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Our Matoa fruit is an origin fruit from Papua, Indonesia. It offers a mouth-watering taste and considerable benefits for health. As it is one of our icon agriculture products, we will provide you the best quality of Matoa and ensure it will meet your expectation.


Matoa fruit (Pometia pinnata) is origin from Papua, Indonesia. It is a tropical fruit that is oval in shape with green, yellowish green, and reddish yellow rind. It is a large tree species that grows to an average of 18 meters with an average stem diameter of 100 cm. The tree is harvested once a year, flowers will grow around July to October, then bear fruit 3 or 4 months later.

Matoa grows well in areas where the soil condition is dry and with high rainfall climates, around more than 1200 mm per year. Besides growing in Papua forest, matoa fruit is also found in several other areas in Eastern Indonesia, such as Sulawesi, Maluku and Java.


We have 2 types of Matoa fruit; Cocunut matoa and Papeda matoa.

Cocunut Matoa has chewy flesh similar to Aceh Rambutan with fruit diameter of 2.2 – 2.9 cm and seed diameter of 1.25 – 1.40 cm, its rind usually has green color.

Papeda Matoa with usually red color rind has soft and sticky fruit with fruit diameter of 1.4 – 2.0 cm

Coconut Matoa

coconut matoa fruits
matoa fruits

Papeda Matoa



Selection of superior seeds and control of growth is executed systematically to produce high quality fruit. Seedlings are obtained from matoa seeds; from old matoa fruit and from matoa tree grafts that have been proven to produce high quality fruit.

Why We Are The Best Supplier and Factory? Why Choose Our Products?

At Nusagro Indonesia there is a set of 4 values which define our organization and all that it stands for.


If you’re looking for the best in fresh and original matoa fruit, you’ve visited the right place. We ensure that we only sell the highest quality matoa fruit, sourced locally and organically grown at Indonesia.


In-house manufacture almost 90% Organic fertilizers ingredients are being used with a systematic treatment to produce high quality of matoa fruit.


We believe that fair trade is much more valuable than high profit, so that, we support our farmers through fair trade. We provide satisfactory pay to our farmers and the best price to our buyers.


We are entrusted by our domestic and international buyers as the provider of great quality matoa fruit, our costumers satisfaction is our top priority.

What are the benefits of Matoa Fruit?

Here are the benefits of matoa fruit for your health:

The phenolic compounds contained in matoa fruit extract are known to be able to reduce the absorption of blood sugar in the intestines. It is good for the protection from diabetes.

Antioxidant effects of polyphenols in matoa fruit are able to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, while reducing cholesterol levels.

With these nutrient, you will be protected from cardiovascular disease, including heart failure, heart attack, and stroke.

The antioxidant content in matoa is easily absorbed by the intestines, it is able to increase the number of good bacteria, and prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines. Then, the risk for suffering various digestive problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, to inflammatory bowel disease, will be reduced.

Matoa fruit also has the potential to prevent cancer, the antioxidant activity of these bioactive compounds is known to be able to fight excess free radicals in the body which can cause cell and tissue damage and growth of cancer cells.


Product Name

: Matoa Fruits


: Papua – Indonesia

Processing Type

: Fresh from trees


: 10 Kg in fruit basket


: 500 Kgs


: by Air Freight

Supplay Quantity

: up to 1 MT/month

10 Kg in fruit basket


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Usually we use Semarang Port or Jakarta Port, Indonesia

Minimum product samples 10 Kg

MOQ : 10 kgs

We offer discounted price rates for higher quantities purchased.

For a formal price quotation please email us at [email protected]

On average 1 – 4 weeks, depending on order quantity and our current orders pending.

Orders are placed after receipt of full or down payment.

Payment terms must be as specified below or adjust as agreed by both parties.

  1. T.T : payment should be completed in advance 70% and the rest when the good is stuffing
  2. L/C : payment should be completed in advance 50% by T.T and the rest when the good is stuffing by L/C
  3. Paypal : payment should be completed in advance 70% and the rest when the good is stuffing
  4. Western Union : payment should be completed in advance 70% and the rest when the good is stuffing


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