How to Make Whole Cloves to Ground Cloves?

How to Make Whole Cloves to Ground Cloves?

Cloves are one of the spices used to add aroma to dishes. To make it easier to use, cloves come in powder form. Have you ever wondered how to make whole cloves to ground cloves?

Whole Cloves to Ground

Use of Cloves for Daily Use

Before knowing the process of turning whole cloves into powder, let’s look at an explanation of the use of cloves. Cloves come from China which uses it as a breath freshener.

Cloves were used by Emperors in China to freshen their breath in the early 1700s. The emperor of the Han Dynasty called his subjects to chew cloves.

Oil derived from cloves can be used as soap, perfume, to mouthwash. Sometimes, cloves are also used in soda and alcoholic beverages.

You can make your clove oil by using ground cloves. The trick, mix ground cloves with olive oil, then store them in a small jar.

Leave it for about a week. Just take the oil, then transfer it to a clean bottle. In addition to perfume, clove oil can also be used as a natural cleanser. The antibacterial content in cloves can clean germs that stick to objects.

How to Make Whole Cloves to Ground Cloves 

With ground cloves, the need for spices for your cooking will be easier. Several steps must be done, to make whole cloves to ground cloves. Here are easy steps to make clove powder, a cooking aroma enhancer.

  1. The First Step, Drying the Cloves 

Drying cloves need to be done under direct sunlight. Before you dry them yourself, the process of selling cloves also begins with drying them first.

You need to dry it again at home, to produce a drying level that suits your standards. This will also affect the process of making whole cloves to the ground.

  1. Clean the Mill 

While waiting for the drying process, it’s a good idea to clean the mill that will be used to crush the cloves. Clean the mill of dirt, such as dust or residue from the previous mill.

You can use salt and a damp cloth to clean the mill. The trick, grind the salt first and clean the grinder with a damp cloth.

  1. Grind Whole Cloves 

Next, turn the whole clove to the ground by grinding it. Clove grinders can be purchased at a store near your home or can be ordered online at a store you trust.

When grinding whole cloves, turn the grinder off periodically to see how fine the cloves are. If it is not yet powdered, continue the grinding process.

  1. Store the Ground Cloves in a Clean Crock

When the grinding process is complete, you can lift the cloves from the grinder. Transfer the ground cloves to a clean crock.

You can use a plate, small jar, or bottle as desired. Tightly close the crock to store the ground cloves. It can keep the cloves from dust and bacteria that can contaminate the cloves.

Don’t forget to clean the grinder when you’re done grinding the cloves. Grind the salt to help the cleaning process. After that, wipe with a damp cloth to remove any particles left in the mill.


Tips for Grinding Cloves with a Mortar and Pestle 

Apart from using a grinder, you can also use a mortar and pestle to grind the cloves. The mortar and pestle are an integral part of the equipment for smoothing any food ingredients. Including such as some cloves.

The mortar and pestle is a heavy stick with a protruding semicircular end. Usually, a pestle and mortar are made of wood, but there are other materials such as mortar and pestle. Namely ceramics and stone.

Make sure that you choose the right mortar and pestle to produce cloves with a sharp aroma. The mortar and pestle must also be clean.

Food ingredients to be ground using a mortar and pestle can be dry or wet.

However, if you are going to grind whole cloves to the ground, dry all the cloves first.

The mortar and pestle that will be used should also be washed first and wiped with a kitchen towel to remove any remaining water that is still attached.

Make sure the mortar and pestle are completely dry to make a good clove flour.

Now you’ve turned whole cloves to the ground which can be used practically for cooking. It is recommended to store ground cloves in a refrigerator or regular cupboard that is not damp.

whole cloves

What are the Benefits of Cloves for Health? 

Whole cloves to ground all of which have properties for the health of the body. The following are the benefits of cloves for body health.

  1. Promotes Better Liver Function 

Cloves have eugenol compounds that can minimize the presence of fat in the liver. So that disease will appear in the liver.

  1. Cloves Help the Digestive System 

Cloves contain oil that will protect the stomach lining from stomach ulcers. The oil will make the gastric mucus thicker, so it can protect the stomach lining.

  1. Can Treat Colds, Coughs, and Bronchitis 

Oil from cloves can help relieve colds, coughs, and bronchitis. You do this by using oil that is applied to the chest and near the nose.

  1. Cloves Prevent Cancer 

The content of eugenol can kill the growth of cancer cells in a person’s body. In addition, cloves are also able to prevent the growth of tumors in the body.

  1. Help Deal with Stress 

Besides being able to treat the flu, clove oil is also able to overcome stress. The trick, apply oil to the body and gently massage the part that has been coated with oil. The massage effect of clove oil will relax the body.

Those are some points as well as how to make whole cloves to the ground that is easy to do. This practice can be done at home.

So you don’t have to go to the supermarket to buy powdered cloves. In making clove powder, be sure to store the milled product tightly in a container that is not damp.

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