Is Coconut Sugar Healthier Than White Sugar?

Is Coconut Sugar Healthier Than White Sugar?

How well do you know coconut sugar? Have you put it in your coffee and every food you prepare? Many people add coconut sugar to their food or drink to get a more legit taste. Coconut sugar lovers are increasingly happy to consume it in a variety of foods and beverages not only because of its legit taste but also the health benefits that can be obtained.

The healthy lifestyle adopted by lovers of the vegan diet is familiar with coconut sugar. They no longer need to wonder, is coconut sugar healthier than white sugar this day? when it comes to choosing sweeteners for drinks and food.

Is Coconut Sugar Healthier Than White Sugar

What are the Differences Between Coconut Sugar and White Sugar?

Whatever you consume and enter the blood can be a disease if you consume it excessively and unnaturally. Like when you drink a cup of coffee with 3 to 5 spoons of white sugar. And this becomes your daily routine.

What happened then? Your blood triglycerides will increase, your HDL cholesterol will decrease, and your diet will be disrupted due to excess calories. One thing you should think about after this is only about your body’s health.

A healthy body comes from uninterrupted blood flow, maintained body cells, stable hormones, good glands, and organs that work optimally. Talking about health, coconut sugar can be a good choice to replace or reduce the intake of white sugar.

Why coconut sugar? Coconut sugar and white sugar both contribute calories and carbohydrates. One teaspoon contains 16 calories and 4 grams of sugar. Even so, there are some differences between coconut sugar and white sugar.

  • The glycemic index is what you control in your blood during certain dietary patterns. With a strict diet or not, you still have to keep this glycemic index stable based on what your body needs. The glycemic index is an indicator related to particular types of carbohydrate-rich foods that show the effect these foods have on a person’s blood sugar levels. Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index than white sugar. This indicates that coconut sugar will have a lower impact on your blood glucose levels.

The glycemic index of coconut sugar is 35 which will not increase your blood glucose and insulin levels. While white sugar comes from sugar cane and sugar beets where the glycemic index is around 60. you may like to drink tea with a slightly sweet taste.

Coconut sugar can provide a sweet taste as well as a legit taste that will increase your enthusiasm in the morning. You won’t feel guilty starting the day with a sweet one without white sugar.

  • The color difference is clear. Coconut sugar is brown like caramel while white sugar is clear white since it has undergone a long purification process.
  • Coconut sugar comes from the sap of flower buds on coconut trees while white sugar consists almost entirely of sucrose which is an artificial sweetener. There is even a manufacturer that produces coconut sugar from the golden nectar of coconut flowers so that it becomes 100% pure, unrefined organic coconut sugar. White sugar usually comes from sugar cane and sugar beet that go through the process of photosynthesis.

A Good Choice to Bring You a Better Healthy Lifestyle


The Glycemic index is the key where you should be sure to choose a carbohydrate product for daily consumption. Coconut sugar is the wisest choice for those of you who want a healthier lifestyle than before. Maybe now you want a healthier lifestyle but you can’t give up sweeteners like sugar.

This sugar with a light caramel taste has a granular consistency and a light, legit taste that makes dishes delicious. You don’t just choose healthy for yourself. You can even sell or suggest other healthy foods such as cakes, bread, and baked foods that are sprinkled with coconut sugar.

The important nutrients in coconut sugar keep surviving as the process is not as heavy as white sugar. If you are faced with the question is coconut sugar healthier than white sugar this day? then you already know the answer is ‘yes’.

When white sugar goes through a long and heavy process in its formation, then this sugar has lost many important nutrients. Coconut sugar contains magnesium, iron, vitamin B, potassium, and zinc which are important for the care of your body’s cells.

When you are ready for a barbeque party to welcome friends, you can bring along coconut sugar in the process of baking food. Coconut sugar can mix with meat or other ingredients and begin to melt when the grill reaches proper heat.

Solution for Diabetics

coconut sugar

Being a diabetic requires you to choose products that will not harm your body. The sweet taste has become too thick to be felt in your taste buds. You can never always avoid the sweet taste in your whole life. As for the need to anticipate how to still be able to feel the sweet taste without guilt and without endangering personal safety.

Coconut sugar is friendly for diabetics. With a glycemic index of 35. coconut sugar that you take every day will not increase blood sugar and insulin levels. You just need to keep the intake within reasonable limits. You can make snacks and healthy drinks for fruit smoothies with the addition of coconut sugar to taste.

One of the Secrets of Eternal Youth Today

Have you ever noticed the skin condition of your parents who were born decades earlier than you? Many elder people stay healthy, fit, and youthful because their food intake has been maintained since they were young. Especially elders who live in rural and remote areas.

They must know coconut sugar which is produced from organic coconut nectar sap and they are not faced with the question is coconut sugar healthier than white sugar this day? They only take what is pure from nature because that is all that is available when they were young.

Coconut sugar has anti-aging properties like polyphenols, flavonoids, and antioxidants. It also contains vitamin B inositol which is often used as a mood booster. As you reach your mood booster on your bad day, so your skin elasticity and facial expression won’t look aging.

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The process is minimal without the involvement of chemicals and is manufactured in a HACCP (Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point) certified facility. It’s safe for consumption and does not contain harmful materials. Call us now to get the highest quality coconut sugar.

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