Matoa Fruit Harvest Time in Indonesia

Matoa Fruit Harvest Time in Indonesia

Matoa fruits can easily substitute the lychee in your iced tea, or the longan in your fruit punch. Growing even more popular nowadays, matoa fruits seems to be available all year long. However, when is exactly matoa fruit harvest time in its land, Indonesia? Does it eventually affect the quality of matoa fruit?

When is the Harvest Time for Matoa Fruit?

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If you are growing matoa by yourself, then be patient to enjoy the fruitful result. You can expect matoa fruits to show up for the first time in about four to five years after the seeds are planted. Of course, that is the case only when you take care of the plant under ideal conditions. After that, you can harvest your matoa every year for a certain time.

Matoa fruit harvest time in Indonesia is typically around November until March. During this monsoon season, the quality harvests are at their peak as the country is the origin land of matoa fruit. The farmers may harvest the matoa fruits while they are still green, although they generally pick the ideal sized or the almost ripe ones.

Regarding quality, matoa fruits are generally the best during the monsoon season. However, experienced farmers and suppliers have the technology to grow, harvest, and preserve matoa fruits in such a way that you can still enjoy the premium products even when it is out of season.

What to Do with Matoa Fruit?

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You can enjoy matoa fruits in many ways. You can consume it raw by peeling the outer skin and eating the rather white pulp. Of course, you need to throw out the seeds or plant them for a better option. People who enjoy eating longan or rambutan raw usually love to consume matoa fruit directly as well. The taste is guaranteed to be sweet and addicting.

Children may enjoy matoa fruits more when you make them into punch or jelly. Remember to cut the pulps so the children can eat them comfortably. For adults, matoa pickles sound intriguing. It will be a more sweet pickle kind rather than the sour one. Matoa pulps are perishable, so turning them into pickles may be the best option if you want to buy them in bulk.

Where to Buy Matoa Fruit in Indonesia?

Matoa fruits are readily available in Indonesia. You can find matoa fruits at the market or even at the street vendors during its season. However, if you want to buy in bulk, buying directly from a trustworthy supplier is better in value. Nusagro sells only the best quality matoa fruits and offers a great deal if you buy in bulk.

Nusagro is also the best option if you are buying from overseas. You do not need to worry about matoa fruit harvest time as Nusagro readily stocks exotic fruit directly from their many plants across the country. Rest assured as the matoa fruits will still be in good condition even if shipped. Check what they have to offer and purchase your premium matoa fruits now.

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