Can You Take Kratom While Breastfeeding?

Can You Take Kratom While Breastfeeding?

Kratom fans should still use this herbal plant in a controlled manner. Especially when you are in certain conditions, for example when you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Not only with kratom, but this kind of condition must be accompanied by caution because you are not only responsible for your health, but also for the baby who is still very dependent on you. Have you ever wondered, if can you take kratom while breastfeeding? 

You may have felt the many benefits of kratom, especially relieving pain, and increasing energy, to overcome some stomach problems. But certain conditions make you have to consider using kratom massively. In addition to the positive effects, consider also the negative effects, so this herbal plant is still controversial until now.

Is It Mandatory for Breastfeeding to Consume Kratom?

This plant that belongs to the coffee family is not a staple food. Despite its position as a snack or a snack, kratom has a special place in the hearts of its fans. The plant, which has the scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa, has even been consumed by traditional people for generations for certain purposes.

In essence, taking kratom is not an obligation. This is the choice of each person, but the level must be adjusted to the needs. As a strategic commodity, you can buy it in many specialty stores in the form of pills, capsules, teas, powders, and others. Or if you have your kratom garden, you can mix the leaves at will, for certain needs.

So, what about breastfeeding? In this condition, you are responsible for providing staple foods to the baby. Selectively choosing food and drink is something that must be prioritized, because what you consume will affect the baby’s health condition.

Although there are many benefits of kratom, we cannot close our ears, and this one commodity is still considered controversial in some areas. Certain organizations even equate kratom with illegal drugs because it contains an opiate effect. Therefore, when you are breastfeeding, you should choose safe and healthy foods. After all, taking kratom is not mandatory, either for ordinary people, especially for pregnant and lactating women.

Can I Take Kratom While Breastfeeding?

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When taking kratom is not a must, then you should not take it while breastfeeding. But what if you’ve already included kratom as a favorite snack, even if you’ve been eating it for a long time? Breaking this routine may take some effort, because kratom has an opiate effect, even at very mild levels.

Kratom lovers may be wondering, “can you take kratom while breastfeeding?”. While you’re hoping for a pleasant answer, then the story I’m about to tell you may just make you more alert. Let’s look at examples of cases that have occurred in the past and were widely reported by the mass media.

A baby shows symptoms like someone who is addicted to drugs. The signs shown include restlessness and screaming like a drunk person. The baby also needs morphine injections so that his condition returns to normal. Investigate a calibration, the mother regularly consumes kratom tea, to be free from drug addiction.

Of course, his routine with kratom is considered normal, even healthy. But she soon realized when her baby had to suffer. Babies who are exposed to kratom from their mothers must go through a “cleansing” stage so that they can return to normal life and stop showing withdrawal symptoms. From this story, we can conclude the potential dangers of kratom, when a pregnant and breastfeeding consumes it regularly.  

Until now, there has been very little scientific research to answer the question of “can you take kratom while breastfeeding?”. But from the examples above, as well as various studies that have been done, kratom has been shown to affect breast milk. It can have an addictive effect, or affect the cells in the baby’s body that are still clean, and should not be contaminated by various natural or artificial chemicals.

How to Safely Consume Kratom When Breastfeeding

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Under certain conditions, it might be called an “Emergency”, you could take kratom when this is not at all beneficial for the baby you are breastfeeding. Kratom is effective in relieving pain, increasing energy, and making you feel better. Breastfeeding who have previously been fond of consuming kratom may find it difficult to break the habit.

Of course, there is always a solution to every problem, including when you still want to take kratom while breastfeeding. Here are some of the best things you can do:

Limiting Kratom Consumption Doses

Please consult with your doctor so that you can limit the daily dose of kratom consumption. Your doctor may not recommend you take this herb while breastfeeding. But in an emergency, you may get a special prescription on the rules for consuming kratom so it doesn’t have a bad impact on your baby.

Pumping and Disposing of Kratom-Contaminated Milk

Pumping breast milk contaminated with kratom, then throwing it away, is another solution when breastfeeding still wants to take kratom. For example, you can pump breast milk immediately after eating kratom products. After the milk is drained, the body will immediately produce new milk, and this can be immediately given to your baby.

Even so, this method is still risky because we never know whether the breast milk given to the baby is free of kratom content. Unless breastfeeding wants to bother with laboratory checks, this will certainly be very inconvenient and draining of time and energy.

Setting Breastfeeding Time

This method is related to the second way, where you set the timing of breastfeeding, namely before consuming kratom, or after pumping breast milk. But this method is still very inconvenient, right? Do you want to add to the difficulty of life, just for the sake of consuming kratom, but still can’t guarantee that your baby is contaminated with kratom from breast milk?

Once you have completed the breastfeeding phase, you can go back to taking kratom and not have to harm anyone. Make sure you cooperate in the procurement of kratom with Nusagro. Our company is ready to provide a variety of original, high-quality, and legal for sale.

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