Does Kratom Cause Constipation?

Does Kratom Cause Constipation?

One of the side effects of using herbal plant extracts for a certain period is constipation. At first, people were dehydrated and had stomach pains. Eventually, it became constipated. This is a condition where the intestines have difficulty removing feces because the feces have hardened. Kratom users have also got constipation after consuming a certain amount of kratom in a certain period of use. So, does kratom cause constipation

The use of kratom indeed has the potential to cause constipation. But this all comes back to the diet and lifestyle of its users. Does one continue to drink adequate amounts of water while consuming kratom or other herbs, keep an eye on the main nutritional intake, keep moving, and take regular sleep?

Compare Your Condition Before and After Consuming Kratom

your body and kratom

The first thing you should do when constipation occurs in your body is to drink enough water and then you can minimize the dose of kratom you use a little. Next, you can eat foods that contain fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and jelly or gelatin. If necessary, you can take laxatives or see a doctor who knows your condition. When your intestines have subsided and your constipation is over then you can start to trace your diet and lifestyle before and after using kratom. 

Have you implemented a healthy diet before using kratom such as consuming lots of fiber, exercising, getting enough sleep, not being stressed, and drinking enough water? Then after consuming kratom, do you still do the same diet and lifestyle? If so, then the potential for constipation is high in your body. It is not just kratom that causes constipation. 

When you get a question from your colleague, does kratom cause constipation, what will be your answer? You should put yourself as a lay user who is new to your body’s metabolism when using this kratom. So, the potential for constipation is still possible in certain user body conditions. However, don’t give up on kratom. You can still get many of the benefits of this kratom for a better rhythm of life. 

The Importance of Drinking Water to Avoid and Overcome Constipation

Constipation can come at any time. Whether you are consuming herbal powder or not. This is a signal to the body that you are really in a period of fiber crisis and dehydration. Drinking plenty of fluids when the temperature outside is soaring is also very important to prevent dehydration. If your body is dehydrated, various digestive disorders can occur, such as constipation. 

You have to stay hydrated every day so you don’t get constipated easily. The presence of water in the body can also make all tissue systems function properly. Water also helps you in several ways as below:

  • Water helps digestion to prevent constipation. 
  • Water can carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells so you can be more active.
  • Water can be a bearing joint. Water can regulate body temperature so you don’t get cold easily.
  • Water can flush bacteria from your bladder so toxins don’t stay in the body for long.
  • Water protects organs and tissue.
  • You can maintain the balance of electrolytes (sodium) in the body so that your body doesn’t suffer from degenerative diseases in old age. 
  • Water helps normalize blood pressure. 

How Much Water to Keep the Body Hydrated

Keep your Body Hydrated

The volume of water that you can consume daily according to your body’s needs. No rule requires a person to drink several glasses a day. So, you must know whether your body is dehydrated on that day or not. Dry lips, high thirst, fatigue, frequent yawning, and often feeling emotional are symptoms if you are dehydrated. 

If you are now consuming kratom or other herbal plants, then you have to adjust the volume of water you drink in a day. Herbal extracts will enter the body’s cells and will slide into the organs to eliminate toxins including the kidneys, liver, and intestines. 

The presence of water can encourage the remnants of the kratom disposal that you consume so that your organs remain healthy without having residual herbal crusts and you can always be healthy without having digestive disorders such as constipation.

Fiber Intake and Balanced Diet

balance diet

When you have chosen kratom to be one of the body’s health treatments, then you also have to pay attention to the intake of nutrients that enter the body. Many people hesitate to use kratom because of the question, does kratom causes constipation or not. 

Now let’s examine whether people with this side effect of constipation have a daily lifestyle of consuming little fiber or not. Most of the users who get constipation say that they do not consume enough fiber daily so constipation can often occur after they consume kratom in certain doses. You certainly don’t want to be part of the people who lack fiber intake, right? 

Increasing your fiber intake can be an important part of dealing with the potential side effects of kratom. Before finding constipation as a side effect of using kratom, you should start consuming soluble fiber and insoluble fiber regularly. Soluble fiber can give mass to the stool. You can get this fiber from bananas, apples, wheat, peas, and barley. 

Meanwhile, insoluble fiber is the fiber that can speed up the transit of food through your digestive tract. You can find insoluble fiber in whole grains, wheat bran, nuts, and most vegetables. 

Keep using kratom no matter what people always feel doubt does kratom causes constipation or not. Kratom can be your daily supplement for a better quality of life. Nusagro will help you to be able to consume the best kratom without significant side effects. We have exported kratom from Indonesia to several countries around the world. We are committed to always doing the best delivery to various places in all corners of the world. You can start a much healthier life now by consuming kratom and focusing on your healthy lifestyle every day with us. 

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