6 Benefits Of Cloves for Weight Loss. Let’s See!

6 Benefits Of Cloves for Weight Loss. Let’s See!

Do you have a problem losing weight? If your answer is yes, let cloves solve your problem.

Why are cloves? There are many reasons for it.

Cloves are the spices of Indian food. Every Indian people usually have cloves in their kitchen.

No one thinks that there is an amazing benefit inside the cloves. One of the miracle benefits of cloves for weight loss.

How can it be? Let’s discuss it together.

Benefits Of Cloves for Weight Loss

  1. Cloves Contain Useful Nutrients for Burning Fat

For your information according to the National Nutrient Database cloves have many useful nutrients. They are protein, carbohydrates, until dietary fiber.

If we look at the vitamins, cloves have some important vitamins such as vitamin C, folate, vitamin K, vitamin E, thiamin, and riboflavin. All of these nutrients have important roles to reduce your weight.

How can it be? Let’s continue our explanation.

  1. How can Cloves Lose Weight?

Cloves are beneficial spicy. You need to know that cloves can increase your metabolic system.

It is because cloves have anticholesteremic. It means that cloves can control your cholesterol well.

Besides, cloves also have anti-lipid properties that help you to control your weight.

The function as health benefits of cloves for weight loss can be more increasing if you consume cloves together with cumin seeds, cinnamon, and pepper.

If our metabolic system increases, our weight can be reduced easily. What amazing benefits from cloves!

In addition, cloves can be an oxidative stress therapy. It is because cloves contain antioxidants.

The function of this antioxidant is for decreasing dangerous diseases. It also can control your blood sugar in normal conditions.

Of course, if your blood sugar is controlled, you will be healthier and enjoy your healthy life.

clove for weight loss

  1. The Right Time to Consume Cloves as Health Benefits of Cloves for Weight Loss

The right time to consume cloves for reducing your weight is in the morning. You must not eat first.

You must consume cloves first, then you can eat.

It is the best time to consume cloves as health benefits in reducing weight.

Besides, if you want to be successful to lose weight, do not be lazy to do some sports in the morning or in the afternoon

It is better if you can control your food consumption.

Do not eat too much sugar again such as cake, chocolate, and other food that gives you fatter in your body.

Hold your passion to eat junk food because it will help you much to decrease your weight.

Besides consume cloves tea every morning with an empty stomach, you must help it too with your good habitual activity.

Don’t be lazy to make some movements for your body. You also can join with them in a healthy community, aerobic community, and another community.

Find yourself become healthy and happy if you follow my suggestion. So, you will not feel fail again in losing your weight.

  1. How to Make Cloves Drinking to Make You Healthier and Slimmer

To make cloves drinking is easy. You just need three ingredients. They are cinnamon, cumin seeds, and cloves.

After you collect the ingredients, you must roast them dry in a frying pan without oil.

After you make sure the aroma has appeared, you can take them from the frying pan. The next step is to grind them until smooth and become powder.

After these three ingredients are smooth, you can save them into the jar. Remember, you must choose the airtight jar.

When you want to consume your cloves for weight loss, you just need to boil one tablespoon of your cloves powder into a glass of water.

After that, let it become cold. You can add one teaspoon of honey for the maximal result.

Enjoy this tea every morning, as I said before, you have to consume it with an empty stomach.

Clove Tea for Sleep


  1. Another Recipe to Make Cloves Tea

We have explained how to make cloves drinking and this is another version recipe of cloves tea. Of course, it is good for your digestive system and reduces your weight.

The ingredients that you need to prepare are 4 until 5 cloves, 2 cups of water, ½ inch cinnamon stick, ½ inch ginger, lemon juice, and jaggery.

After you collect all the ingredients, the first thing you need is to boil the water in a deep pan. Waiting for the water to boil perfectly, crush 4 until 5 cloves and grate ginger and cinnamon sticks.

After you feel that the cloves, ginger, and cinnamon sticks have become smooth, mix them all, and put them in the glass. Then, pour the boiled water into the glass.

Let them steep for 15 until 20 minutes. After that, strain the water.

You can add 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Finally, you can enjoy your healthy cloves of tea.

It is easy to make the health benefits of cloves for weight loss, isn’t it? Don’t you want to try it at your home?

If you want to try it at your home, make sure all the ingredients are ready and the equipment is clear. It makes you cook easily and get the healthy benefits from cloves tea.

  1. The Advice

If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, you have to help yourself with do some body exercises. You don’t need to do it every day, but you have to do it regularly.

You can do it three times a week even twice a week. You just need to arrange your schedule to do some sports to burn your fat.

After that, you must pay attention to your food consumption. It is better for you to choose low-fat food but still pay attention to the nutrients that your body needs.

Furthermore, there is no way practically to become slimmer.

The result cannot be seen directly but it can be seen through the process.

So, be patient to do the process to become slim. Help with the benefits of cloves for weight loss.

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