11 Magic Benefits of Drinking Cloves Water

11 Magic Benefits of Drinking Cloves Water

Cloves are one of the spices that originally come from Indonesia. Cloves as the spices of the food give a fantastic taste for the food. They are suitable for curries, pulao, chutneys, dessert, biryani, and so on.

There is much food that suitable if it is combined with cloves. Besides, cloves have many benefits for health. They can be as anesthetic, immunity, and respiratory. For further information, let’s see the benefits of drinking cloves of water.

Reducing Weight

cloves water
cloves water

If you consume the cloves of water every morning after waking up, you will see the changes in your body. You can see the size of your waist will be smaller than usual. That will be an amazing experience for you who always want to reduce your weight. 

You just need to consume cloves of water regularly every morning and feel the happiness of a slimmer body.

Good for Digestion

Do you have a problem with your digestive system? Consuming cloves of water regularly will help your problem. Cloves have eugenol which function is to help your digestive system doing its task. It can increase saliva production that is good for your digestive system. 

If you have a gastric problem, cloves of water will help you to reduce the pain and symptoms. You can feel comfortable with your stomach and relax with your body. How beneficial the cloves are!

Cloves can Be as Antibacterial

You can use cloves of water for your tooth and mouth. It has been studied that cloves can be antibacterial. Cloves can kill mouth bacteria and fight plaque. So, your tooth can be clean with consume cloves of water regularly. You will feel healthy and clean mouth. It will make you free from toothache and you will have fresh breathing too.

So, drinking cloves of water can help you to solve the problem of your mouth.

Boost Your Immune System

cloves immune booster
cloves immune booster

A healthy and strong immune system is very important for us. With a healthy and strong immune system, It will not be easy to get the illness in our body.

Drinking the cloves of water is suggested. It can help to boost your immune system because cloves water contains good minerals and vitamins for the immune system.

Besides, cloves water has manganese, calcium, and magnesium. All of the substances are very important to boost the immune system to become healthier and stronger.

Create the Healthy Bone

Another benefit of drinking cloves of water is to create healthy bones. Cloves water contains manganese that is very useful for strengthening the bone. The substance inside of cloves’ water can help to increase bone mass and density. So, it is needed especially for you who face osteoporosis. 

You can avoid this situation if you drink cloves of water regularly. The more we get older age, the more we will have such a risk bone. To avoid this bad situation, we should consume cloves of water regularly and feel the changing of our health.

Help You with the Inflammation

Cloves are rich in antioxidants. So, it will help you to reduce stress and inflammation. As a result of this, you can be younger and free from inflammation and stress. For people who suffer from arthritis, it is recommended to consume cloves of water regularly.

If you are one of the survivors of arthritis, you will feel free with consuming cloves of water regularly.

Help to Reduce Your Body Temperature


If you have a fever, drinking cloves of water will help to lower your body temperature. Vitamin K and E inside the cloves will fight bacterial infection in your body. You will feel better after you drink cloves of water regularly. Try it and see the better health changing in your body.

Get Healthy Skin from Drinking Cloves Water

Healthy Skin
Healthy Skin

Another benefit of drinking cloves of water is to get healthy skin. Cloves contain vitamin E that is good for the skin. If you have a wound, skin problem, and fungal infection, it is better to consume cloves of water regularly. The antioxidant substance will help you to heal your wound or other skin problems.

You don’t need to be worried, because cloves will harm dangerous toxic that enter your skin. Your skin will be healthy and fine if you consume cloves of water regularly.

As Anti-Cancer Agents

Do you know that one of the cloves’ functions is as an anti-cancer agent? What does it mean? It means that drinking cloves of water can avoid you from cancer. It is very useful to protect your body from the hazardous of cancer.

Cloves Can Be Used as Hand Sanitizer

Nowadays, hand sanitizer is a very important thing. Hand sanitizer can protect our hand’s cleaning. And do you know that cloves can be used as hand sanitizer? And how to make it? It is very easy to make it. You just need to hold the cloves of water and wash them on your hand. Then, your hand will be clean. It is so simple, isn’t it?

Cloves Water is Good to the Sexual Reproduction of Both Man and Woman

To increase the sexual function of both men and women need to drink cloves of water regularly especially in the morning. It is better for your stamina.

It makes the sperm better for man and the ovulation process will be in good condition for the woman. The substance of the clove’s water is very good for the healthier reproductive organ.

If you have a sexual problem, related to your erection for the man or your ovulation circle, you can try to drink cloves of water regularly and feel the new you.

The conclusion is the benefits of drinking cloves of water are needed for our health. There are so many benefits of cloves.

However, we are also forbidden to consume cloves excessively, because it can make negative effects on our bodies. So, you can consume clove water slowly and increase the cloves until you feel enjoy consuming it.

Furthermore, if you want to search for herbal drinking, cloves water is the right choice. The benefits of drinking cloves water make cloves recommended as the health drinking.


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