What is Copra? Get to Know Copra in Indonesia

What is Copra? Get to Know Copra in Indonesia

What is copra? Have you ever heard about copra? Copra is a dried section of coconut meat. Indonesia has an almost entirely tropical climate, related to that Indonesia becoming one of the biggest coconut producers in the world.

Most of the farmers who have owned the coconut farms process their coconut into copra.

Copra now has become one of Indonesia’s mainstay export commodities and valued for the coconut oil extracted by it. 

copra sun drying methods

What is Copra and How to Make It?

We need 300 days with 3 to 4 kilograms of coconut to make the ideal copra. How to obtain it is by removing the husk of the coconut, then breaking it into pieces, and letting the meat dry.

It goes through a drying process over the course of a few days for the coconut meat to become copra. There are 4 ways to make copra;

  1. The smoke drying method is a traditional way of coconut drying process using the smoke of combustion. The copra has a brown color that tends to pitch black and has a distinctive smoke aroma.
  2. The sun-drying method is coconut drying using the heat of the sun. We can split the coconut into two cups then spread the cups on any open surface. The white copra has produced by this method along with an indirect hot drying method.
  3. Indirect hot drying is a common drying method. Fresh coconut meat can be initially sun-dried and oven-dried later. An indirect heating system ensures only clean hot air makes contact with the coconut.
  4. The kiln drying method involves the drying of coconut in a chamber where air circulation, relative humidity, and temperature can be controlled. So, the moisture content can be reduced to a target point without any drying defects.


Coconut kernels and coconut oil

What are the Uses of Copra?

Copra is made use of as the raw material of coconut oil. Not only limited to that, it turns out that it is also utilized for various purposes. You can even find more products made by copra in your daily activities. Here are the uses of copra you need to know;

  • Virgin Coconut Oil

Girls must be familiar with moisturizer products. Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO is a key material for body lotion and other skin moisturizer products. You can also fabricate lipstick from it, the VCO can hold the lipstick color so it won’t melt.

In addition, VCO is very useful as a treatment for fungal infection or ringworm in your pet.

  • Crude Coconut Oil

Crude Coconut Oil (CCO) has become Indonesia’s mainstay commodity and known as one of the best in the world. CCO is widely availing of in many circumstances today. It is mostly processing into various derivative products such as cooking oil, margarine, and detergent. 

  • Body Care Products

We can find coconut oil is using in the manufacturing of many body care products since it has excellent moisturizing properties. Some of these products include shampoos, soaps, body scrubs, etc.

  • Biodiesel

The oil that is extracted in the process can also be used for biodiesel. Biodiesel is eco-friendly and renewable energy to replace fossil fuels. It has many benefits for the vehicle, such as increased energy security, improved air quality & the environment, and safety benefits.

  • Livestock Feed

Copra cake or meal is the leftover residue after extracting the oil. This coconut waste is a useful by-product that is mostly utilized as animal feeds.

The copra cake is derived as a valuable protein source for livestock from suitable sources and has been proven scientifically.


Indonesian Copra and Top Destination Exports

Copra comes from coconut palm which grows only in tropical regions of the world. Coconut palms are common in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania.

Indonesia has the largest coconut palm growing areas and has become one of the world’s top producers of coconuts followed by the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil.

In 2018, the total coconut cultivation area in Indonesia is over 3,5 million hectares throughout 34 provinces. The coconut is mostly grown on Sulawesi Island and Maluku.

Copra is the most sought-after coconut product in the global market. The export was increasing and ranking third among the six primary export commodities which are rubber, palm oil, copra, tobacco, tea, and sugar.

The major producers in Indonesia are North Sulawesi includes Minahasa, Sangihe, Talaud, and Gorontalo.

You can also find its production in some areas in Indonesia including Banten, Priangan, Banyumas, Kulon Progo, Kediri and Mt. Meratus region of South Kalimantan.

Indonesia had exported raw copra with a value of 354 million USD (or 4,9 billion Rupiah) in 2018. In the meantime, its products had successfully been exported with a value of 368 million USD (or 5,1 billion Rupiah). 

According to The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), the top destination countries of copra exports from Indonesia are Bangladesh ($14.7M), India ($9.69M), Philippines ($2.32M), Pakistan ($2.21M), and Chinese Taipei ($133k).

Between 2018 and 2019, the fastest-growing markets were South Korea ($46.2k), United Arab Emirates ($29.3k), and Malaysia ($12.6k).


Copra - dried coconut

Our Products

Nusagro is a first-hand supplier in Indonesia and the best place to buy copra. We produce Dried Coconut (semi-husk and full-husk of coconut), Edible and White Copra, and also other coconut products.

White copra is regular copra from hybrid coconut with water contents of about 5%. It has a maximum diameter of around 9cm, the color is white, and there are holes on the surface of the coconut.

It is usually apply as a key material of coconut oil and its derivative products.

Edible copra is the dried meat of coconut from hybrid coconut with water contents of about 5%.

It has a maximum diameter as the white one which is around 9 cm and the skin is smooth without holes on the surface. You can consume it as dry fruit.

Our products are fresh and fully matured, harvested directly by our farmers after 2.5 to 3 months. We are committed to producing high-quality and 100% fresh & natural copra.

If you have some questions, please don’t be hesitate to contact us. We are proud to serve you wholeheartedly.



What is Copra?

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