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Made from the golden nectar of coconut palm blossoms. 100% Pure Organic Unrefined.

Nutrient Rich & Tastes Better
The Best Sweeteners Grow On Trees
100% Pure Organic


From harvest to final product we maintain direct control over all steps with no outsourcing for high purity and complete traceability. Unlike other refined sugars production, Singabera Organic Coconut Sugar is minimally processed with no chemical involvement and manufactured in our own HACCP-certified facility under hygienic modern condition to ensure its high quality and cleanliness.

Hand-Tapping Coconut Nectar

Hand-Tapped Nectar Delivered to Factory

Filtered for Purity

Slow Kettle-Boiled to Evaporate Water

Delivery & Distribution


Quality Control



Our Stories

Indonesia has the largest area with coconut trees and more than 90% of it is owned by farmers.

We are talking about grassroots movement with our organic farmers to produce the highest quality organic coconut sugar and nectar while enabling them to have better income through fair trade.

It is our responsibility to make sure that our organic farmers can also enjoy the boon of global trade.

Our Location

At the Heart of It All

Our company is located in central java region, the center of organic coconut sugar production in Indonesia where its use has been deeply ingrained in the culture and it can be traced back for thousands of years.

The deep understanding about the people and culture in this region coupled with international organic certification standards position us as the leading supplier of organic coconut sugar and nectar.

Dealing with No Middle Man

Having our company’s headquarter and operations in central java region, our organic coconut sugar and nectar are shipped from the same location they are produced. ​​It means you will always deal directly with us – never a middle man.

If you are​​ looking for the best quality organic coconut sugar at the best price, you have come to the right source.

Our Facility

State of the Art Central Processing Unit

Nusagro Indonesia has state of the art facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

We invest heavily in our infrastructure with long term vision to make sure that everything that comes out of our facility consistently have the highest quality possible.

Vertical Integration

From Our Organic Farmers to You

We directly work with our organic farmers on daily basis to create the highest quality organic coconut sugar and nectar.

We give our farmers continuous trainings in organic farming practices, from how to organically fertilize the coconut tree until processing the coconut sap according to international organic standards.

This control of the supply chain means we can consistently maintain our high quality standard while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Why We Are The Best Supplier and Factory? Why Choose Our Products?

At Nusagro Indonesia there is a set of 4 values which define our organization and all that it stands for.

Organic Commitment

Fundamental to our values is organic commitment where we pledge to ensure that our products are organic, without any additives or chemicals whatsoever.


At Nusagro we are strongly against any kind of genetic modification of foods – where’s the need when nature on its own provides us with delectable foods like coconut sugar?

Fairer Trade

All stakeholders to the coconut sugar production process, be it farmers who tap and collect nectar from coconut trees or workers at coconut sugar producing plants always get a fair deal without any exceptions.


Nusagro works in a way which is always sustainable to the environment, with no trees felled or harm done to the soil. This is critical given that there would be generations depending on the sustenance of our natural resources.


Coconut sugar offers a myriad of health benefits, especially when compared to something like white cane sugar. Some of these benefits include :

  1. A lower impact on blood sugar levels (coconut sugar ranks just 35 on the glycemic index), suitable alternative for diabetics.
  2. Higher amounts of vitamin C, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and copper.
  3. Low fructose alternative (more suitable for those with sensitivities)
  4. Contains phytonutrients, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and antioxidants (anti-aging properties)
  5. Contains the B vitamin inositol, often used as a mood booster

Our coconut sugars come in soft granulate form that gives the most convenience in food application. They dilute and melt easily, and are not easy to burn. No more sugar cane caramel failures! Coconut caramel guarantees cooking success while keeping the blood sugar low.

  • Excellent for : Baking, chocolate making, confectionaries, beverages, smoothies, shakes, coffee and teas.
  • Application : 1:1 ratio sugar cane crystals substitute, both in volume and weight.
  • Colours like : Pralines ice cream
  • Tastes like : Caramel without the guilt and sorry.
  • Smells like : The islands
  • Glycemic Index (GI) : 35 and Low.
  • Diabetic friendliness : Very friendly.

Ingredient : Organic coconut nectar sap.
Product name : Organic Coconut Sugar
Botanical name : Cocos Nucifera
Part used : Liquid sap
Appearance : Granulated texture
Odour : Coconut characteristic
Colour : Yellow or red brown
Granulation : Mesh #16 / 18
Moisture content : < 3%
Solubility : 98-99% dry
Glycemic Index (GI) : 35
Shelf life : 3 Years
Origin : Indonesia
Product HS Code : 1702.90.99.00
Certified Organic by : Control Union

2X10Kg / Carton Box / 2X12,5 Kg (Other Packing Size Are Welcome)


Coconut sugar is made from coconut tree flower sap. A cut is made on the coconut tree flower and the liquid sap will be collected into containers. Evaporating this liquid sap will result in coconut sugar.

Yes we do. Please contact us with your requirement. We offer our organic coconut sugar in bulk packaging with competitive pricing.

We could send you our organic coconut sugar sample. Samples cost is on us if you have shipping account.

We do not have MOQ for organic coconut sugar with our brand. Bulk packaging MOQ is 1 Metric Ton.  Please contact us about your project because we are pretty flexible.

On average 1-4 weeks, depending on your order quantity and our capacity utilization. We do not rush orders production because we want to make sure the organic coconut sugar we send you is the best quality possible.

Payment terms must be as specified below or adjust as agreed by both parties.

  1. T.T : payment should be completed in advance 70% and the rest when the good is stuffing
  2. L/C : payment should be completed in advance 50% by T.T and the rest when the good is stuffing by L/C
  3. Paypal : payment should be completed in advance 70% and the rest when the good is stuffing
  4. Western Union : payment should be completed in advance 70% and the rest when the good is stuffing


If you have any questions about our products, we would love to hear from you. Please Call Us Today.


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