How To Make Copra Meal, A Mixture Of Animal Feed To Reduce Production Costs

How To Make Copra Meal, A Mixture Of Animal Feed To Reduce Production Costs

Copra meal or coconut meal is a by-product of desiccated coconut meat. After the coconut meat is extracted from the oil, the remaining coconut pulp can be processed into a copra meal.

Then, how to make a copra meal? Does it look hard?

How To Make A Copra Meal

Functions Of Copra Meal For Livestock 

Copra meal can be used to mix animal feed. The goal is to reduce feed production costs. Mixing local animal feed with copra meal can be done by processing the dregs first.

Copra is coconut meat that is dried by the drying technique. The manufacture of copra is usually used for the manufacture of copra oil which has various benefits.

The copra meat will then be ground into a coarse shape, then filtered to produce oil.

Oil from dried copra can later be used for various purposes such as cooking oil, diesel fuel, and others. Meanwhile, the copra filtered dregs can later be made into copra meals.

How To Make A Copra Meal?

Dried copra dregs can be made into copra flour. How to make copra flour from the pulp? You can collect all the copra dregs from the filter first.

While collecting copra dregs, prepare the stove and frying pan and turn on the stove fire. Heat a frying pan but without oil or water. When it is hot, put the dried copra pulp into the frying pan.

Is it just enough there? How to make the next copra meal? Heat the copra dregs on the stove fire without using oil. This is usually called roasting, which is the process of ripening food without using oil or water.

The process of heating Bapst dregs can be done with your estimated time. Can be done for 10 minutes, or even more. After heating the pulp, remove the copra pulp and transfer it to a container.

These heated dregs can be mixed with animal feed in general. The dregs can also be called copra meal or coconut meal.

Copra flour can be mixed directly with animal feed, or you can add a little water to even out the mixture. Mixing this animal feed will reduce the cost of feed production, and also provide nutrition to livestock, especially chickens.

copra meal

The Nutritional Content Of Copra Flour 

Copra meal is used as a mixture of animal feed not without reason. Rather, it has a large nutritional content so that it is expected to be able to complete nutrition for livestock.

The high protein content is found in copra meal. Useful for the formation of the main energy and protein source for livestock. In addition, the use of copra meal in animal feed will reduce belly fat in livestock.

It can save the cost of feed production, so the profit will be greater. Many farmers use copra meal as a feed mixture for their livestock.

That’s information about how to make copra meal. Not difficult is it? You can make it yourself at home if you already have dried copra pulp. You can also get dried copra pulp from copra producers, or the market near you.

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