Kratom for Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression

Kratom for Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression

Discussions about kratom will always be interesting and up to date, especially when you are curious about its legality in each country. This commodity is indeed quite controversial. On the one hand, many studies show the benefits of kratom for mental health and various other health problems. On the other hand, many people are worried, even explicitly prohibiting the free circulation of kratom, because it is considered part of a narcotic that is prone to abuse.

In this article, let’s focus on the function of kratom as an antidote to various mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. This herbal plant has long been relied on to increase stamina, relieve pain, deal with stress, and improve sleep quality. This material is even considered a safe and natural alternative medicine so that a person can be free from the bondage of illegal drugs.

Judging from the benefits of kratom, it is indeed closely related to solving mental problems in humans. But let’s do a further review, so that we can wisely assess the function and how to use kratom. On the other hand, it is also important to consider the side effects of kratom, as well as how to consume it properly so that kratom can support mental health.

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What and Why Do We Need Kratom?

There are many medications and therapies to treat mental disorders. You can go to a psychiatrist, or do various physical activities, such as yoga and other sports. You may also be given certain types of chemical drugs when mental illness is acute. So, where is kratom’s position in supporting mental health?

Kratom is a natural herb that can support, or even replace, anti-depressant chemicals. Various studies show that the use of kratom is healthier and can be a powerful antidote to overcome various mental disorders. This commodity contains active ingredients in the form of mitragynine alkaloids and 7-hydroxy mitragynine as pain relievers.

The use of a plant named Latin mitragyna speciosa has been done for a long time and has even become a tradition in certain areas. The kratom tree is usually used for its leaves to be used as vegetables, or made into powder, tea, or capsules, with certain processing methods. The effect of opium on kratom is not like narcotics, so this magical plant is considered safe, it can even treat drug addicts.

How does Kratom for Mental Health Work?

Among the various benefits of kratom, along with the controversies, let us focus on how kratom functions to treat various mental disorders. There are many causes of uncontrollable depression and anxiety. To help calm down so that the days are more productive and enjoyable, we should seek medical help, in this case, a psychiatrist or psychiatrist.

However, in many cases, access to reach the medical community has encountered various obstacles, ranging from costs to self-determination to cover up mental disorders. Some people then take the wrong path, which is to find peace by taking illegal drugs. This method is just an escape, and the culprit is getting himself into an uncontrollable addiction.

In this situation, kratom is present as an alternative solution. Technically, it does not belong to the class of opioids, because it can not be included in the type of morphine or other illegal drugs. Kratom contains mitragynine, an active ingredient that can bind to opioid receptors in the brain so that it can relieve pain for a certain time.

Not only physical pain, but the compounds contained in kratom are also effective in providing calm, both due to anxiety disorders and acute depression. Various studies related to this continue to be carried out, along with the many testimonies about the benefits of kratom for treating various mental disorders.

Kratom Consumption Rules to Overcome Depression and Anxiety


Kratom status is still considered alternative herbal medicine. The medical field has not officially used kratom in its medicinal formulations. This may be fueled by the controversial status of this plant from Southeast Asia. Because in some countries, the status is considered illegal, while in other areas it is still allowed to circulate clearly.

Circulation of kratom that does not involve medical personnel, of course, makes the rules for its use not very clear. But practitioners and those with experience recommend starting with the lowest dose. Because the reaction of each body will be different in responding to the effects of kratom for mental health and other purposes.

Scientific studies recommend a dose of kratom of no more than 5 grams per day. The dose is enough for the body to get the desired effect. Once the body has adjusted, the dose of kratom should be kept low, or mixed with a kratom potentiator such as grapefruit juice, turmeric powder, or caffeine. This will increase the effect of kratom and you will still save on consuming this strategic commodity.

In certain cases, the dose of kratom may be increased, for example, to relieve severe pain, or for other needs. But make sure the use of kratom has received recommendations from a health and medical experts so that you don’t feel side effects that are detrimental to your health.

Kratom Side Effects

You should consume kratom wisely and have received recommendations from health experts. Dosage and how to consume kratom must also be considered so that you are not exposed to minor side effects such as dry mouth, itching, constipation, headaches, and drastic mood swings. In some cases, uncontrolled use of kratom can also lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, decreased libido, loss of appetite to impaired kidney function.

The use of kratom for pregnant and lactating women is also not recommended. Because this will harm the fetus and baby who are still very dependent on their mother. In short, the use of kratom should be done wisely and based on medical recommendations. Also make sure you get kratom from a trusted supplier, because consuming kratom that is not pure, or even fake, will make things worse, even completely useless for dealing with mental disorders.

To get original and high-quality kratom, please cooperate with Nusagro. Of course, you must do your research first to ensure the credibility and reputation of our company. Finally, when you want to use kratom for mental health, support it with a selective attitude in choosing a kratom supplier, and still pay attention to the dosage and how to consume it.

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