Specification of Cloves Around the World

Specification of Cloves Around the World

Cloves are one of the spices in Indonesia. Besides cloves are used in some dishes, cloves are also used as herbal.

The substances inside the cloves are useful for the human body.

Cloves themselves come from the tree Syzygium Aromaticum. It belongs to Myrtaceae’s plant family.

One of the characteristics of this family is evergreen. It means they are available throughout the year.

Furthermore, cloves have many specifications. Below we will discuss the specification of cloves around the world.

Specification of Cloves Around the World

  1. Indonesian’s Cloves

Characteristics of cloves are dry, little bud, and usually come from a tropical country. Indonesia is the largest source of cloves in the world.

Indonesia has abundant cloves and there are many specifications of cloves, themselves in Indonesia.

We can see from the stems are 2,09 %, inferior cloves are 2.25 %, admixture ≤ 1 %, and the moisture is 6 % until 12 %.

Indonesian cloves are famous in the world. The quality is good for many additions of food and herbal medication.

Moreover, Indonesia can produce 85,000 to 95.000 metric tons of cloves each year.

Indonesian cloves are said as Lal Pari Quality cloves. Lal Pari Quality Cloves are the best cloves and that is the reason why Indonesia is famous because of its quality of cloves.

  1. Madagascar’s Cloves

Madagascar’s cloves are also high-quality cloves. We can see from the moisture level, the size of the cloves bud, color variance, the mixture or the cleanliness of cloves, and head-less.

The size of the cloves’ buds is extra large and the color is reddish-brown.

For more information about the specification of Madagascar’s cloves, we can see them below.

  • Superior Quality Cloves

It is handpicked sorted. It means, there is no engine to separate the clove’s bud from the mixture itself. This is dried well and the quality is good.

  • Clean Quality

This type of clove is guaranteed clean. The level of dryness is good.

  • Standard Quality

This type of cloves is standard. It means it is well dried and you will feel satisfied if you order the standard quality.

  • Headless Baby Cloves

Do you want the cloves without ahead? The baby cloves without ahead are the answer.

They are standard quality and they are also dry.

Whatever specifications of cloves in Madagascar are of the best quality. That is why Madagascar is famous as one of the exporters of cloves in the world.

  1. Brazil’s Cloves

Brazil is the second-largest producer of cloves in the world. Brazil’s gloves are famous because of their quality too. Below are the specifications of Brazil’s cloves.

  • Bahia 1 

Bahia 1 has a special quality of cloves. The foreign matter is just 1%

  • Bahia 2

Bahia 2 has the standard quality and the foreign matter is 1 % until 1.5%.

  • Headless Baby Cloves with Stem

If you search for baby cloves without ahead but there is a stem, this specification is the right answer. Because it is 1 % until 1,5 % foreign matter and about the quality is standard.

You need to know that Brazil cloves produce around 5.500 to 6.500 metric tons each year. That is made Brazil is the large exporter of cloves in the world.

In conclusion, there are some specification of cloves around the world. Indonesia, Madagascar, and Brazil are the most famous countries that export cloves all around the world.

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