What is Green Malay Kratom: Benefits, Dosage, and Effects?

What is Green Malay Kratom: Benefits, Dosage, and Effects?

Generally, people know about kratom, not green Malay kratom. However, those who pay attention to the detail also know that this herb has different strains with different functions.

The herb has an opioid function and a stimulant function. Many users indeed utilize this herb to make their day more productive. Many countries start to allow kratom to be used legally. Some others still consider the policy to allow people to use this herb.

What is Green Malay Kratom

green malay kratom

Although this herb is originally from southeast Asia, its popularity is around the world. In America, one of the strains that can be found is green Malay kratom. Among the other strains, this one is often found. It hits popularity in the US and beats the other strains because of some quality it has. You might wonder what they are.

Before jumping into the specialty of the green one, the basic thing to know about kratom is that this herb has a different color strain. The color is derived from the process of harvesting especially the time.

Let us reveal from the darkest one (red), it is harvested when the leaf reaches its maturity. Nature already shows this cycle that the more mature it is, the darker color it has. Move to the green one (include the green Malay). This is harvested in the middle of their life when the color’s saturation reaches its peak.

That is why this one has a good clear green color. The last is the white kratom. It is harvested in the early of its life. Those three are harvested at different times because of so many reasons. Each has a different function with a different level of strength.

The name also mentions ‘Malay’ as its middle name. Besides the color that is derived from the harvest time, kratom is also named after the area it comes from. The green Malay originated from Malay. It is the country near Indonesia (where another strain of kratom comes-Bali).

To sum up, the identity of this strain is it comes from Malay that is harvested in its middle of life.

Benefits of Green Malay Kratom

green malay kratom for energy boost

There are basic kratom benefits that are possessed by all strains. The difference lies in strength.


Compared to the other strains, green Malay kratom is the best in energy-boosting. When it works as a booster, the energy is just right. The consumers will get additional energy to do activities. Usually, when taking an energy booster, the effect can be exaggerated. With this kratom strain, it is just right. This kratom kind doesn’t cause sleepiness.

Energy-boosting here actually also included concentration improvement and euphoria. Some experts separate but basically, it has the same essence (boosting the life quality).

Pain Killer

This is the strong reason why people consume this. Feeling pain is very stressful. People always looking for something new and stronger to reduce pain feeling. Because it doesn’t cause sleepiness, killing the pain by consuming this is very suitable for those who feel pain in the middle of their hectic days.

The uniqueness of this strain:

One specialty that differs this from the others is the gradual effects. Other strains usually give some effects simultaneously.

The green Malay has its phase. In the first hour of consumption, it gives an energy-boosting effect. The next one, it will give the others. This kind tends to have good management of level so the users can tell the level difference.

What is the Dose of Green Malay Kratom?

Dosage is the most difficult for all herbal medicine. Unlike the chemical medicine that only has one effect each, kratom’s effects depend on the dosage. This strain, like the other strains, always starts with a mild dosage as the introduction to the body.

Then, after your body doesn’t give an allergy response, you can consume the low dose. The average is 2 up to 4,5 grams. 2 is the lowest that has an effect related to the booster. 4,5 is the highest and has a pain-killing effect.

The dosage above is only an estimation. For the detail, you need to measure your body weight and blood pressure. Call a doctor for an accurate dose.

If there is no scale in your home, you can choose a capsule package. The manufacturer has already measured it for you.

Side Effects of Green Malay Kratom

dosage for consuming kratom

There is not a thing that comes without side effects. Taking green Malay kratom over the dosage can also invite some uncomfortable feelings. The side effects that may happen are nausea, difficulty in breathing, hallucination, aggression, blurry vision, etc. They are the short time effects. After taking a nap, those effects usually vanish away.

For long-term use, the effect that may come is addiction or dependence. Until now, there has been a report about a death caused by this herbal medicine.

As long as the dosage is right and never crosses the limit, the side effects might never appear at all.

Where to Buy Green Malay Kratom?

There are online and offline stores to buy this kratom strain. To make sure you get good products, a small investigation or research has to be conducted.

The price: This is a very impressive part that every prospective buyer looks at for the first time. It is to adjust the budget with the price. This can be dilemmatic. However, hold on to this principle that the price that is too expensive or too cheap is suspicious.

The experience of the brand: If the brand already spread to the world, it deserves to be reckoned with.

The review: It can’t be denied that opinion or good review from the consumers is very important. An honest review will help customers to choose.

Using the standards mentioned above, you can get the best product. Nusagro provides high-quality kratom. Our prices are valuable.

You will get a price equal to the quality. Our products are certified and guaranteed so you can sit and just wait for the product to be shipped to your address. Get the best green Malay kratom with the best quality from Nusagro.

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