What is Yellow Kratom: Effects, Uses, Benefits

What is Yellow Kratom: Effects, Uses, Benefits

You may not be familiar with what is yellow kratom. Is it like a kratom hybrid of several different strains or has it been there from the start? Yellow kratom is a mixture of two or more different kratom strains. Just like when a kratom vendor combines white kratom and red kratom which will then get ‘yellow’ kratom. Sometimes it leads to a golden color. 

Furthermore, people will relate the effect of this yellow kratom to the effect they get from mixing green vein, white vein, and red vein kratom. You may find yellow kratom from a mixture of all three or two of them. However, from one vendor to another vendor may have different interpretations of this yellow kratom. We must share with you about this yellow kratom so that there is no confusion when you want to buy it.  

What Is Yellow Kratom?

kratom yellow indonesian

Yellow kratom is a type of kratom that is quite disturbing to kratom users and activists around the world. This kratom is at a point between being and nonexistent since the beginning. Not many know the origin of yellow kratom so they can explain clearly what is yellow kratom to the customers. Even so, yellow kratom is there and it is rare in the market. 

Several debates have arisen about where this type of kratom came from. Speculation goes that if the yellow kratom comes from a leaf picked at a growth stage it can later give it a unique yellow color. 

Meanwhile, the facts that run on this speculation reveal that the source of the yellow veined kratom is the result of a different than usual or unique white kratom vein drying technique. During this drying phase, the color of the white veined kratom turns yellow. What we need to realize now is that there are only three types of kratom in the world, namely white, green, and red kratom. 

Yellow Kratom Effects

yellow kratom cause tiredness

se in adults makes them unproductive so that all work cannot be carried out according to the due date deadline. Sometimes complaints of fatigue and malaise are not known for sure the cause. 

You suddenly feel uninspired, tired, lethargic, and the most fatal is always making mistakes in every project you handle. Most cases of malaise lead to accidents after an accident at work and on the way home. It is difficult for the brain and body organs to work together so that they can focus on treading so they can safely arrive home. 

Those who have certain diseases can also end up having malaise due to weakened body organs. The weakness of the body’s organs is due to gnawing disease germs, treatment with certain chemical compounds that are burdensome to the work of organs, and the stress that rages due to the tedious routine of treatment. Yellow kratom provides a powerful energy effect to overcome fatigue as above. 

As well as specific fatigue due to stress, worry, depression, and sadness so that you are easily sleepy and lethargic. If you ever ask some suppliers about what is yellow kratom, here it is. It has energy characteristics that help get rid of this type of drowsiness and lethargy. Its work certainly will not interfere with natural sleep time at night. But if you have to work at night, yellow kratom can be an option. 

Benefits of Yellow Kratom

There are at least 4 benefits of yellow kratom that you can feel after consuming it. You can examine whether you have tested these benefits now. 

  • Stress-free. The main stress hormone, cortisol, can be lowered by taking yellow vein kratom regularly. High cortisol levels can potentially increase the level of anxiety and depression. 
  • Stabilize energy levels. Yellow kratom that you consume based on the required dose will help you get stable energy where you feel neither too sleepy nor too excited. Stable energy to maintain the rhythm of your daily work. 
  • Overcoming pain due to anxiety. Pain in the body can bring anxiety to your feelings. By simply taking a not-too-high dose of yellow kratom, you can get a longer-lasting effect.
  • Helps improve focus. It is good for those who need a high level of focus such as night shift workers. 

What is Yellow Kratom Used For

Maybe you are still in doubt to know what is yellow kratom used for now. It’s ok. Take your time to get much information about this kratom. However, we would like to share information about Indo-yellow kratom that is suitable for beginners because of its nonbitter taste. Although it’s different from another kratom, you can get all the effects of kratom drugs from this yellow kratom. 

Yellow Kratom Origins

yellow kratom in indonesian

Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Vietnam is the origin of yellow kratom. Indonesia has a unique yellow Borneo kratom where not all manufacturers make it the same way. One vendor may have this yellow kratom different by its special set of high alkaloid properties. Make sure you get the original yellow kratom from a supplier in Indonesia. 

How To Take Yellow Kratom

There are so many practical ways to consume this yellow kratom. You can brew it for 10 minutes like tea, mix it into fruit smoothies, or mix it into healthy cookie dough. Drinking it with tea is best because hot water makes the alkaloids come out faster and tea makes your body absorb the kratom faster. 

Yellow Kratom Dosage Sizes

You should take an initial dose of 2.4 grams or about one teaspoon. After that, you can see how your body responds to the alkaloids. If you don’t feel it after an hour, you can increase the dose. People with a higher tolerance may need a little more dosage. What you need to note is that the dose of 2.4 grams should not exceed two times of use within an hour. You can stop when you reach the second 2.4 grams on that day. 

We hope you get comprehensive information about what is yellow kratom from us. Nusagro is an Indonesian kratom supplier that has original first-hand products. You can contact us to get any kind of kratom. We will send our products wherever you are. 

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