Did You Know Best Coffee Beans in The World? This is It!

Did You Know Best Coffee Beans in The World? This is It!

For coffee connoisseurs, finding their version of the best coffee is fun. Every time we visit a certain location, we will find the uniqueness of the local coffee in that area. If coffee is in demand and sought after by other coffee connoisseurs, then it is included in the best coffee beans in the world category.

But so far, based on personal preference, the choice of the best coffee beans in the world has certainly fallen to Arabica coffee beans.

The pleasure of taste and aroma is certainly incomparable, including several other types of coffee which are derivatives of the Arabica coffee bean species.

best coffee beans in the world

Best Coffee Beans in The World

Well, in this review, we will discuss some of the recommendations for the best coffee beans in the world. Let’s check it down below!

  1. Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

The first best coffee bean in the world is Tanzania peaberry coffee. This coffee is also included in one type of Arabica coffee that grows on Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. The hallmark of this coffee is its strong and sour taste, like black currant with sweet coffee.

For the best roast time is medium, not overcooked. Because at that time will smell the refreshing aroma of flowers. Sometimes it also feels like the aroma of citrus fruits, coconut, pineapple, to wine.

  1. Hawaiian Kona Coffee

The second-best coffee is the Hawaiian Kona Coffee. Kona coffee is known for its light, light taste, but has a complex aroma. This species of Kona coffee beans thrive on the large island of Hawaii, precisely on the slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai mountains.

The best roasting time for this coffee is also when it is a medium roast. Where the slightly sour taste of brewed coffee tastes like a combination of spicy butter with aromatic wine. We recommend that this coffee be served alone and not used as a mixture so that its uniqueness is not lost.

  1. Sumatran Mandheling Coffee

This coffee has a low acidity level. This coffee is suitable for those of you who like sweet coffee with a complex and earthy herbal aroma. These coffee beans come from Central Sumatra, precisely in the Lintong area near Lake Toba.

The pleasure of Mandheling coffee beans will be felt when they are at the perfect level of maturity. That’s when the caramelization process will help make this coffee even more herbaceous.

  1. Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

Still with the type of coffee that comes from Indonesia, namely Toraja coffee. As we know, the highlands of Toraja land are indeed known as fertile and rich land. Therefore, the Toraja coffee beans that successfully grow there also have their peculiarities.

Toraja coffee has ripe fruit that is dark brown. The taste is deep, the acidity is right, and it’s a little spicy, it can make the body feel fresher and more vibrant.

The best quality of Toraja coffee will be obtained when you use the wet grind method and the dark roast level of maturity.

  1. Antigua Guatemalan Coffee

This coffee bean grows at an altitude of 4,600 meters above sea level and has a darker taste than coffee from Central America. This coffee comes from the Arabica Catuai, Cattura, and Bourbon varieties, so it is also known as Strictly Hard Bean.

This premium coffee is suitable to be served in a medium-dark roast, because the taste is smooth and delicious, and the aroma is soothing when brewed.

  1. Kenyan Coffee AA

Kenya AA coffee beans are also included in one of the best coffee beans in the world. This premium coffee exhibits a full, strong, and pleasant acidity taste. The aroma is also very fragrant like a mixture of grapes, oranges, and berries. To achieve the perfect taste and aroma, you can roast it until it reaches a medium-dark roast.

coffee beans plant

2 Types of Local and Worldwide Favorite Coffee

In addition to the several types of coffee mentioned above, there are also two types of local coffee but are quite global.

These two types of coffee are also among the best coffee beans in the world because of their unique taste and aroma. They are Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans and Luwak coffee beans.

For Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans themselves are often described as complex coffee with a smooth and soft taste. The price of this coffee is not much different from Kenyan AA coffee. However, this classic coffee is often in the ranks of Gournet coffee in the World.

Meanwhile, Luwak coffee is coffee that comes from animal waste similar to weasels. It is a mammal that has a special method of processing its digestive products.

For the taste and aroma of this civet coffee, it has its peculiarity. Because this coffee is safe for the body, this coffee began to be exported to various foreign countries at a fairly high price.

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Factors that affect the quality of the best coffee beans in the world

Several factors determine that certain coffee beans are included in the best coffee in the world category, including:

  • The coffee has many fans and customers in a certain period.
  • The coffee is included in the Strictly High Grown (SHG) or Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) kopo group.
  • Have the right harvest time.
  • Pairing certain grades such as AA, AB, E, or PB.
  • Coffee that has a long shelf life after roasting. Because the longer it is stored, the taste and aroma of the coffee become more delicious.
  • It is a specialty coffee of a certain region or country that reminds you when you visit that location.

Well, from these factors, the enjoyment of coffee is born according to the preferences of each individual so that it becomes one of the best coffee beans in the world. So, this is information that we can provide, hopefully useful.

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