What is Gold Bali Kratom: Benefits and Uses

What is Gold Bali Kratom: Benefits and Uses

Kratom is a beneficial plant with one special kind named gold Bali kratom. For those who are kratom enthusiastic, they should try this one.

What is Gold Bali Kratom?

gold bali kratom indonesia

Bali is one of the Indonesian islands. As the name is given, gold Bali kratom originated and is grown in Bali. This part of Indonesia country is full of rain. It makes this island perfect for growing herbs, especially mitragyna.

Kratom needs to be cultivated in the humid area because the soil possesses alkaloids, the most important in the herb’s growth. The word gold refers to the color which is not naturally gold. The gold color is derived from the way it is harvested.

How is Gold Bali Kratom Cultivated and Harvested?

Some people think that the most important is the product whatever the cultivation method and the harvest method are used. Somehow, those two parts are very prominent. They even determine the product quality. This kind is even stated as the kind with the strong effect. That quality is achieved as the result of the cultivation and the harvest.

Drying Method

Gold Bali kratom is dried with the manual method. The farmers utilize sunlight to dry the herb. The best thing about this method is that the alkaloid is concentrated. This concentration strengthens the kratom’s performance.

The fermentation that is done by the sun exposure also takes a role in creating golden color. All the things related to sun drying and fermenting even make this kind has higher performance than the original red strain one.


Gold Bali kratom also can be resulted from the mixing of two different strains. One strain is green, the other is red. Somehow, the color of the mix is gold. The good thing about this mixture is it enables the new gold kratom to possess the benefits of red strain at once green strain. The performance is boosted effectively.

Benefits of Gold Bali Kratom

This kind of kratom is known to be very strong. However, just like the other kinds, it has strengths and weaknesses. We will focus on the benefit or the strengths of the herb with gold color.


Consuming a certain dose can give a relaxing effect. This is helpful for those who have serious jobs with stressful daily tasks. Not only the relaxation of the whole body, but the muscle is also the target of the herb effect. For gym fans, or mount climbers (or other activities that are related to body muscle) this helps the muscle to be relaxed.

Increasing Appetite and Losing Weight

The two-word combinations seem to contrast each other. This is true where kratom can be the friend of those who need to gain weight at once those who want to lose weight. The point lies in the dosage and the way of consuming.

Mood Booster

Have a bad temper? This kind of kratom is ready to make a change in your life. Sometimes, we thought that it is not a big deal to have a bad mood as long as we are healthy. Mood can also affect body health. You might already hear that psychological things influence physical health. Using kratom as a mood booster can maintain both mood and body health.


The sedative effect is beneficial for those who feel pain. To reach the purpose of sedative function, a high dose is required. There is a belief that herbal medicine works slower than chemical medicine. This is not completely true, especially kratom. After consumption, the sedative impact is quite fast about 30 minutes.

Gold Bali Kratom Dosage

gold bali kratom dose

Although this is the kind of kratom with a strong effect, some experts stated that gold Bali kratom is suitable for a new consumer. It is also suitable for those who already know the dose of using kratom as medicine for any health problem. The point of using this her is the right dose and the right time, the new consumer will be okay, and the experienced consumer will reach their purpose. The dose depends on the purpose. The experts suggest the dose as follows.

It is started from the mildest/small dose that is an energy booster. For this purpose, take 1 up to 3 grams.

For help to focus/concentrate, take 3 up to 5 grams.

To heal the pain (average to severe) take 4 up to 6 grams.

For chronic pain or the highest level of pain take 5 up to 10 grams.

The suggested dose above is only an estimation. For the detailed dose, consult the doctor. The other factors can also become the factors to decide the dose. The possible factors are age, body weight, the blood condition (pressure, glucose level, etc), the medicine that you are consuming, the other diseases that you may have, etc.

The silver linings of the dose are:

  1. Kratom works the fastest when your stomach is empty.
  2. The weight defines the dose. The heavier we are, the bigger dose that we have to take.

From those two, the doctor can decide how many times you can take kratom and how many grams you need in every intake.

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Side Effects of gold Bali kratom

side effect high dose gold bali kratom

It is impossible to have something in this world without side effects. Even a kind of food can bring an impact on your body. Gold Bali kratom does too. The side effects may come bad or not at all, it depends on many factors. Each individual can have different ones.

The possible effects that may happen when taking kratom over the dose: are paranoia, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, losing appetite, fast heart pulse, sweaty, peeing more often, delusions, anxiety, overtired, and agitation.

Those do not always happen. And when one of them (or more) happens, usually do not need to worry because it will go away. Serious medical treatment is not necessary.

Where to Buy Gold Bali Kratom Online?

Selling of this herb is a lot on the internet. However, buying online has so many consequences. We don’t see the product directly so there are tricks that you should do to make sure the online store credibility.

Checking the review: this is important to see how people react to the product.

Pay attention to the packaging: good products have a strong shield. Moreover, it is sold online. It will be shipped.

Make sure that the store or vendor is already certified: avoid buying illegal or too cheap products. There is no guarantee you get the proper products if you decide to buy the uncertified one.

One credible store with experience is Nusagro.

Nusagro, the Great Kratom Supplier

Nusagro, the factory and also the wholesale supplier of Indonesian agriculture products, has superfine kratom. We have a lot of experience in making people get the best products. You can check all the 5 stars reviews that we get. We are certified so the quality has been guaranteed. Get the best gold Bali kratom from Nusagro.

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