What is Matoa Fruit?

What is Matoa Fruit?

Matoa fruit is small, watery, and pulpy fruit. The texture is like the longan or rambutan.

It originally comes from western of Indonesia, Papua. This is seldom to find but it is sweet and watery.

This small fruit is a member of the lychee family and the scientific name of this fruit is Pometia pinnata.

The nutrients inside the fruits are high and they are good for our health.

Below, we will show you what matoa fruit is. And find yourself feel amazing with matoa fruit!

What is Matoa Fruit

  1. The Characteristics Of Matoa Fruit

Matoa fruit or we call it as Pometia pinnata is small like longan. It is also like passion fruit, but the skin is thinner.

The taste is sweet and the nutrients inside are great things for the health. Although matoa fruit is seldom to find in the common market or a stall fruit, many people like the taste of it.

Matoa fruit includes the Sapindaceae family.

You can find it around the place of Indonesia, such as Borneo, Sulawesi, Maluku, North Maluku, Papua, and West Papua.

If you search for matoa fruit in those places, it can be easy to you to find it. Matoa fruit is very famous in those regions.

  1. The Nutrients Inside Are High Quality

Although matoa fruit is small, it has many high-quality substances. Matoa fruits contain high vitamin C and antioxidants.

They are needed for boosting the immune system, increasing productivity, avoiding cancer, and making the body more healthy.

An antioxidant is useful to keep your skin elasticity and you will feel younger and the energic life does not dream again.

Consuming matoa fruit regularly gives you young energy and you will stay healthy with the nutrients inside.

matoa fruits

  1. The Taste Of Matoa Fruit

The taste of matoa fruit is amazing. It is the combination of longan, lychee, and rambutan.

If rambutan has a sweet taste or a little sweetness, matoa fruit does not have a sour taste. It is only a sweet taste inside the matoa fruit.

If we see from the texture, the texture of matoa fruit is more tender than longan. Longan is chewy. That is the unique taste of matoa fruit.

  1. The Price

Matoa fruit is seldom to find through the year.

Although in Indonesia itself, it has the time of harvest. It makes the price of matoa fruit is more expensive than other fruits. Matoa fruit is about Rp. 50.000 until Rp. 80.000/kg.

It is more expensive if we compare it with longan, grape, and mango.

Matoa fruit is a heaven fruit for some people because the combination of the taste, benefit, and price are suitable.

So, this fruit is always for the middle to upper economy class.

Moreover, matoa fruit is famous fruit and it has many benefits especially for your health.

Consume matoa fruit regularly will boost your immune system because it contains high vitamin C. The antioxidant inside will make your skin smoother than before.

So, in this heaven fruit, you can enjoy the taste and benefits inside. What a wonderful fruit!


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