratom, then throwing it away, is another solution when breastfeeding still wants to take kratom. For example, you can pump breast milk immediately after eating kratom products. After the milk is drained, the body will immediately produce new milk, and this can be immediately given to your baby.

Even so, this method is still risky because we never know whether the breast milk given to the baby is free of kratom content. Unless breastfeeding wants to bother with laboratory checks, this will certainly be very inconvenient and draining of time and energy.

Setting Breastfeeding Time

This method is related to the second way, where you set the timing of breastfeeding, namely before consuming kratom, or after pumping breast milk. But this method is still very inconvenient, right? Do you want to add to the difficulty of life, just for the sake of consuming kratom, but still can’t guarantee that your baby is contaminated with kratom from breast milk?

Once you have completed the breastfeeding phase, you can go back to taking kratom and not have to harm anyone. Make sure you cooperate in the procurement of kratom with Nusagro. Our company is ready to provide a variety of original, high-quality, and legal for sale.

Red Vein Kratom Vs Green, Which is the Best?

Red Vein Kratom Vs Green, Which is the Best?

Kratom has its unique characteristics. Kratom from most parts of Southeast Asia has a variety of colors with different effects. Sometimes users find it difficult to distinguish which kratom provides higher stimulant or energy. Until it finally surfaced about red vein kratom vs green, which is the best?

Color That Brings Effect 

So far kratom users have known that red and green kratom leaf veins will have a different effect. From the outward appearance, we can know what happened in red vein kratom vs green

Green-veined kratom plants indicate the plant is ripe. While the red-veined kratom plant is a plant that grows. The final color and the amount of alkaloid concentration of the kratom plant change as it increases or decreases sun exposure. Sometimes consumers argue about this in the market. Why is there kratom with veins that appear too red or too green? 

They seem to forget if there is a genetic factor that has an important role in crop yields. Farmers together with agricultural officers can also construct particular characteristics of kratom to determine the characteristics of a single vein so that it behaves according to a certain color vein since it is still in the form of a seed.

Benefits of Red Kratom

red vein kratom indonesian

If you’re looking for which is the best between red vein kratom vs green, then you only need to compare the benefits or effects between them. Next, you can research which kratom is most suitable for your body condition. You may also need a combination of both kratoms in daily therapy. Don’t forget to have a consultation with a doctor to take therapeutic steps using this kratom. 

So, here are some of the benefits of using red kratom.

  • Meditation effect. Modern people today need brain stimulation to be able to relax for a moment after doing such a busy activity. Red kratom has a significant effect on the brain for the user to get a meditative effect where he can be calm, peaceful, and just have a cool space in his head. 
  • Gentle energy stimulation. This week may be a productive week for you. Even though you’re tired, you can still do other tasks on the weekend. Red kratom can provide a touch of gentle energy so that you can complete all tasks on time.
  • Relaxing effect. After a hard day of work sometimes you get muscle tension, stress, and nervous stiffness. Red kratom helps relieve pain in your body. Your mind will slowly but surely release the burden of stress so that you can sleep soundly at night.

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Green Kratom Benefits

green vein kratom

Green vein kratom has a calming effect that doesn’t cause side effects like anxiety in users. You will only be comfortable like the moment when you get a special gift from your loveable person. Green kratom can be a booster by giving energy without a jittery effect. 

So, you know which one is the best red and green kratom, right? You have found the answer to the discussion about red vein kratom vs green by looking at your condition. If you’re still unsure about the best choice, so you contact Nusagro. You can talk to our agent to find out which kratom that suits you the best. 

We pack fresh kratom in various forms to be sent outside Indonesia. We have exported various kratom even to America. Let’s join to be part of us who will continue the tradition of consuming kratom as an herbal supplement that you can rely on to improve your quality of life.

What is Red Kratom: Effects, Uses, Benefits

What is Red Kratom: Effects, Uses, Benefits

You may already be familiar with kratom by now. Mitragyna Speciosa has three main respective superior specifications. You probably already know about red veins, green veins, and white veins kratom, right? In this article, we will know more about what is red kratom, how it affects the body, how to consume it, and what dose we should take every day.

What Is Red Kratom?

Red kratom has a bright red in the veins of its leaves which comes from the very high concentration of alkaloids. The stems are also red. Its appearance is quite striking. 

Anyway, the 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloid content will always be present in every type of kratom. When you want to buy kratom, you need to pay attention to the color of the kratom. Each color of kratom produces a different effect. 

