The Benefit of Moringa Powder: Side Effects, Used, Dosage

The Benefit of Moringa Powder: Side Effects, Used, Dosage

The benefit of moringa powder are already very popular. Not only for local people, but the use of this magic leaf has also penetrated the international market. You can consume it easily, or make it a raw material for certain products after it is processed in the form of oil or powder. You can also easily find the best suppliers who are ready to provide a variety of moringa-based products, complete with benefits.

But do you know the overall benefits of moringa oleifera? Did you know that this life powder can also be relied on for cosmetic and body care devices? In this article, you will get the answer, complete with information about side effects, the right dosage, and how to use it.

benefit of moringa powder

List of Moringa Powder’s Abundant Benefits

If you are looking for herbal products that contain abundant vitamins, moringa oleifera is the answer. The benefits of moringa powder cover almost all aspects because, in addition to vitamins, it also contains minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll, and antioxidants that are good for health and beauty. To make it easier to remember, let’s listen to the benefits of moringa powder in the form of a list as follows:

– Helps Cure Various Types of Diseases

Moringa powder can almost help cure various types of diseases ranging from severe levels such as cancer and allergies to other minor ailments. This magic powder is also able to stabilize blood pressure, sugar levels, and normalize nerve function.

– Contains Many Good Nutrients That Your Body Needs

The good ingredients present in moringa powder make the above-mentioned benefits realistic. Moringa contains higher vitamin A than carrots, better vitamin C than oranges, and higher calcium than milk. 

On the other hand, this powder is also rich in potassium and digestive enzymes which are better than yogurt. It also contains substances that are effective in inhibiting cancer cells, especially for types of ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer.

– Supporter of Healthy Diet

Moringa powder can not only be relied on by those who are sick. If you feel healthy, try to always maintain a prime condition by consuming moringa powder. He can be a supporter of a healthy diet, maintain the vitality of the body, and maintain the function of the body’s organs so that they always work well.

– Practical Beauty Treatment

The Benefits of moringa powder can even support your beauty care agenda. It can be used as a face mask, a mixture of lipstick to moisturize the skin, to overcome various skin and facial problems such as acne, dull skin, and blackheads.

Are There Any Side Effects of Taking Moringa Powder?

moringa leaves

Moringa oleifera is not included in the type of chemically treated drugs. Therefore, consumption of moringa powder has almost no side effects. But pregnant women should not consume this plant in excess because it can cause uterine contractions. Although it is relatively safe, this does not mean you should only consume moringa powder and ignore other food intakes.

Precisely a balanced diet will maximize Moringa’s function in supporting your health and beauty. Equally important, you should not neglect the management of emotions. Keep your mind good and positive to get inner and outer health.

Recommended Dosage of Moringa Powder

There are no special restrictions for consuming this green powder. Just like vegetables, if you eat them in large quantities, this will not affect your health. But to get the optimal benefit of moringa powder, you should consult a nutritionist or competent person. You can also read the consumption instructions which are usually listed on the moringa powder packaging.

How to Consume Moringa Powder Correctly?

Moringa powder can be eaten directly, or mixed with certain foods or drinks. This powder may slightly affect the color and taste of the food, but not significantly. Precisely the moringa mixture in food and drinks can add an appetizing taste. You can add moringa powder to fruit juices, salads, soups, and various flour-based preparations.

On the other hand, the benefits of moringa powder can also be felt when you apply it to your face and skin, as a mask or scrub. With regular use, you can get healthy and clean skin, and be free from many skin problems.

Subsequent use is not related to applications or consumption, but to business. You can buy moringa powder in bulk to resell or to process it and make it part of the composition of certain products. Consumers today tend to side with natural herbal ways to support their health and beauty. No wonder moringa powder-based products will be crowded with buyers.

Where to Get High-Quality Moringa Powder?


A complete insight into the benefit of moringa powder will most likely make your move to buy it. The next question is, where can you get this benefit-rich powder? You also have to make sure the powder you buy is original, without any mixture of ingredients, of high quality, and at an affordable price. Is it possible to fulfill this desire if you make a purchase online?

The moringa oleifera market is very open, where you can get it in the form of oil, powder, dried leaves, seeds, or tea. Several countries that have actively become suppliers and market a variety of moringa oleifera products include India, Africa, Thailand, and Indonesia.

For the latter country, you have the opportunity to get the most superior product in terms of benefits, and this has been supported by scientific research results. What’s special, although superior, you can still get it at a relatively affordable price.

If you start your research for the most recommended supplier of slanted powder, you will get the name “Nusagro moringa” as one of the most recommended. This is not surprising, because our company has proven to be able to meet market demand for premium grade moringa powder.

These are not just sweet promotional words, but have been proven by a good reputation and obtaining certificates from various credible institutions. You can collaborate from any country with transparent and honest interactions online. Together with Nusagro moringa, let’s spread the benefit of moringa powder even more widely for better health and financial condition.

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