4 Best Decaf Coffee Beans, Worth It to Try!

4 Best Decaf Coffee Beans, Worth It to Try!

In general, the purpose of drinking coffee is to make not sleepy. This effect comes from the amount of caffeine in coffee. However, some people can’t stand other side effects after drinking caffeinated coffee, such as heart palpitations or tremors.

For this reason, Decaf coffee beans are made free of caffeine from coffee. The removal of caffeine levels is not 100%, but most of the levels have been reduced.

For those of you who are interested in decaf coffee beans, this time we will give some recommendations regarding the best decaf coffee beans that you must try.

So, let’s check it down below!

best decaf coffee beans

What are Decaf Coffee Beans?

Best decaf coffee beans are the coffee beans that have been removed from their caffeine content by being given special treatment. Usually, 100 grams of Arabica coffee beans contained 1.5 grams of caffeine. 100 grams of Robusta coffee beans contained 2.7 grams of caffeine.

Well, when the caffeine removal method is carried out, the caffeine content in coffee is only about 2 milligrams. meaning, almost 97% of the caffeine content in coffee will be removed.

What are The Popular Best Decaf Coffee Beans?

Several things must be considered when choosing decaf coffee beans, such as the selection of quality coffee beans, the decaffeination process, to the roasting process.

Well, here we will present some recommendations:

  1. Victor Allen’s Coffee

The first is Victor Allen’s Coffee which is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. This coffee variant has a soft, smooth, and soothing taste is free from caffeine and is compatible with all types of coffee machines.

decaf coffee

  1. Two River’s Decaf

The next variation is two rivers. In 1 package, 40 types of pods are already in a practical package. You can forget about the absence of caffeine levels with a variety of flavors. Like, a mixture of premium roasted coffee beans, light or medium roast, hazelnut, maple sleigh, vanilla, cinnamon, or caramel.

  1. Starbucks Decaf Sumatra Roast

Starbucks fans must be familiar with the taste of dark roast coffee. They also provide non-caffeinated Sumatran coffee beans. The method used to remove caffeine is done naturally, so an earthy, herbal taste will emerge when this coffee is served.

  1. Life Extension Rainforest

Life extension decaf coffee is the best decaf coffee bean that goes through a roasting process with medium-dark maturity. This coffee bean is made from Arabica coffee from Latin America which the process is very concerned about.

This includes maintaining the content of polyphenols as strong antioxidants. This coffee is also gluten-free, making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

If you are a coffee lover but you have a problem with high caffeine levels, you need to taste some of the best decaf coffee beans recommendations above. However, if you want to make your decaf coffee beans, you can buy them through our company, Nusagro.

As a producer of natural resources, one of which is coffee, we also provide several types of raw coffee, such as kratom, roasted coffee beans, and green coffee beans. All methods of grinding, roasting, to decaffeination are done naturally.

So, if you want to find a distributor of quality coffee raw materials, please contact us via our contact person.

Good luck!

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