10 Best Konjac Chip Suppliers and Manufactures

10 Best Konjac Chip Suppliers and Manufactures

Konjac chip – Konjac chips are dried and sliced Konjac yam that is usually used for basic materials of Konjac powder before being applied to other products in various industries such as food, healthcare, chemical, and many other.

The Konjac plant is a type of herbaceous perennial plant native to Indonesia known as Amorphophallus Konjac. It grows in the wild in several Indonesian provinces, including Sumatra, Java, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, and West Nusa Tenggara.

Surprisingly, its cultivation can be found in Java, where farmers grow it in the surrounding forest and in their yards. This plant produces tubers comprising glucomannan, that has numerous applications in sectors such as food (e.g., shirataki and konnyaku) and pharmaceutical (e.g., medication for diabetes mellitus, cancer, and cholesterol).

Many other advantages include improved woven textile strength, media for microbe cultures, and edible film. It can also be used as an anti-human immunodeficiency virus agent (HIV). Regarding those facts about konjac, Indonesia also become one of the konjac chip suppliers and manufactures.

10 Best Konjac Chip Suppliers and Manufactures in Indonesia

Konjac chip has been one of the export products to other countries. It because Indonesian konjac chip has many benefits, especially for health. The following suppliers and manufactures are below:

  1. Nusagro

Nusagro become the first supplier and manufacture of konjac chip from Indonesia. It is an Indonesian company engaged in agricultural products which has the best experiences to make costumers satisfied with every existing cooperation. One of those agricultural products is konjac, including konjac chips.

This company has been exporting konjac to many countries, two of them is China and japan. It also has a modern konjac flour production plant with bigger capacity to serve konjac market demand. Nusagro is really understanding the importance of quality, so that they process the konjac in a modern way and high technology.

This company is located at Jalan Tugu Raya no. 04, Tugu, Cimanggis, Depok, West Java.

  1. PT Linrode Mekar Makmur

Another company that become a supplier and manufacturer of konjac chip is PT Linrode Mekar Makmur. It is located in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. They are preparing for the export of konjac chips dried of Indonesian origin, as well as KONJAC for use in the product herbs industry.

This company can supply consumers on a regular and long-term basis. They are also looking for a serious and trustworthy buyer of konjac chips. This company is the supplier of wood chips.

  1. Buana Alam Lestari

The next konjac chip supplier and manufacturer is Buana Alam Lestari. This company comes from Jakarta. It serves Sundry Konjac Chips/ Glucomannan Chips. This company only focus on producing snacks and export it to other countries.

The company has been exporting its products to Turkey, Greece, Austria, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai. The konjac chips are made of 100% pure high quality.

  1. Matahari Agro

Matahari Agro is also the supplier and manufacturer of konjac chips. This company is located in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. This company also become a supplier of candlenut, tamarind, cashew nut, taro leaves, ginger, and turmeric.

Matahari Agro guarantees that their konjac chip has a good quality. Because it contains fewer calories but high fiber and capable of keeping cholesterol and blood sugar, regular consumption by East Asian countries as a staple food.

  1. PT Surya Metro Persada

The next supplier of konjac chips is PT Surya Metro Persada that is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It also offers vanilla bean grade A, B, C, konjac rice, konjac noodle dry, and konjac chips since 2017. The material of konjac chips is from tuber konjac with the high quality.

  1. Blessed Konjac

Blessed Konjac is also one of the suppliers of konjac chips. It usually buys glucomannan and dietary food supplement. However, this company also supplies konjac chips, konjac powder, konjac noodle, konjac rice, konnyaku, and angel hair.

Blessed Konjac services manufacture, transportation, and shipping since 2019. The consument can find this company at Jl. Green Garden Blok C21 No. 20, Kelurahan Rorotan, Kecamatan Cilincing, North Jakarta, 14140.

  1. CV Java Reptilindo Lestari

CV Java Reptilindo Lestari is from Cirebon, West Java. This company supplies konjac chips, dried noni, and dry noni since 2000. This company has experienced in supplying local companies or companies around the world.

Furthermore, this company produces konjac from konjac glucomannan amorphophallus muelleri blume. The konjac chips from this company come from the high quality.

  1. Nicolas Yudistira

Other konjac chip supplier is Nicolas Yuditira that is located at Jalan Gitar II No 2A, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Since 2020, this company has been supplying some products, such as konjac chips, ginger, arecea nut, galangal, and turmeric.

The company offers sliced dry konjac chips with sundry or machine method, fresh ginger and cutcherry, fresh lengkuas/galangal, and konjac starch that is from konjac chips. The customer jus request to get the products of this company.

  1. CV Wikonjac

CV Wikonjac has been exporting and supplying konjac chips since 2018. Not only konjac chips, CV Wikonjac also supplies porang, konjac, konnyaku, elephant yam, shirataki, hair angel, devil tongue, voodoo lily, konjac powder, konjac rice, konjac noodles, and glucomannan.

The konjac chips from this company are for substitute of gelatin and raw materials for food origin from java. The customers can buy konjac chip in this company by online or visiting the company at Jl. Green Garden Blok C21 No. 20, Kelurahan Rorotan, Cilincing, North Jakarta 14140.

  1. PT Triguna Asia Makmur

Since 2019, PT Triguna Asia Makmur has been exporting and supplying konjac product to other countries. It also services shipping and transportation. The products of this company are konjac chips, konjac fruit, Indigofera Tinctoria, Straw Mushroom, and Dried Leaf Powder. This company is located at Jl. Otista II No 67A, East Jakarta, Indonesia 13330.

Those are 10 best konjac chips suppliers and manufacturers. It is located over Indonesia, especially in Java Island. Those suppliers and manufacturers serve and offer konjac chips in the best quality for customers. So that is why it products has been exported into other countries.


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