Does Kratom Cause Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Does Kratom Cause Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Does kratom cause hair loss? If this question pops into your mind, maybe you have witnessed someone you know getting hair loss when using kratom for a certain period or you have found articles on the internet that say if kratom brings side effects in the form of hair loss. 

Do you know that so far there is no research or authentic evidence that shows if kratom can cause hair loss? What you find in someone close to you or facts mentioned in an article could be part of the impact of using particular drugs or the user’s health condition. 

Kratom and Hair Loss: What We Know

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However, hair loss is more common because the hair follicles do not get enough oxygen, so hair is easily broken and falls out even more than 100 strands per day.

In addition, the intake of foods containing B vitamins such as bananas, red meat, and other proteins may not be enough for people with hair loss to consume.

While on the other hand, they consume kratom to overcome specific problems in their bodies such as severe night sleep difficulties, stress, depression, mood swings, and many more. 

People who are deficient in Vitamin A are also prone to hair loss. If you start relying on kratom herbal supplements as your daily intake, it is likely that hair loss that occurs due to vitamin A deficiency can be overcome.

You have to be sure of your choice as long as there are no research results that prove that kratom can cause hair loss in both men and women. 

You may be influenced by some comments on the internet. Many users respond to various posts about kratom. Most of them come from anonymous users whose comments cannot be accounted for. Even if they provide data or links regarding the adverse effects or side effects of using kratom or does kratom cause hair loss?

For a certain period, it is usually about kratom for which there are no definite results and haven’t been approved by the authorities. What they know about kratom isn’t supported by science. 

  • Kratom can increase inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is one of our body’s natural immune responses. Kratom is an immunostimulant that can increase the strength of your immune system. When you consume kratom in excessive amounts, the inflammation in your body’s cells becomes uncontrollable it can cause new problems. 

One of them is inflammation in the scalp which can cause immune cells to attack the hair follicles due to increased immune response. This causes your hair to fall out badly. 

  • Selenium content in kratom spraying pesticides. Modern people these days are avoiding selenium content in their hair care products. They know that selenium can damage hair. A widely circulated statement on the internet is that there are selenium-based pesticide sprays used in several kratom farms. This is surprising because there is no valid data included in the statement. 

Even if there are kratom producers who use the pesticide selenium, the compounds used are unlikely to remain in the final product. Cultivators usually apply pesticides early in the season and this can allow enough time for residual pesticides to fully decompose before harvest.

You should ask further to the kratom supplier about this before you decide to buy their product.

  • Kratom allegedly can cause decreased libido due to low testosterone levels, depression, brain fog, and low energy. Some people who use kratom for a long-term nay experience things like this. But you should also see if these natural developmental symptoms come with the use of other drugs along with the use of kratom or the condition of the body that gets weaker with age. 

Tips for Reducing the Chances of Hairloss

You may not be able to avoid the appearance of hair loss when using kratom. Here we share some tips to reduce the possibility of hair loss.

  • Consume healthy foods or supplements that can prevent hair loss such as fish oil, moringa, vitamin B12, calcium, biotin, vegetables, iron, and silica.
  • Check whether you’re using certain drugs or cosmetic products. Medications such as pain medication, blood pressure medicine, cancer pills, anti-Parkinson drugs, birth control pills, and anabolic steroids can cause hair loss.
  • You can reduce the dose of kratom that you usually consume daily. Consumption of 5 grams of kratom can be reduced to 3 or 2 grams per day. 

What are the Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women?

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Both men and women have the potential to get hair loss. Even though they’re not consuming kratom, men and women can get hair loss because it is influenced by the following things. 

  • Genetic factors. You can experience hair loss if your parents genetically also had a history of hair loss and baldness. 
  • Use of certain drugs. Hair loss can occur as a side effect of the use of drugs like anti-inflammatory drugs, antiepileptic drugs, antidepressants, beta-blocker drugs, contraceptives, cholesterol drugs, anticoagulants, and hormone therapy drugs. 
  • Chronic stress. This has the potential to cause hair loss because your hair follicles can shorten their lifespan.
  • Hormonal changes. Before you ask yourself does kratom causes hair loss, it’s better to check if you have hormonal changes. Hormonal changes can occur naturally with age or cause by therapy and the use of certain drugs. 

What are the Treatments for Hair Loss?

There have been so many studies on hair loss treatments over the years. You can choose one that best suits you and does not cause side effects on your health in the future.

You can do the laser therapy to stimulate your hair follicles, buy drugs to stop hair loss like Propecia, and take a hair transplant surgery that involves a plastic surgeon. 

Final Thoughts: Does Kratom Cause Hair Loss

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Long-term use of high doses of kratom could theoretically cause hair loss problems. But so far no cases of hair loss are directly related to the use of kratom.

Most hair loss occurs as a side effect of using opiate painkillers and the condition of the sufferer’s body long before using kratom. 

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