Get to Know More about Gold Bali Kratom, What is the Special New Strain?

Get to Know More about Gold Bali Kratom, What is the Special New Strain?

Gold Bali kratom is a strain that is currently receiving attention from most of the kratom community. They wonder if this type of kratom is just a simple marketing trick.

The kratom community also values ​​this strain as a special strain. Then is it true?

gold bali kratom

Where did Gold Bali Kratom Come From?

The key is in the word “Bali”. Yes, this type of kratom comes from the Bali region, Indonesia, and also applies to other types of Balinese kratom. It was obtained because according to its name.

This type of kratom can grow in the Bali area because the acidity of the soil is very suitable to support the growth of kratom. In addition, agricultural practices produce different strains of kratom.

However, over time, not all gold Bali kratom comes from the Bali region. Due to the development of technology, kratom farmers throughout Southeast Asia in particular can grow kratom with strains that are identical to the type of gold kratom.

Kratom growers can duplicate this strain of plants in their respective regions. So that this type of gold kratom does not all come from the Bali region, as the name suggests.

So, the difference between the original gold Bali kratom planted in Bali and the planting outside the Bali area is not much different. In other words, the original strain of this type is difficult to distinguish from the duplicate.

As long as this type of kratom is grown by experienced farmers, you don’t have to worry about enjoying the authenticity of this kratom strain.

White Vein Kratom

Characteristics of Kratom Gold Strain

There are two well-known types of this type of strain. The first is “Sun-Dried” gold kratom. This kratom is the result of sun-drying which often occurs in red strain kratoms.

Kratom that is dried in the sun will change the effect of leaf alkaloids and their following profile. This drying process is still poorly understood by some people. However, this kratom is claimed to be able to quickly break down higher mitragynine.

The second is mixed gold kratom, which is another strain of kratom that is mixed so that it will produce a certain effect. So gold Bali kratom is not the original strain, but the result of a mixture of other strains.

For example, a mixture of kratom strains that is often used is red vein kratom, which is mixed with green or white strains. The red strain will produce a darker color, when mixed, will produce a golden color.

Based on this, the two types of gold kratom have in common. That is not a natural result of a growth cycle, but a modification to produce a certain effect. However, this strain is still the prima donna for some kratom communities.

Those are some important points about gold Bali kratom which are special because the effects are believed to be better than other strains.

Although this strain is not new, it is believed to have a better impact on the body. Because one type is a mixture of other strains which will have a multi-fold impact.

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