Where to Buy Coconut Sugar in Australia with Qualified Product Quality

Where to Buy Coconut Sugar in Australia with Qualified Product Quality

Coconut sugar is a global commodity today. This sugar can replace white sugar in the same ratio. When you use refined sugar or white sugar in a tablespoon, you have consumed 100 grams of sugar or the equivalent of 386.7 kcal. Coconut sugar has the same calorie count as regular refined sugar.

However, coconut sugar has a higher nutritional value than white sugar or refined sugar. This makes people decide to replace all white sugar in their homes with coconut sugar. People are starting to find out where to buy coconut sugar in Australia with qualified product quality and also in other countries where coconut sugar is produced on a huge scale.

Where to Buy Coconut Sugar in Australia with Qualified Product Quality

Healthy Natural Sweetener in the Land of Kangaroos

How do you enjoy your coffee in the morning? With one block of white sugar or one tablespoon of refined sugar? What if you now increase the quality of your morning ship with nutrients from coconut sugar?

Coconut sugar adds a unique, rich, and legit sweet taste to your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drink. Coconut sugar is an organic commodity that is currently circulating in the global market. Coconut sugar is produced through different processing from white sugar. Organic coconut sugar is processed without the addition of any chemicals. This sugar also doesn’t go through the purification process many times like white sugar.

Farmers harvest oil palm traditionally using their hands. Nectar after nectar from oil palm flowers they collect by tapping by hands. Then, they will boil the nectar to reduce the water content. If the farmers partner with a coconut sugar factory, they will send the tapped nectar directly to the factory to be filtered for purity. The slow-boiled boiler in the factory will be used to evaporate the water.

The nectar is then allowed to harden until it can be crushed to form easy-to-process coconut sugar. The factory will also carry out packaging, quality control, and shipping control before being distributed to several customers around the world.

When you find out where to buy coconut sugar in Australia with qualified product quality, you will surely find several brands from coconut sugar-producing countries. One of them is Indonesia. You may be lucky to find a coconut sugar factory and supplier whose products are 100% made from unrefined golden nectar of coconut flowers.

Imported Product from Indonesia 

Indonesia as the largest coconut sugar-producing country always exports this commodity to various countries including Australia. When you visit a shop or market in Australia you may find coconut sugar products originating from various places in Indonesia.

You can also easily find coconut sugar when looking for it in the marketplace or online stores. Now you don’t need to be confused anymore to know where to buy coconut sugar in Australia with qualified product quality.

Products That Offer a Slowdown in Glucose Absorption

Is Coconut Sugar Healthier Than White Sugar

To get the nutrition of coconut sugar, you don’t have to eat it in round rolls as much as possible every day. Only as much as you need. Coconut sugar contains a fiber known as inulin. This fiber can slow down the absorption of glucose so that coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index than other sugars.

Inulin is the prebiotic fiber. It is a type of carbohydrate that cannot be digested by the body but offers a variety of health benefits. This water-soluble fiber and functions as a fructan are good for the digestive system and heart health. Fructan is a chain of fructose molecules that will bind together so that it cannot be broken down by the small intestine.

After you consume processed food with coconut sugar, your body will find fructans that go down to the large intestine without being digested but can be food for good bacteria in the organ. This is why coconut sugar has the potential to slow down the absorption of glucose is converted by bacteria in the intestine into short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids in turn nourish the cells in the large intestine and provide various health benefits to the related organs.

People who have prediabetes need inulin in sufficient quantities to stabilize blood sugar. So, you need to consume coconut sugar in the long term which can replace white sugar as a whole. From now on you can cook soup with the addition of coconut sugar, grill barbeque meat with a spread of caramelized coconut sugar, and drink your favorite coffee or tea with stirred coconut sugar.

Choose the Best Coconut Sugar from Indonesia in Australia


There are so many brands of coconut sugar originating from Indonesia competing in the international arena. You can buy different brands every week or every month but you need to remember that this global market commodity is very important for health.

You must choose products that come from the manufacturer and can provide a 100%organic and pure quality guarantee. Where to buy coconut sugar in Australia qualified product quality can only be answered by understanding the characteristics of coconut sugar.

Maybe you will be lucky to find a brand more committed to quality, sustainability, and taste like Nusagro Indonesia. Nusagro Indonesia organic coconut sugar is produced without the addition of any chemicals with its own HACCP certified facility under modern hygienic conditions to ensure its high quality and cleanliness. The company, located in Depok, Indonesia, has a versatile of dishes without adding a lot of complexity or residual flavor.

Brownish fine-grain texture is the hallmark of our organic coconut sugar with a legit sweet taste that is not excessive. People who often expect a dominant coconut flavor from coconut sugar won’t find this taste at all. Maybe it’s their first-time buying coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is not part of the coconut that we know so far.

So, what are you waiting for now? Call us now to get your first organic-rich coconut sugar first hand.

If you want to know more about agriproduct, visit Nusagro now.

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