Buy Pometia Pinnata Fruit From Indonesia

Buy Pometia Pinnata Fruit From Indonesia

Have you heard of Pometia pinnata before? What about matoa fruit? Yes, they are the same type of fruit from Indonesia that has successfully stolen the heart of many people around the world. Let’s learn the reasons why and how to get our hands on the Pometia pinnata fruit.

What is Pometia Pinnata Fruit

Pometia Pinnata Fruit

Pometia pinnata fruit is the Latin name for matoa fruit. It belongs to the family Sapindaceae, which is the same family as longan, lychee, and rambutan. Therefore, these fruits have a rather similar texture and taste. Matoa fruit has a sweet flavor and is quite rich in juice, almost similar to Indonesian rambutan.

Originating from Papua, matoa fruit is now available around the world as it grows more in popularity. However, matoa fruit is still considered an exotic fruit that is part of the precious commodities of Indonesia. That is why many people seek Indonesian suppliers such as Nusagro when they want to buy premium matoa fruits.

Matoa fruits have a rather oval shape and are either green or reddish brown in skin color. The average size of matoa fruits is between five to seven centimeters in length and about three centimeters in width. Matoa fruits have a medium-thin yet tough skin that needs to be peeled when eaten. The flesh or pulp inside is translucent white and it smells sweet like a rambutan.

There are two types of Pometia pinnata, namely the coconut matoa and papeda matoa. Both are fragrant and sweet, but look a bit different in appearance. The more well-known one is the papeda matoa which has rather thin skin and is easy to consume raw. The outer skin can be peeled off using hands to reveal a delicious white pulp.

Benefits of Pometia Pinnata Fruit

Pometia pinnata fruit is highly sought after for its nutrients. However, more studies could be done to know the true length of the benefits of this magic fruit. One clear fact is that matoa fruit is extremely rich in its vitamin contents, mainly vitamin C and vitamin E, the much-needed vitamins for our bodies.

As matoa fruit is packed with vitamin C and vitamin E, it becomes a perfect source of antioxidants. The fruit will help your body effectively combat free radicals that make you sick. As a result, it also plays the role of a natural booster for the immune system. By routine consuming matoa fruit, you won’t fall ill that often and easily.

With a good immune system, you can stay away from viral infections. This may help prevent the development of many fatal illnesses, such as cancer. Vitamin E contained in matoa fruit is also great for the heart as it promotes healthy heart cells, arteries, and veins.

People also believe that matoa fruit may help with infertility. Incorporating fruit into your diet is believed to be a home remedy to promote fertility in both men and women. The fact that matoa fruit contains a lot of vitamin E is thought to be the reason why it helps reduce fertility problems.

Another great use of vitamin E packed in matoa fruit is for stress relief. Craving and binging unhealthy foods may be a sign of stress, so relieving it by munching on some matoa fruits can be helpful. This way, you can fulfill your appetite and reduce your stress level without gaining weight.

With your stress cast away, you do not have to worry about getting wrinkles. Vitamin E contained in matoa fruit helps with skin cell regeneration. Meanwhile, the vitamin C packed in the fruit helps with the optimal production of collagen. These will result in your skin keeping its elasticity and looking younger than your real age.

Where to Buy Pometia Pinnata Fruit?

Growing Pometia Pinnata Fruit

Although you can now find Pommetia pinnata fruit easily in some countries, the best products still come from the original land. Buying matoa fruits from Indonesia is not difficult. You only need to go online and purchase it from a reputable Indonesian supplier like Nusagro. They only offer high-quality matoa fruits that will be shipped fresh to your front door.

Be careful to not just buy matoa fruits from any random places as you cannot guarantee freshness. Matoa fruits are perishable products so if not handled carefully and shipped fast enough across the countries, the quality will drop a lot. Buying matoa fruits from a trustworthy supplier is the safest way to go to ensure premium products.

Growing Pometia Pinnata Fruit

There is a trend to grow your vegetable and fruits at home. While you can certainly try to grow matoa, it is not a simple task. For matoa cultivation, you need to prepare enough land and space in case the matoa plant grows well. The land measurement should be at least 40cmx40cmx40cm hollow. Prepare your soil by mixing it with compost and fertilizer.

When cultivating from matoa seeds, you need one that is already down and fertile enough. This allows the seeds to quickly start the growing process. Another way is by using matoa seeds that have grown stems about 30cm in length and planting them into the prepared hollow. Then, cover the stem with more fertilized soil and take care of it well.

If the weather and soil conditions are supportive of matoa fruit cultivation, then your plant may have a chance to grow and flourish in time into dense, green leaves. Your matoa plant will continue to grow until the fruits come out for the first time in the next four or five years. It may seem long but it will be worth the wait.

The Best Supplier of Pometia Pinnata Fruit

While growing your tree is fruitful in the long term, it is easier to just purchase matoa fruits. Not everyone is a natural-born farmer, and it takes a lot of care and effort to produce high-quality matoa fruits. Buying Pometia pinnata fruit from Indonesia might be the simplest solution to enjoy all the benefits of this exotic fruit.

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