How to Roast Coffee Beans to be a Delicious Coffee

How to Roast Coffee Beans to be a Delicious Coffee

Roasting coffee beans is not easy, but it’s not too complicated either. You just need to understand how to roast coffee beans, seems like understand every step process, the temperature setting, and an instinct for taste and aroma.

The main principle that makes a delicious coffee is the induction of heat that absorbs when coffee is roasted. At that time, the composition of the coffee will produce an aromatic pleasure.

Well, to make this delicious coffee, you are required to keep exploring and trying until you find the right taste. And in this review, we will discuss how to roasted coffee beans to be delicious coffee. For that, let’s look at the reviews below!

How to Roast Coffee Beans to be a Delicious Coffee

How to Roast Coffee Beans?

The coffee roasting process in brief is to change the green coffee to brown by roasting. The roasting time is adjusted to the method taken and the number of coffee beans that will be processed. For small capacities, it usually only takes 10 minutes, but for larger capacities, it usually takes up to 16 minutes.

Here are the steps to roast coffee beans, including:

  1. First step: Choosing a Grill

There are several ways you can do to make coffee beans. Among them are, by using the oven, popcorn popper, frying pan, or with a special coffee roaster. However, whichever method you use, it will be more delicious if you immediately drink the brewed coffee.

There is no best grill, it all depends on how you serve it. You’ll have to consider a few things, like how much coffee you’re going to roast, or the amount of heat you’re roasting. Because, if you ignore these 2 things, the level of maturity of the coffee may be uneven.

  1. Step Two: Choose Green Coffee

Usually, the highest quality company will provide dozens of selected green coffees. So, you no longer need to sort it out.

Here we suggest that you use coffee with an original taste as a start. So this can make it easier for you to choose the next type of coffee to try.

Well, for the best type of green beans, you can trust the product from our company, namely Nusagro coffee. We provide authentic Indonesian coffee of high quality and harvested directly by Indonesian farmers. Like 2 types of coffee that are quite commercial, namely Robusta and Arabica. As an experienced coffee producer, now you don’t have to worry anymore about the distinctive taste and aroma of coffee.

  1. The Third Step: Doing the Roasting Process

These are the important steps about how to roast the coffee beans. So, in this process, you must understand the different stages of roasting. Thus, you can control the taste that will be produced.

roasted coffee beans

The Stages to Roasting Coffee beans Process

The following are the stages that must be taken how to roast coffee beans, including:

  • Yellowing

Coffee beans that initially have a green color after going through the initial few minutes will turn yellowish when stored. At this time, the distinctive aroma and taste of green plants such as vegetables or fresh grass will be smelled. However, such coffee is not tasty enough to be consumed immediately, it still has to be continued to the next stage.

  • Evaporation

This stage aims to remove the water content contained in the coffee beans, also known as the drying stage. When the coffee beans are dry, the first crack reaction will occur due to the different temperature differences.

This first crack occurs when the evaporation temperature reaches 390 – 410⁰F accompanied by a fragrant aroma. However, the reaction to this first crack can very dependent on the type of coffee being roasted.

  • The First Roasting Stage

After confirming that all the coffee beans have the first crack, you can immediately end the evaporation process and start the roasting stage with a temperature of 415 – 425⁰F.

  • Caramelization

A reaction that uses sugar so that the aroma and taste of coffee become more attached. This caramelization process certainly requires a higher temperature than before. Then, the coffee beans will expand slightly, turn darker in color, and when the temperature reaches 440 – 450⁰F there will be a second cracking reaction.

When the second crack reacts, the sound can be heard but it is no more stable than the first crack. This roasting process then changes the initial characteristics of the green coffee beans to become darker.

  • Darkening Roast

At the end of the roasting process, dark-colored coffee beans will produce a distinctive and pungent aroma and taste. This aroma and taste are increasingly attached to the coffee beans due to the caramelization process and the second cracking reaction. These coffee beans will then become delicious coffee when brewed.


Some Tips to Roasting Coffee Beans 

Once you understand how to roast coffee beans, you just need to remember the following tips. Meanwhile, the things that must be considered when roasting coffee beans to make them more delicious is:

  • Pay attention to temperature: The temperature used during the roasting process is usually in the range of 350 – 500⁰F, depending on the type of coffee used.
  • The agitation process: The coffee beans must be constantly or steadily stirred so that the heat is evenly distributed. Should not be left in a resting state during the baking process. This will cause some of the coffee beans to burn and not cook evenly.
  • First crack: Usually heard at 3 – 5 minutes, don’t forget to keep stirring the coffee beans.
  • Second crack: a few minutes after the first crack, a second crack will follow. Usually, we only wait up to 30 seconds. If it’s more than that, we often find scorching on the coffee beans.
  • Cooling process: let the coffee beans rest and cool down on a metal filter or parchment paper. Stir thoroughly to separate the coffee beans from any husks or dirt that might stick.

So many reviews that we can present about how to roast coffee beans. Make sure you understand the steps above and follow the tips we provide before processing your best coffee beans. Hope it is useful.

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