Smoking Kratom: Safety and Side Effects

Smoking Kratom: Safety and Side Effects

Smoking kratom is one of the many options for how to consume this herbal plant. Although not very popular, not a few kratom fans are curious about the taste sensation that will be obtained when smoking kratom cigarettes. But why is this method not recommended? Are there any special benefits when you smoke kratom or do they harm your health?

Kratom has long been used by people for recreation and medical reasons. This plant, which has the scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, has been used for generations as a medicine to reduce pain, cope with stress, and treat sleep disorders. But the use of kratom is also quite controversial because it is considered equivalent to illegal drugs. After all, it causes loss of consciousness, to addiction.

Not surprisingly, kratom is illegal in some countries. Many studies and medical records also support the controversy of this Southeast Asian plant. On the one hand, kratom is considered good for supporting health and the development of kratom for medical raw materials needs to be considered. On the other hand, kratom is considered equivalent to illegal drugs that should not be sold freely, because it is prone to abuse. 

So, what about kratom cigarettes? When this magic leaf is still in a gray position, does the method of consuming kratom affect its optimal efficacy? Is it true that kratom cigarettes are dangerous for the health of users, as well as for the people around who inhale the smoke?

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Is Smoking Kratom Bad for You?

smoking kratom

This is the most asked question, especially when a kratom lover intends to smoke a kratom cigarette. The short answer to this question is, yes, kratom cigarettes are not good, not only for the smoker but also for the people around who are exposed to the smoke. So, what’s the reason?

Kratom cigarettes have been around for a long time, and have even become a tradition in certain areas. But over time, this habit began to be abandoned because kratom has been processed in many other forms. Kratom is widely made into powders, teas, pills, and capsules, and this makes the way to consume kratom more practical with a longer shelf life.

Kratom cigarettes, of course, have to be burned at a high temperature so you can inhale the smoke. But precisely the heat that is too high will reduce the efficacy and damage the good content. After all, inhaling smoke from any cigarette will have more negative effects on health, rather than positive effects, right? For a further explanation of the dangers of kratom cigarettes, let’s read this article to the end.

The Short & Long-Term Side Effects of Smoking Kratom

Although research on the bad effects of kratom cigarettes is not perfect, we can see many testimonials about the disadvantages of this one cigarette. Exposure to smoke from burning kratom can harm health, both in the short and long term. One person claimed to experience severe headaches when he was around people who always smoked kratom.

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In addition to headaches, smoke that is exposed to the air is bad for lung health, it can even cause symptoms such as pneumonia. When kratom smoke harms those around you, why do you still want to be selfish by burning kratom cigarettes for temporary pleasure? Even though you are not even fully sure that you can get the maximum benefits from this cigarette.

Smoking Kratom Can Reduce Efficacy

Kratom cigarettes must be burned so you can inhale the smoke. Burning at high temperatures will reduce alkaloids, compounds that play a role in channeling the various positive benefits of kratom into the body. In other words, you will get little benefit from kratom, or even no benefit, when you burn it and just inhale the fumes.

Even so, research on kratom cigarettes is still ongoing. In the controversial status of this commodity, you should still be aware of the dangers and side effects of kratom, regardless of how you take it. But rather than doubt, you should not smoke kratom, but choose another way of consumption that is safer and more practical. For example, by consuming kratom in the form of powder, pills, or kratom tea.

Kratom & Temperature: The Results

Maybe then there are objections about the loss of benefits of kratom due to heat. How about brewing kratom tea? Why is kratom tea considered safe while smoking is discouraged? The answer, of course, is very easy, because you can’t equal the heat of the water for brewing tea by burning it directly.

Kratom-made tea will only be exposed to heat at a rate of 100 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, when used as a cigarette, he will be exposed to very high heat, up to 900 degrees Celsius. Exposure to very high heat is what makes the active components in kratom disintegrate before you inhale the smoke.

Finding the Right Way to Take Kratom

smokin kratom with cigarettes

There are much better ways to take kratom so you don’t have to rely on kratom cigarettes. Kratom can be eaten just like that by chewing the fresh leaves. But this method may not be practical, especially if you don’t have a kratom tree in your yard.

How to consume kratom can be more practical by consuming it in the form of powder, pills, and even kratom gum. Brewing kratom tea is another fun way, too, and you don’t have to worry about the efficacy of it being reduced by exposure to boiling water.

Various types of processed kratom products can be obtained easily through many manufacturers and suppliers. Make sure you are selective in choosing the best supplier, so you can get original kratom products, free of harmful mixtures, and the prices are still affordable. You can choose Nusagro as a reliable supplier in the procurement of high-quality kratom with a very dynamic product range.

Smoking Kratom in Closing

Smoking kratom is not the recommended way when you want to take advantage of this green plant. You will not only be harming yourself but potentially disturbing and harming others when smoking kratom in a crowd. Make sure you choose another, a better method, such as brewing kratom tea or mixing kratom powder and pills into your favorite beverage.

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