What is the Best Time to Take Kratom?

What is the Best Time to Take Kratom?

The best time to take kratom (the herb originated from Southeast Asia countries that have a lot of advantages) will result in different answers. As its functions that not just beneficial for a single thing, it depends on the purpose of consuming it.

Best Time to Take Your Daily Dose

best time to take kratom

The title might be very short, but the answer cannot be just one simple answer. As mentioned above that the consumption of kratom (including the time and the dose) depends on the function that you expect. However, generally, the dose range from 2 to 12 grams. 2-6 grams is low, 6-8 grams is a high dose, and 8-12 is a heavy dose. Lower than the charge (<2 grams will be categorized as microdose). The dose that is higher than the charge is not suggested.

The easiest answer for the best time to take kratom is for those who want to kill the pain. In fulfilling this purpose, people just have to take it whenever they feel pain. The suggested dose for this is the high dose. There is no repetition (unless the pain comes again). It runs the same for those who use kratom as an energizer. Take it only when needed, but this one with a low dose. Using kratom for weight loss aid will be the one that needs routine or repetition.

Taking kratom is not like taking food. It needs serious attention on the dose. The limit of this leaf usage is different from one person to another. To make it easy, the limitation depends on the frequency (it’s related to the tolerance), the purpose of consuming the leaf, and the body weight. The three things mentioned are just the basics so people will notice them first. There are still many specific things if you decide to use the green leaf including the kratom strain that you use because there are different strains.

The dose usually goes like the following examples. For using kratom as a pain killer you need to use a high dose that is 4 grams (for 100 pounds of body weight) or 0.04 grams for each pound. The best time to take kratom for this purpose is whenever the pain comes.

If you use kratom as an energy booster, the dose is 2.5 grams (for 100 pounds of body weight). In other words, kratom for one pound bodyweight is 0.025 grams. It is categorized as a low dose.

If your body has not been familiar with the kratom (first-time user) consume it with a microdose. Increase the dose gradually and keep controlling the reaction of your body. Remember this quote: ‘everything with an excessive amount will end badly’. It also runs for kratom. Don’t use over the limitation to avoid the side effects. As long as you follow the charge, this leaf will work properly without side effects.

The Dose

To know the very specific dose, you have to do a calculation on your body weight and the purpose that you want to reach. However, here are the basic doses.

  • For anxiety: Many people around the world have known the popularity of kratom as an anxiety herbal medicine. The dose has to be high. The reason is if people’s anxiety takes a low dose, the symptoms are getting worse. Whereas, overdose also gives other effects. So, just notice the limitation. 3 grams are enough for anxiety. If in about one hour the symptoms are not better, take a booster. It is just a gram per hour (but always notice the limitation in taking this booster dose).
  • For energizer: This purpose required the lowest dose. It is just about 2 grams or less. Some people even get the purpose by consuming only microdoses.
  • For pain killers: A high dose is required to reduce pain. The lowest is 2 grams (for mild pain). The highest is 5 grams for the severe one. It can be more than that but you have to consult with the doctor before taking a heavy dose. The key is always to start with the lowest one then if you haven’t felt the difference, increase the dose.

The Best Timings for Traditional Ways of Consuming Kratom

There is no exact established timing for this. All we can do is comprehend the relation between kratom and food so we can get the silver lining of the best time to take kratom. Generally, the food that you eat blocks the receptor in the stomach. If you have a big huge meal, the kratom that you consume is slowly absorbed and the effect is delayed.

If you wish for a quick effect (usually for painkillers and anxiety) the best time will be when your stomach is empty. In about 30 minutes kratom will work.

Kratom tea: This is the traditional way but sophisticated to take kratom. The best time to sip a cup of kratom tea is in the morning to start a day and in the evening to end the busy day.

Kratom capsules and powder: This is the most practical product of kratom. You don’t need hot water or additional ingredient. It takes only a few seconds to consume. (But remember, the capsule needs more time to feel the effect).

Kratom smoothie or drink: This is the most fun way to consume kratom because it turns into a delicious beverage. Take it when you are about to do a heavy activity like mountain hiking, bicycling, or working out.

Consuming Kratom Twice or More Times a Day

dosage for consuming kratom

Once per day is enough to get kratom’s benefit. Except for weight loss that needs repetition to get the ideal weight. Consuming twice or more needs a medical prescription or control from the doctor. Contact a doctor to get the best suggestion.

Two keys to consuming kratom are: to drink a lot of water and consume it at the right time (refers to different times for different people). (Please re-read the explanation above).

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