The Differences Between Mitragyna Javanica and Kratom

The Differences Between Mitragyna Javanica and Kratom

When kratom is still considered controversial, Mitragyna Javanica’s popularity immediately shot up. It is believed to be a safe alternative commodity and has been confirmed to be legal, and you can still get the same benefits as kratom, although with a lower effect. So, what are the differences between mitragyna javanica and kratom? Will Mitragyna javanica shift the position of kratom as a herbal plant that is rich in benefits?

As we know, kratom has long had loyal fans. In its home region, Southeast Asia, or in some countries where its distribution is legal, kratom will continue to be in demand and attract the curiosity of new users. 

The efficacy of kratom is not kidding. He is often relied on to improve concentration, support productivity, and be able to cope with stress. In addition to recreation, kratom can also support the medical field because it has compounds that can temporarily relieve pain.

While the efficacy of kratom is very well known, not a few are against its free circulation. Some countries even prohibit it strictly in the form of special regulations. The main reason is that kratom is vulnerable to abuse and has the potential to cause dangers equivalent to narcotics. In this kind of situation, Mitragyna javanica is presented as an alternative to kratom, because it is considered safer and neutral.

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What is Mitragyna Javanica?


Mitragyna javanica can be likened to a cousin of Mitragyna Speciosa aka kratom. Both come from the same area and are even native to Southeast Asia. Like kratom, Mitragyna javanica also belongs to the Rubiaceae family or is included in the coffee plant. The physical characteristics are similar, although we can tell the difference if we pay close attention to the details.

This green plant is considered equivalent to being an alternative to kratom because it has the same effect in terms of increasing energy and improving mood. Even so, the effects are not as high as kratom, so it is considered safer and its distribution is still legal in all parts of the world. But you still have to look at the differences between mitragyna javanica and kratom, to be wiser in using them properly.

Key Differences Between Kratom and Mitragyna Javanica

Mitragyna Javanica aka kratom

From the physical form and efficacy, mitragyna javanica and kratom have many similarities. but if we observe further, there are some differences between mitragyna javanica and kratom. Here are some points that distinguish between these two herbal plants:

Alkaloids Content

Alkaloids are compounds that are responsible for the unique effects caused by certain materials or foods. Kratom and mitragyna javanica have different alkaloid content. Mitragyna javanica does not have the main compounds that kratom has, namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. This compound is what allows users to get the positive effects of consuming kratom.

Research shows that mitragyna javanica has other alkaloids, namely mirtazapine, and 3-isoajmalicin. This compound is what allows users to get effects similar to kratom, but with very mild levels. This is what causes it to be positioned as an alternative commodity to kratom and you don’t have to worry about its legality.

Available Research

Research on kratom has been conducted in many institutions, even the most credible ones. This is what makes its position clear in terms of effectiveness, dosage, and use. On the other hand, Mitragyna javanica has not attracted the attention of many institutions so there is almost no scientific research on it. This is what makes us have to be more vigilant because the efficacy and side of Mitragyna javanica are still conveyed by word of mouth.

US legality

The worldwide popularity of kratom makes everyone respond in different ways. It has attracted quite a bit of attention and controversy, including its legal status. In the United States, the number of areas where local restrictions apply to the circulation of kratom includes Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. You should also always check the progress of kratom’s legal status in other regions.

On the other hand, Mitragyna javanica does not get much attention, so its status is still considered legal in the US and other countries. This doesn’t mean that it’s a safer ingredient, or that it’s considered an appropriate alternative. This is because not many people pay attention to the existence of this one commodity.


In terms of its alkaloid content, we can see that mitragyna javanica has a similar effect to kratom, but is not too significant. Some users then require higher doses for the use of this commodity, and of course, this is tantamount to wastage. Other users even feel they don’t get the same effect, but still, choose Mitragyna javanica because of its legal status.

Vendor Price, Availability, and Quality

Minimal research and limited information about the circulation of Mitragyna javanica make consumers have to be vigilant. When kratom has a clear and credible vendor, this commodity which is considered an alternative to kratom should pioneer its popularity. Pricing for Mitragyna javanica is also not fixed. The quality of Mitragyna javanica can’t even be seen from the low-price set by the supplier.


Mitragyna javanica’s popularity, which is not yet equivalent to kratom, has not received high attention from many parties. This is what makes its status still legal in various regions of the world. On the other hand, kratom has loyal fans who always strive for research, legal distribution, and quality control in terms of production and distribution. 

Although not limited to a place, the status of kratom is clearer and is always found by certain parties. The quality of kratom products is also more guaranteed because of the presence of experienced and credible suppliers.

Which is Right for You?

In the end, all the choices are yours. Kratom and Mitragyna javanica are two different products, not only in terms of their alkaloid content but also in terms of their effects. You can use mitragyna javanica as an alternative to kratom, but this will not make it on par with kratom. Most importantly, you should consider the status and quality standards of Mitragyna javanica. When its popularity is not as good as kratom, it is very difficult to find a good supplier who can be responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the product you are about to buy.

On the other hand, there has been a lot of clear research, so you can see the differences between mitragyna javanica & kratom. Kratom’s position is very popular and controversial, so it will be easier for consumers to find the right supplier, for example, Nusagro. Our company is ready to provide various types of pure and high-quality kratom products, as well as equipped with safe and legal processes.

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