How to Eat Matoa Fruit Deliciously

How to Eat Matoa Fruit Deliciously

Matoa fruit is native to Papua but popular across the globe. If you haven’t tried this gem before, you are missing out a lot. Learn what is matoa fruit and how to eat matoa fruit deliciously here.

What is Matoa Fruit?

Have you ever had longan or rambutan before? Matoa fruit falls under the same Sapindaceae family as lychee, longan, and rambutan. There are two types of matoa fruit, namely Coconut matoa and Papeda matoa. Both taste sweet and refreshing, similar to the other fruits in the family. If you love longan, you will love matoa too.

Matoa fruit has numerous health benefits. To name a few, matoa fruit is a great antioxidant because it is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. Simultaneously, it helps boost your immune system. It also helps with the production of collagen for your skin, making it look fresher and younger.

Matoa fruit can also reduce your stress level, resulting in a more balanced mood throughout the day. Another good news, matoa is perfect to substitute for sweets when you have a craving. This way, you can munch on delicious snacks without gaining weight.

How to Eat Matoa Fruit?

How to Eat Matoa Fruit

The simplest way to eat matoa fruit is by eating it raw. The outer skin of matoa fruit is quite thin, especially the Papeda matoa. As a result, it is easy to peel, revealing the plump white flesh. You can directly eat the pulp as it is already sweet and juicy. That is why matoa is good to eat when you are on a diet as it satisfies your sweet tooth.

However, there are other ways to enjoy matoa. This exotic fruit tastes incredible when made into a cold beverage. You can simply add matoa into your iced tea. The sweet taste of matoa will blend nicely with the taste of tea, making it a special drink. Or, go the extra mile and make a punch out of matoa. It will taste amazing.

Another way to consume matoa is to make a pickle jar from this sweet fruit. It is a must-try for the big fans of pickles. But, if it is too hard for you, then simply try having a matoa salad to spice up your appetizer. In conclusion, you can eat matoa fruit in many ways as it originally tastes delicious.

Where to Buy Matoa Fruit?

eating matoa fruits

You should buy matoa fruit from its origin land to get the best products. Nusagro offers a wide variety of exotic commodities, including matoa fruit, at the best price possible. Harvested directly from their farm in Indonesia, Nusagro’s matoa fruit is fresh and of premium quality. Packed and delivered professionally to your doorstep, the matoa fruit is finally yours.

You can also choose special herbs or coffee while buying your matoa from Nusagro. They are experts at growing exotic plants and reputable in their service. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the fruit’s quality and shipping. Visit their official website to make a purchase and even get some tips on how to eat matoa fruit.

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