Just like when you want to know what is red kratom. This is a type of kratom that provides a gentle effect for those who want a calming effect after swallowing it. Red kratom in your tea or snack can calm you down and gradually help you get a better night’s sleep. 

Red kratom can also be a strong pain reliever, whether it hurts occasionally or is chronic. However, you don’t need to expect this kratom to stimulate your body and mind because red kratom cannot deliver a stimulant effect like green or white kratom. 

Red Kratom Effects

The very high concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine in red kratom generally relieves chronic pain and insomnia. People like to use it to combat anxiety and difficulty sleeping at night. While people consume white veins kratom and green veins kratom for an energy boosting and support immunity effect. 

When you have reached a more serious stage in using this kratom until you have no doubt answer about what is red kratom, you will look for this kratom to get a more pronounced effect like the following:

  • Strong analgesic effect. Relieving chronic pain in the body is the job of red kratom that you can rely on. Maybe you have just finished taking care of a number of your wedding party preparation and your body is so sore that certain organs are attacked by germs. You can as soon as possible consume kratom in an enjoyable way you can. 
  • A mild euphoric effect with a smaller dose and a moderate euphoric effect with a higher dose. 
  • a Quite powerful stress-free effect. Maybe after drinking it, you can still remember the cause of particular stress, but red kratom has anticipated it in advance so that you can more easily get freedom for further stress. 
  • Sedative effect at higher doses. Sometimes you need a sedative for a bad day and no one can lighten your load. Red kratom can do it as long as you believe it is possible. 

Benefits of Red Kratom

red kratom for insomnia

Red kratom is a kratom with strong alkaloids for analgesic, medicinal, euphoric induction, insomnia, and recreational use effects. Several types of red kratom such as Bali red kratom also bring abundant benefits to its users. It’s not a matter of abundant doses that you can use carelessly, but of substances that are effective in many other ways. 

Some of the benefits of using red kratom are:

  • A more humane deep sleep. Who are modern people today who don’t experience insomnia? Almost every individual today must have got insomnia. Some of them have been able to leave insomnia and get quality natural sleep. Yet others stay with insomnia all the time until their productivity drops the next day and it repeats itself throughout the year. If you’re curious about what is red kratom, then you will only get the answer that this is what insomniacs consume before they need to sleep. 
  • It provides a relaxing effect which is effective in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Red kratom, in this case, Bali red kratom, can help anyone overcome opiate addiction. Kratom is safe and you won’t get addicted like you’re addicted to opiates.
  • It provides a calming effect where maybe when you haven’t used it you find it difficult to calm, relax, and peacefully how high your work level is.
  • It is a painkiller. Red kratom which is an analgesic will help to get rid of bones, muscles, or mental pain. 
  • It makes you get a good mood. People suffering from depression can consume this regularly for a better quality of life. 

What is Red Kratom Used For?

Red kratom is useful in overcoming insomnia, overcoming opiate dependence, and providing a relaxing effect. Like red Maeng Da which has a certain specification when it works by binding to opioid receptors in the brain so you can get a relaxed feeling. 

Meanwhile, you can use a low dose of red kratom as an analgesic for body aches after heavy work such as moving house or sports tournaments. And for those of you with poor sleep quality, while you always dream of getting enough sleep so that you can support your next-day activities, you can try red kratom. 

Red Kratom Origins

Red kratom is widely grown in Southeast Asian countries. The trees grow naturally because nature provides what the kratom plant needs. Hot and humid areas like Bali and most parts of Indonesia are ideal for growing red kratom trees.

Farmers outside Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries start planting and harvesting kratom leaves. They become good at growing crops and knowing the punctual time to harvest to get the color they want for this unique red kratom. 

How to Take Red Kratom

how to take red kratom

Kratom is just like any other herbal plant. You can sprinkle the powder directly on your cake dough, or drinks such as tea, or you can pack it in capsules. Each tea bag will contain 4 grams of powdered kratom.

You just need to dip the tea bag in a cup of hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. You can drink a cup of dark and warm kratom tea before going to bed or after working all day. 

Red Kratom Dosage Sizes

You can use red kratom no more than 3 grams of kratom on an empty stomach. After 30 minutes, you can examine what you feel. If you don’t feel any effect, take another gram. In a day should not exceed the dose of 4 grams. 

To have the best quality of red kratom, you can contact Nusagro. We provide you with the safe and best quality kratom from all over Indonesia. We will invite you to find your answer to the question that rings in your head about what is red kratom

So, call us now to drop off your first order, then we will ship your best red kratom to your doorsteps as soon as possible. 


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