Can You Take Kratom While Pregnant?

Can You Take Kratom While Pregnant?

Pregnancy should be a special moment for those who experience it, as well as for those around them. Everyone must work together to support the health of the mother and fetus, and protect them from any harm. When it comes to the existence of the Mitragyna Speciosa herbal plant, many people wonder, “can you take Kratom while pregnant?”

Even though it is included in herbal medicine, its efficacy has even been tested from generation to generation, Kratom until now comes with a series of controversies. On the one hand, this one plant has been used for generations for certain treatments, relieving pain, overcoming stress to supporting excellent stamina.

On the other hand, kratom is considered to have dangerous content and an addictive effect, like narcotics. This commodity is even declared illegal in some areas, although other areas still state that kratom is safe and legal. So, what if pregnant women take kratom? Is it safe? Or should you avoid it altogether?

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Why is Kratom Considered a Controversial Commodity?

When kratom is in a controversial position, research on Kratom is still very minimal, there seems to be a tug of war between business interests in the research that has been carried out. But the medical field should be in a neutral position and make factual statements. Here are some reasons why kratom is controversial:

Pro Kratom 

They consist of business actors in the kratom sector, for example, farmers, distributors, or suppliers who produce various types of kratom-processed products in the form of tea, powder, capsules, tablets, and others. Loyal consumers who have experienced the benefits of kratom will also become supporters, so they focus on propaganda to support the legal circulation of kratom.

Cons Kratom

They may come from business competitors who feel disadvantaged because kratom is widely relied on to treat many people with drug addiction. Some are in a contra position, because they are worried, and have even witnessed many losses due to kratom abuse, or the circulation of dangerous counterfeit kratom.


Researchers and medical circles should act as intermediaries, and should not be massively exploited by the supporters and the contra. Based on scientific data, research, and case studies, this group should have a neutral position, so that anyone can wisely use kratom as needed.

The medical community should also be more vocal when the kratom controversy does not subside. Valid information about positive and negative impacts will also be very useful to answer questions about: can you take kratom while pregnant?”

How Does Kratom Affect the Fetus in the Womb?

After briefly discussing the kratom controversy, let’s start focusing on the core discussion, namely the consumption of kratom for pregnant women. Maybe for those of you who have never had contact with kratom, you won’t care what the answer is. But this information will be important for mothers who have previously consumed kratom regularly.

As is known, kratom has many health benefits, from relieving prolonged pain, and increasing vitality, to being an antidote for those who want to quit drug addiction. Kratom leaves are usually consumed in the form of powder, tablets, capsules, tea, and others.

When you are pregnant, you certainly want to make sure all the food and drinks that enter the body do not harm the baby, right? In this case, kratom is not good for the baby’s development. In a news report, a mother who regularly drank kratom tea while pregnant made her newborn baby show signs of dependence on illegal drugs.

Of course, the mother did not mean any harm to the baby, when he was used to consuming processed kratom products. But, when the baby was born, he showed symptoms of withdrawal, and restlessness and always had to be injected with sedatives to stabilize his condition. The baby then has to go through a cleansing stage so that he is completely free from the effects of the kratom that his mother gave him when he was pregnant.

Can I Take Kratom While Pregnant?

Kratom for pregnant

Reflecting on the examples above, as well as several other similar cases, we should be able to conclude that it is best not to take kratom while pregnant. This kind of advice may be the same as when you are also prohibited from drinking caffeinated products, smoking, or drinking beer. The fetus is very dependent on what the mother consumes, so make sure you always take care of yourself to only eat foods that are good for both mother and fetus.

Even if pregnant women have to take kratom for emergency reasons, be sure to consult with a doctor first. That way, you can at least get the right dose and not have a bad impact on the fetus. Also, make sure the kratom products you consume come from trusted suppliers. This is important, because in many cases, people get fake kratom products, and have to experience health problems, to the point of being life-threatening.

But the best thing about being pregnant is to avoid kratom as much as possible. Mothers should have the extra strength to resist the urge to take kratom, when she realizes that their unborn child should be their priority, above all else.


So, far there is no completely safe way when you want to take kratom while pregnant. When you are asked, “can you take kratom while pregnant?” The answer is clear, “No need”. After all, mothers will always have a lot of energy to sacrifice a lot to ensure the health of their babies. 

After your baby is born, the kratom fast can be ended, and you should not breastfeed your baby directly. Go to the store, and buy formula milk to keep your baby alive and completely free of kratom. Even so, it would be even better if you choose to breastfeed for up to two years.

After your task is done with the baby, please return to consuming this herbal plant according to taste. You can consume it in the form of tea, powder, capsules, tablets, and other forms. You should also be selective in choosing a kratom supplier, to make sure you can get the original product. Please cooperate with Nusagro to obtain various types of original and quality processed kratom, as well as in safe and legal trading.

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