Benefits of Cloves Sexually for Man and Woman

Benefits of Cloves Sexually for Man and Woman

Besides the spicy dishes, do you know that cloves have benefits in sexual activity for men? yes, this is the fact. Cloves have sexual benefits, especially for a man. Clove itself contains flavonoids, alkaloids, carbohydrates, proteins, essential vitamins, and other nutrients. These substances have dominant roles in increasing sexual activity for men. Furthermore, let’s see the explanation of the benefits of cloves sexually for men below!

Benefits of Cloves Sexually for Man

Benefits of Cloves Sexually

Every man will always want to be healthy. Not only healthy in daily activities but also healthy in sexual activities. There are many problems related to sexual activity, such as a little amount of sperm, hard to be erected, premature ejaculation, and so on. Consume cloves regularly can help you with these sexual problems. 

Cloves for Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone hormone is a useful hormone in increasing a man’s libido. Consume cloves regularly, can increase your testosterone hormone. If testosterone hormone becomes high, the desired erection will be high too and the man will feel great sexual pleasure. The man’s libido will boost maximally, and the man will feel the great sexual sensation because of it. 

How good are the benefits of cloves sexually for men?

Cloves to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the case that is scared by men. Why not? The sperm will spread out sooner than it should be. Every man wants to become a long time but sometimes it is hard to be done because of premature ejaculation. Cloves help to prevent this problem. Cloves increase the blood flow and make it stimulate the nerve system of the genitals. That is why premature ejaculation can be avoided well. 

Consume cloves regularly and you will find the way to be the right man.

Cloves are Better to Increase the Amount of Sperm and Its Motility

Do you feel that your amount of sperm is little? Or do you feel its motility is a shorter period? If you have a problem related to this, you should consume cloves regularly. The substances of it such as vitamins, alkaloids, carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients help you to add the amount of your sperm and its motility. 

Benefits of Cloves Sexually for Woman


Benefits of Cloves Sexually for women

Not only for a man, but cloves also have good benefits sexually for a woman. It can increase the stamina of the woman, so the woman feels so sexually excited. The substances of the cloves make it easier for sexual activity. For further information related to the benefits of sex for women, let’s see below!

Cloves can Improve the Level of Ovulation

Infertility is a complicated problem. Some women cannot get their level of ovulation, so it is difficult for them to be pregnant. If this is your reproduction problem, try to consume cloves regularly. It will possible for you to get the right level of ovulation and you will have a big opportunity to be pregnant.

Cloves can Boost Your Stamina

As we said before that cloves can boost your stamina. For women, it will boost nerve stimulation. It will make the body more relax and fresher. 

You will feel you have full of energy, so you can do your activities well. 

Cloves can Reduce Your Weight

The substances in cloves are important to give you a slim body. This is useful for you who run the diet program. Cloves will help to reduce your weight and you will look younger than your age. You will feel happy with the result and enjoy your life younger again. 

Benefits of Cloves to Strengthen the Tooth and Cure Toothache

Do you have a problem with your teeth? Have you had a toothache and you don’t know how to cure it? Well, the answer to your problem is to consume cloves regularly. Cloves have been proven as antiseptic and anesthetic. It will help your teeth to become healthy. It will relieve your pain and strengthen your teeth’ enamel. 

The research has found that consume cloves regularly will protect your teeth from decaying.

Benefits of Cloves to Healthier Teeth

Besides strengthening the tooth and cure toothache, cloves are used to protect the health of teeth. It is good to avoid plaque, gingivitis, bacteria in the mouth, and other dental-related issues. Research has shown that consume clove is more effective to keep your teeth healthier than using a mouth rinse product.

Wow, what are the good benefits of cloves, right?

How to Consume Cloves?

Cloves are good for health especially as the benefits of cloves are sexual for men and women. So, to get the good function of the cloves, we have to know how to consume cloves well.

It is better to eat one clove for three days. After you feel comfortable with the taste, you can increase your consumption until reach 4 to 5 cloves per day. It can be various from one person to another person. 

One point that you have to remember is not to consume cloves overboard. It will make some negative effects on your body. We can consume cloves, but with good rules. However, consume cloves excessively can make harmful effects on your body.

The Side Effects of the Cloves

If you consume cloves excessively, it will make negative effects. The negative side is increasing the bleeding potency. So, if you must do surgery because of your illness, do not consume cloves again two weeks before and after surgery. 

Another side effect is that cloves can harm our digestive system. So, cloves are not recommended for people who have heartburn and gastrointestinal disease. 

And the last side effect of cloves is that cloves can make your skin becomes allergic. This is proved by dermatitis and skin burns. Your skin will feel bad, so do not consume cloves excessively. 

The conclusion is that cloves are important for keeping the sex of man and woman. In addition, cloves are good for a healthier tooth. Consume 1 clove per three days is good and you can increase your consumption until 4 to 5 cloves per day. But remember, do not consume cloves excessively. There are some negative sides to your body.

However, if you want to be better as sexual whether you are a man or woman, consume cloves regularly will give you benefits of cloves sexually for men and women. Don’t you want to try?


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