Red Lady Papaya Seeds, the Best Choice to Get the Best Harvest Time

Red Lady Papaya Seeds, the Best Choice to Get the Best Harvest Time

Papaya is a fruit that contains high fiber. No one doubt this fact. So, many people consume papaya regularly in their daily life.

But sometimes, finding the best quality papaya in the market is a little hard. It makes some people want to plant papaya by themselves.

They try to find the best seeds that yield the best papaya fruit, sweet, red, and juicy. If you are one of the people that look for the best quality papaya seeds, this article is suitable for you.

Red lady papaya seeds are one of the suggested papaya seeds for planting in your house. Let’s see the explanation below!

red lady papaya seeds

The Red Lady Can Yield 30 Fruits In One Tree

The red lady papaya comes from Taiwan. The fact is the red lady type is not as popular as Californian papaya or Bangkok papaya.

But, it has a sweet taste too. The shape of the red lady is round, not oval long as other types of papaya.

Well, the good news from the red lady papaya is that it is faster to get the harvest time. It just needs 6 months.

If it compares with other types of papaya seeds, they need 10 months to get the harvest time. Besides, one the red lady papaya tree can yield 30 fruits. It is amazing, isn’t it?

The Red Lady Is Resistant To The Virus

The red lady is better at facing virus problems in the plants. So, it is an important point. The fact, many types of papaya fruit tree is very sensitive to virus attacking.

But it is not stated with the red lady papaya. Because we know that red lady papaya is more resistant to the virus, many people want to plant the seeds of this papaya fruit.

Are you one that is interested in planting papaya fruit? If you want a stronger fruit from virus attacking, it is better to choose red lady papaya seeds.

papaya red

How To Plant Red Lady Papaya

Planting red lady papaya seeds are easy if you want to do it. You can get many fruits if you plant this type of seed. Red lady papaya needs full sun. So, make sure that your place can be reached by the light of the sun.

Besides, the drain of red lady papaya must be arranged well. Make sure the soil is not too dry and not too moist. You must regularly water the plants.

If the soil is dry and the weather is hot, you must water the plant twice a day, but if you plant the red lady papaya seeds in loam soil, you can water the plant once in three to four days.

After that, don’t forget to add fertilizer for your red lady papaya. It will make your fruits become grow well.

You can get the best harvest time for planting red lady papaya. And you will not regret choosing to plant red lady papaya seeds.

For more information related to how to buy papaya seeds, you can look for them in the offline store in your town or you can use an online store for the red lady papaya seeds store.

Find the best seeds, plant the best papaya fruits, and get the best harvest time.

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