Yellow Borneo Kratom: Benefits, Dosage, and Where to Buy

Yellow Borneo Kratom: Benefits, Dosage, and Where to Buy

Yellow Borneo kratom is the pride of the island of Borneo in Indonesia. This yellow kratom strain from the jungles of Kalimantan is well-known for being able to provide an adequate sense of calm and relieve stress. The effect is similar to that of kratom.

The red and green strains provide a relaxing and euphoric effect. You can easily feel happy, have positive thinking, and be easy to socialize. You may have never heard of this Borneo yellow kratom because this is a new type of kratom. 

What Is Yellow Borneo Kratom?

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Yellow Borneo kratom is the hard work of cultivators to get the optimal strain of kratom for its users. Yellow Borneo kratom farmers and cultivators watch the photo-oxidation process of yellow kratom for about 2 weeks. The optimal effect created from the use of yellow Borneo occurs because of the combination of green Borneo leaves and red Borneo leaves. 

The process of this yellow Borneo kratom strain results in a unique drying process. The dried Borneo yellow strain is then crushed into a fine powder that is easy to use for humans. Yellow Borneo kratom powder is often compared to the earlier popular Maeng Da strain.

It’s all because the effects of the two are similar such as being able to improve mood, can provide energy, and raising euphoria. As well as the popular Bali kratom strain. 

People use Balinese kratom strains for a calming and much more relaxing effect. However, there are moments when you find that your energy needs are higher than those of Balinese kratom strains could give and your mood needs even higher support. So, you need this yellow Borneo kratom as your daily intake. 

Benefits of Yellow Borneo Kratom

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Performing tension treatments while relieving anxiety and supporting energy is what many kratom users crave. Some types of kratom strains can increase energy but on the other hand, the anxiety increases, and the risk of insomnia raises.

This is what makes people hesitant to continue using certain types of kratom. They call it a side effect. But that is how certain types of kratom work on the human body. 

Some of the benefits that you can take from the use of yellow Borneo kratom include:

  • The real effect of temporary quality improvement. Most of you may not like the euphoric potential of certain strains. So, you can use yellow Borneo kratom to temporarily improve your mood without getting too euphoric.
  • Are you often overwhelmed by the sedatives you normally use? Yellow Borneo kratom is a good type of kratom for those of you who want to deal with pain without being overwhelmed by the effects of sedatives. This kratom strain is not as strong as other types of kratom pain relievers. But you can still use yellow Borneo kratom with different effects. 
  • Yellow Borneo kratom can provide an energy-boosting effect at low to medium doses. You can get new increased energy without causing insomnia or severe anxiety. If you take yellow Borneo kratom according to the dose, then you should be able to sleep afterward. 
  • Yellow Borneo kratom is not a great antidepressant-like most another kratom. Even so, yellow Borneo kratom can be an option for those of you who want to balance negative emotional states. At one time you may feel excessive anxiety, high stress due to workload, to depression due to a broken heart. 

You have made every effort to get rid of these negative emotions by doing things that can relieve them like doing hobbies, eating, and sleeping. But you still have to take the best intake to help from within.  

What’s the Dose of Yellow Borneo Kratom?

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The instruction for using yellow Borneo kratom is in the dosages that are unique and different from most types of kratom. Those of you who need sedation are better off using a higher dose. While those of you who need a stimulating effect is better off using a lower dose. Here is the instruction.

  • Low doses between 1 to 3 grams are useful for getting the effect of stimulation, energy intake, and mood.
  • You can feel the full benefits of yellow Borneo kratom at moderate doses of 3 to 5 grams. You can feel a burst of energy coupled with an anxiety-relieving effect. Then, this effect will gradually fade into relaxation and possibly sedation at doses above the range.
  • A high dose of 5 to 8 grams is the best dose for anxiety and pain relief. You will no longer want the stimulating benefits of yellow Borneo kratom in this dose. You just want to get to the bottom of using kratom at this dose. 

Side Effects of Yellow Borneo Kratom


Each individual will feel the side effects of using yellow Borneo kratom. These side effects will depend on the tolerance of the user to the number of doses he uses daily. If you want to use this yellow kratom during the day and want to stay active, then you should use this kratom at low doses. Yellow kratom can cause drowsiness.

Yellow Borneo kratom sedative effect will make it difficult for you to complete work during the day if you take high doses. People also sometimes complain of these side effects like swaying with kratom use over some time. Swaying or shaking effects are often got by those who use sedative drugs for a certain period.

Some assessthe side effects of swaying from the use of yellow Borneo kratom similar to the effects of using sedatives. This is over sedation. It’s the opposite of the jittery feeling you get when you overstimulate yourself with too much caffeine. 

Where to Buy Yellow Borneo Kratom

Yellow Borneo kratom is a unique and quite rare kratom that has gone through a different drying process. To get the original premium yellow Borneo kratom, you should buy directly from the kratom powder manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia.

Nusagro Indonesia is a first-hand supplier where we provide kratom which is picked fresh from our farm, dried, then processed with the best method.

You just need to contact us now to order anything kratom you need. We provide premium best products and services with private delivery, private label, and market analysis for your kratom business. You can partner with us through this lucrative kratom business.

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