What is Red Bali Kratom: Benefits and Uses

What is Red Bali Kratom: Benefits and Uses

Red Bali kratom is one of the derivatives of the kratom herb. This green leaf tree (kratom in general) popularity hits the top as a pain controller. This belongs to the evergreen tree descendant. In the US the number of users of kratom is increasing every day.

Recently, the number of users there reach 5 million. So many people prove its power as a pain killer. Yes, pain killer is one of the top benefits. We always search for a thing that can reduce our suffering.

What is Red Bali Kratom?

red bali kratom indonesia

The plant is red as the name given. Every kratom strange has a different strength. This leaf with beautiful color is famous for its mood-boosting function. The leaf has a large dimension. That is why this herb is seen easily and harvested faster than the other strain.

This is an effective herbal medicine for managing stress and boosting mood because it has many alkaloids. Especially this kratom, the combination is very perfect. Those are beneficial to support the delivery of the message from the sense to the brain.

By consuming this herb the relaxation condition is achieved easily. Although the famous function of this is the recreation purpose, the medical purpose can also be achieved.

About the origin, it has different beliefs. Many believe that this is a combination of 2 red strains. The rest believe that this is from Bali. The name is given also make a new belief that this tree can also be cultivated in Bali (the Indonesian paradise island). We will keep the last curiosity about where this herb can grow in the next explanation.

The benefit of red Bali kratom as mentioned above is a mood booster or recreational function and also an analgesic function although this one is not the main one for this red leaf.

How is Red Bali Kratom Cultivated and Harvested?

Red Bali kratom can be planted by seedling. The fresh seed has high viability. The dried one has low viability. If you decide to grow your own kratom plant, buy the seeds online. To increase the viability percentage, add 5 seeds per pot.

The environment has to be concerned with. Remembering this herb is from a tropical country, you who don’t live in a tropical country can imitate the temperature and humidity. Water the plants so they will get enough live sources. Sun exposure is also important.

Benefits of Red Bali Kratom

benefit red bali kratom

The main benefit is recreational and mood-boosting. Does this mean just for that? Of course not. Red Bali kratom is used for medicinal purposes too. Here is the list of what this strain can do and make difference.

  • Treatment for those who are addicted to opiates: According to the date, people who are addicted to opiates is so many. Thanks to this herb help people to stay away from opiates. The characteristic of kratom is somewhat similar to an opiate. It is the main weapon to fight opiate addiction.
  • Calming effect: Consuming this strain can make you relax. Then, it leads to a calm feeling. The anxiety finally can be controlled.
  • Killin pain: There are so many diseases with severe pain feeling. For example the pain from a car accident or the other painful moment. With the right dosage in each intake, red Bali kratom will work properly as a pain killer.
  • Insomnia medicine: Some people have sleeping trouble. Whatever the reason is, it has to be healed. Many diseases could come from a lack of bedtime.

Red Bali Kratom Dosage

red bali kratom dosage

In consuming it, you have to know what it is for. By comprehending a lot of dosage rules and the rules of the users’ body weight, the silver lining of the dosage can be concluded. Generally, low dosages work on mood-boosting and energy.

A higher dosage (but belongs to medium) usually works on calming effect. The highest dosage works as a pain killer (analgesic).

If you experience super severe pain and already consume the highest dosage, please be careful. Don’t take any more unless you are under professional supervision (physician).

Side Effects of Red Bali Kratom

Food sometimes causes allergy, and so does medicine although it is from natural ingredients. Excessive in everything will cause bad effects. Taking too much kratom can also cause that.

First of all, everybody is unique. We are different from each other. It can be seen if you measure your blood pressure, weight, height, etc. The response toward kratom is also various. One person might enjoy it much with the benefit that works maximumly. The other might not. Here are the side effects that probably appear. 

  • Addiction: This effect only emerges if the dosage is not followed properly.
  • Dizziness and vomiting: This can make some people nauseous and then vomit. Those 2 are the result of the dizziness.
  • Trouble focusing eyes: When the object you are looking at turns into blurry vision, your vision is disturbed.
  • Constipation: Digestive disturbances at a mild level.

All those effects above are just possibilities. Not all people experience those as long as they follow the dosage carefully.

Here is the list of the people who better not try kratom.

  • Pregnant mom: There is no evidence that a pregnant mom can get bad effects from consuming kratom. However, she carries life inside, it is better to notice every food and medicine.
  • Breastfeeding mom: Same as a pregnant mom, a breastfeeding mom has the responsibility for the food she consumes. The substance and all the nutrients will be passed to the baby.
  • People with heart disease: This causes a somewhat similar effect to coffee. So, people with heart problems should not try kratom.

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