How to Make Moringa Tea at Home

How to Make Moringa Tea at Home

Moringa tea has recently become very popular and much talked about by tea fans, as well as herbal drink lovers. This beneficial tea is one of the main menus to drink in the morning and evening. Have you ever tasted this nutrient-dense tea? Or are you just curious about how to make moringa tea at home? Let’s read this article further to get a complete explanation about moringa tea.

How to Make Moringa Tea

Benefits of Drinking Moringa Tea Every Day

Consuming moringa tea every day makes your immune system stronger. This drink is high in antioxidants, highly nutritious, and contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substances. This is very good for protecting the body from attacks of various types of diseases. Moringa tea can even support the prevention of cancer and diabetes, it can even support skin and facial health effectively.

How to Make Moringa Tea: Dosage and Warnings

For a practical way, you can buy moringa tea in the form of a finished product from the best supplier. But usually, the sensation of tea will be more pronounced when you mix it yourself. Making moringa tea is not very complicated. You just need to dry the moringa leaves or grind them into a powder.

Dried leaves or moringa powder can be stored in a clean and airtight place. To brew a cup of moringa tea, take a spoonful of moringa powder, or a pinch of dried leaves. Brew with hot water, then add honey to get a natural sweetness. Moringa tea can be drunk in the morning or evening.

Following are the stages of preparing moringa leaves for drinking:

– Wash Your Leaves

Separate the leaves from the branches, then wash them. Moringa leaves are small but densely lined along the twig.

– Dry Out Your Leaves

Moringa leaf drying should take place naturally. You can store it in a dry tray, then let it dry for a few days without drying it in direct sunlight.

– A Couple of Cups a Day

Take a pinch of dried moringa leaves, then brew it with hot water. Let stand for a while so that the water becomes warm, then please drink it peacefully in the morning and evening.

– Grind the Leaves to Make Moringa Powder or Cutting Tea

Moringa dried leaves can also be powdered by grinding. Moringa powder can be mixed into a variety of foods and beverages so you can get the good benefits of moringa every time.

Moringa Powder Tea Recipe

Moringa Powder for Dogs

There is no special recipe for concocting moringa tea. It would be better if you just drink the tea without any additives. If you want a sweet taste, you should choose a natural sweetener such as honey. But the recipe creations for moringa tea are limitless. After all, moringa powder is very dynamic to mix various foods and beverages without reducing its benefits when consumed.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when anyone wants to buy and consume moringa tea, or other moringa products. We hope you gain more insight by listening to the following FAQs:

Can I Boil Moringa Leaves and Drink Them?

This is one of the traditional ways to consume moringa leaves. People even usually make moringa leaf vegetables and then add flavoring. Vegetables and moringa leaf sauce are good for health and can restore the body’s condition after giving birth, as well as facilitate breastfeeding. Of course, you can feel other abundant benefits even if you just drink boiled water from moringa leaves.

How Do You Take Moringa Leaves?

If you have a moringa tree nearby, you can take the twigs and shoots filled with small leaves. how to make moringa tea? After being washed, moringa can be directly processed by boiling, or dried and made into tea or powder. But if you don’t find a single moringa tree, you can buy processed products very easily from the best suppliers online. Moringa oleifera is available in the form of dry leaves, powder, oil, and seeds.

Can I Drink Moringa Tea at Night?

There is no time limit for consuming moringa tea. This is a caffeine-free herbal tea, so you can drink it in the morning, evening, and whenever you like. Studies show that the dosage of moringa powder consumption can reach 70 grams. That is, a few cups of moringa tea per day, including at bedtime, will not cause any problems. Instead, you will get more benefits for health and beauty.

Can I Lose Weight by Drinking Moringa?

Of course! Moringa tea is recommended to support a healthy diet agenda. The good content in tea can improve and launch the digestive system.  

You still have to exercise and choose a healthy diet menu while drinking moringa tea to speed up the fat-burning process.

Is Moringa Tea Better Than Green Tea?

The two types of superfoods don’t need to be compared. Because even though the appearance and the way of presentation are almost the same, they both have different effects on health. The difference between the two types of tea is most obvious in their calorie and nutritional content. So, you can adjust the consumption of green tea and moringa leaves to your needs.

In comparison, the content of fiber, protein, calcium, sodium, and amino acids in moringa tea is higher than in green tea. You can also get the benefits of vitamins A and C which are superior to moringa tea. You can also get an abundant source of protein so it is very good for the body’s metabolism.

On the other hand, green tea is superior in antioxidants and epigallocatechin gallate which is good for the brain. The content that is not owned by Moringa tea is good for preventing stroke and cancer.

After reading the long description about how to make moringa tea, have you understood how to make moringa tea? Let’s be excited to create a healthier life by consuming moringa tea from Nusagro moringa regularly. We only market original and superior products so that the good benefits of moringa oleifera can be obtained optimally.

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