How To Find International Coffee Buyers?

How To Find International Coffee Buyers?

Coffee is a drink that is loved by many people, both on a national and international scale. Coffee connoisseurs will buy the beverage ingredients wherever they look for it, including international buyers. Then, how to find international coffee buyers? 

For people who like coffee, almost every morning they will consume it. Therefore, they must have coffee stock at home. Where do they buy their favorite coffee? Here are some of the biggest coffee-producing countries, where you will easily find international coffee buyers.

Some Country of the Biggest Coffee Producing

It is known that good quality coffee will be easy to find in countries close to the equator. These countries include: 

  • Brazil

coffee brazil
coffee brazil

Brazil has dominated coffee products in the world since 1830. Because the country’s coffee production is very large, 30% of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil. 

The largest coffee production in Brazil is Arabica coffee. In percentage terms, only 26% of robusta coffee is produced from all coffee in Brazil each year.

Based on data taken in 2018, Brazil’s total coffee production amounted to 3 million metric tons. That way, you can find international coffee buyers looking for the best coffee. 

Coffee production centers in Brazil are spread over 7 administrative regions. The areas most recognized by the world community are Sao Paulo, Bahia, and Rio de Janeiro.

  • Vietnamese

A country that is part of the Asian continent, Southeast Asia to be exact, is one of the best and largest coffee-producing countries in the world. A large number of coffee production in Vietnam makes this country ranked second after Brazil in the category of the largest coffee-producing country in the world. 

17% of the world’s coffee comes from the plains of Vietnam. Left behind slightly by Brazil who occupied the first level. International coffee buyers are also looking at coffee from Vietnam. 

Vietnam is the only country in the world capable of producing a year more than 1.5 million metric tons of coffee. The type of coffee that dominates the product in Vietnam is Robusta. The land accounts for 96% of the total coffee plantations in Vietnam.

  • Colombia

Colombia is the third-largest coffee-producing country in the world. This country lost to Brazil, which became the champion of the largest coffee producer. You can find international coffee buyers in a country known for the sport of football

Colombia produces 800,000 metric tons of coffee annually. The best quality coffee makes this product from Colombia loved by the world community. 

This coffee from Colombia has a taste similar to coffee from Brazil. It has the aroma of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. The difference is that Colombian coffee has higher acidity than Brazilian coffee.

  • Indonesia

indonesia coffee
indonesia coffee

Still, a neighbor to Vietnam, Indonesia is also the largest coffee-producing country in Indonesia. It is known, within one year Indonesia can produce 650 thousand metric tons of coffee. 

The coffee produced comes from various regions, such as the island of Sumatra to the island of Papua. Even though it comes from one country, Indonesian coffee has its taste according to the origin of the plant. Coffee plantations in Indonesia are managed by Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises. 

One of the famous types of coffee from Indonesia is civet coffee. This type of civet coffee has a distinctive aroma and a very strong coffee taste. This coffee is one of the favorites of international coffee buyers around the world

Those are some of the biggest coffee-producing countries in the world, where you can find international coffee buyers there. A person’s love for coffee will continue to be done by finding a suitable coffee on the person’s tongue.


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