How to Grow Kratom from Seeds or Cuttings

How to Grow Kratom from Seeds or Cuttings

The growth rate of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree or what is known as Kratom is indeed small. People who live in nontropical countries usually find Kratom that doesn’t grow and even dies after weeks of planting even though you have used fresh seeds. The possibility of seeds growing is low because Kratom seeds tend to lose their ability to grow for a few days after being harvested. 

You have to plant the seeds right after the harvest takes place. A suitable place to harvest this plant is in Southeast Asia. Countries outside Southeast Asia, especially those that do not have a tropical climate, will find it difficult to grow plants that are still closely related to this coffee family. Then why there are still many people who persist to find out how to grow Kratom outside Southeast Asia or in some nontropical areas?

How to Grow Kratom from Seeds

how to grow kratom

Kratom is a wild plant that has existed since ancient times without anyone growing it. It is like a tropical tree that’s sent by God. Kratom is widely grown in countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Many benefits can be taken from Kratom. Indonesia is one country in Southeast Asia that has so many kratom trees. Kratom in Indonesia grows wild on the island of Borneo. West Kalimantan is an area where you can find tens or even thousands of wild kratom plants. 

People in Indonesia often use kratom as a traditional medicine for various diseases such as stomachaches, toothaches, and many more. People boil kratom leaves in boiling water and brew them like drinking tea or coffee. It’s practical to process the kratom plant to be used in traditional medicine. 

That’s why in the era of global trade like today kratom has also begun to be known by the world society as a herbal plant that can cure various diseases. Some of the benefits of kratom powder that have been felt by the world society include improving the quality of sleep for those who often have sleep problems, the compounds in kratom can relieve pain, and increase energy. When energy increases, you will be fit and your mood will also be good. No wonder many people now try to find out how to grow kratom until they know to cultivate kratom by growing it from seeds. 

Setting Up the Soil and Growing Environment

Grow Kratom from Seeds at home

Almost everyone who is looking for how to grow kratom already understands that fresh seeds have a higher success rate than dry seeds. You can plant fresh kratom seeds in small pots, medium-sized pots, or even large enough pots. One of the important things you must prepare is the soil and the growing environment. 

Preparing the soil for planting kratom should even be your priority compared to looking for fresh kratom seeds themselves. As a seeker of fresh kratom seeds, you know that the kratom tree can only grow in soil conditions like in Southeast Asia, which has a tropical climate. 

You have to find tropical soils around you at all costs. Maybe you can come to a fresh plant store or order the soil online. Tropical soils are used because they have rich content and the soil condition can retain a lot of moisture without becoming too wet. This soil needs at least 10 hours to be exposed to light. 

Another thing you should do with tropical soil adds some buffer to the soil to increase its alkalinity. Then, you can prepare a new environment for kratom plants by planting them in large groups. This can increase your chances of getting one or more viable seeds.

The best environment for kratom to thrive is an environment that is like its home. You should be able to keep the temperature hot and moist while the soil is fertile. You can apply this wherever you are as long as you use the soil-like soil in tropical countries. This soil should be in the PH range of 5.5 to 6.5 where the humus content is high. 

The soil shouldn’t be wet all the time as this can cause mold or insects to develop. You don’t want it if pests take over your kratom plants, right? Just be sure your kratom plants get enough light. Growing kratom outdoor is not a good idea because kratom shouldn’t be exposed to too much sun although it does need a bright environment. 

You should put your kratom plant in a room where the environment is bright and humid, and the temperature is controlled. The humidity level for the kratom environment should be in the range of 72 to 74%. meanwhile, you can use HPS (high-pressure sodium) lamps or fluorescent lamps to provide sufficient lights for at least 10 hours and control the temperature in the environment where you are growing kratom.  

Planting the Seeds

Always use fresh kratom seeds to plant them. Fresh seeds have a viability rate of up to 20%, while those that are not fresh are only 10%. You can buy fresh seeds from obvious sources or first-hand sellers where kratom thrives like a seed seller in Indonesia. Then, you can start planting seeds with the following stages.

  • Place 5 to 10 kratom seeds in one pot.
  • Cover the seeds with a thin layer of fertile soil or tropical soil.
  • Pour with clean water. 
  • Do the same with other pots. 
  • Place pots in a humid area and tropical rainforest-like condition where there is enough sunlight to keep the seeds warm but not too hot so the soil doesn’t dry out. You can also place the pots in an area with light circulation to help the plant increase its alkaloid production. This breeze can also come from a fan that you point occasionally at the plants. 

How to Grow Kratom from Cuttings

Grow Kratom from Cuttings

For some people, cuttings can provide a much better chance of survival than planting using kratom seeds. But it all just comes back to how you take care of plants every day. If you know more about how to grow kratom and you care much for your plant properly such as using fertile soil that is rich in nitrogen, drying the plant in the sun for some time, providing a light breeze in the growing area, and stopping the fungus from taking over the plant, then your plant will succeed until harvesting. 

Planting kratom by cuttings method can be started with the following steps:

  • Provide a place with the suitable condition for kratom as when you plant seeds.
  • Place your cuttings on the wet ground in a plastic bag.
  • Cover the plastic bag then keep the cuttings away from the sun until roots appear. You will need to occasionally open the bag to help the plant get used to the lower humidity before finally removing the cuttings from the bag to dry in the sun.
  • After the roots appear, you can remove the cuttings from the plastic and then place them in a pot with fertile soil. 

How to Plant Kratom Seeds 

Plant Kratom

You probably already know how to grow kratom in theory. But have you found the right path for growing kratom from seeds and taking good care of them until the harvest session? If you live in an area where there are a lot of kratom trees, you can easily find kratom seeds that you can make as a successor to the next kratom tree. 

Kratom tree seeds are found in kratom seed pods. The seeds must first be carefully extracted from the pods and then the seeds will be brought to germinate. Each kratom seedpod contains about 50 seeds. The seeds will fall to the ground and be germinated by animals so that the number of trees can increase in their origin country like in Indonesia. 

Kratom trees can grow to a height of 20 feet in 2 years. For beginner kratom farmers, growing kratom through seeds seems like a pretty challenging choice. You have to be more creative to cultivate this plant. The thing to always remember before growing kratom by seeds is that you buy the seeds from a seller who comes from a country where the kratom tree thrives. You can buy it from a seller in Indonesia, which incidentally is a tropical country. 

Buy Kratom Seeds from Indonesia

Fresh seeds are only available from sellers who live close to kratom trees such as in some areas in Indonesia. Maybe this is a supplier in Indonesia who supports kratom farmers through fair trade and supports you on how to grow kratom safely. Make sure you are with the manufacturer who guarantees the product is 100% natural organic. 

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