Moringa Powder Price: Update 2022

Moringa Powder Price: Update 2022

Moringa powder price in 2022 may be one of the most important considerations for consumers in choosing a supplier. Although fluctuations in the price of this commodity are relatively stable, a slight increase or decrease in price can influence purchasing decisions. This is normal behavior, even realistic. When you buy moringa oleifera in large quantities, of course, you have to choose a supplier that provides the lowest price, but the quality of the product is guaranteed.

Information at a glance, moringa powder is a green powder rich in benefits that are very good for supporting health, beauty, and even a sustainable business. It comes from the moringa tree or “Kelor” which grows a lot in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Since the first, this plant grows wild and abundantly, and has been used by many people for traditional medicine. Various research results then confirm the variety of good content in this plant.

With certain modern and hygienic technology, moringa leaves are then processed into powder. The goal is that the benefits of moringa oleifera can be expanded and more practical and can be distributed easily.

After it becomes powder, you can choose the supplier and moringa powder price that best suits your business needs. You can also get moringa products in the form of oil, and their uses and benefits are more dynamic.

Moringa Powder Price Update 2022

How Much is 1 Kg Moringa Powder

The first purchase may make you wonder about the dosage of moringa powder per kilogram. It is important to note, moringa Powder is sold per kg, just like any other powder. Moringa powder price per kg varies from one supplier to another. 

How compare the prices of moringa powder is quite easy. You only need to check it on the marketplace or on various sites for buying and selling imported commodities online. But you will most likely get a cheaper price when buying it in bulk from a first-hand supplier.

So, instead of thinking about how much is 1 kg of moringa powder is, you should start researching where to get the best suppliers. If you focus solely on price, your focus on choosing a good moringa powder may be diverted. There are many distributors out there who offer low prices for moringa powder per kg. But if you are selective in choosing a supplier, you will get both: low prices and guaranteed quality.

Moringa Powder Price in Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the high-quality moringa oleifera producing countries. Moringa trees also grow in this country so many producers take advantage of the business potential, then process moringa into powder or oil. 

Although not the highest producer of moringa powder in terms of quantity, Indonesia has a good reputation when you are looking for the cheapest moringa powder price, with superior quality.

Indonesian moringa trees are genetically superior, to environmental conditions, soil quality, and other factors. This is what makes moringa powder from Indonesia richer and more nutritious. The superiority of moringa oleifera from Indonesia has even been proven in various scientific studies, complete with comparisons. So, when you are interested in consuming this magic powder for health or business, look for a credible supplier from Indonesia.

This means, even though Indonesia’s name is very good as a supplier of moringa powder, you still have to be selective in choosing specifically. Moreover, Indonesia is a very large country and many people have realized the business potential for this strategic commodity. As the best recommendation, you can work with Nusagro moringa to get the best moringa powder price without compromising the quality of the product.

Moringa powder can be used to mix a variety of foods and beverages, even into facial masks and other beauty instruments. If you have excess capital, moringa powder can also be included in the main composition of various supplement and personal care products. Your products will be immediately crowded with customers when they have experienced the effective benefits of using moringa powder-based products.

Moringa Powder Price in the USA

moringa leaves

The global market allows everyone to market and buys goods or services without being limited by location and time. Moringa powder prices in the USA or other countries will not be too different. You may pay different shipping costs depending on the distance from your location to the factory. But certain suppliers even often pamper their clients with low shipping costs and even subsidies, especially if consumers buy in large quantities.

Maybe the next question is, can I guarantee the quality of the product when I decide to buy moringa Powder wholesale, even though this is the first collaboration with a supplier from Indonesia. When there are still doubts, it means that your research has not been completed in finding suppliers. The digital era demands transparency in business and other aspects. You can see certificates obtained from credible institutions that confirm the quality of products and services of certain suppliers.

Which Country Imports Moringa Powder

Seeing the optimal variety of benefits for health and beauty, the affordability of moringa powder is expected by everyone. You may also ask questions about the countries that import moringa powder, and you will find that almost all countries do, except for producing countries like Indonesia.

Of course, you can buy directly to get the most affordable moringa powder price. But that doesn’t mean you have to refuse all offers from moringa powder distributors around you. When you want to buy moringa powder at any time and in small quantities, buying from a distributor might be a practical solution. But make sure the credibility of the distributor you choose, and you also know from which supplier he takes the product. Or do you want to become a trusted moringa importer?

Whatever your business decision, buying moringa powder in bulk is never a loss. The condition is that you must be selective in choosing a supplier’s best price offer. Nusagro moringa is committed to providing high-quality moringa oil and powder so you don’t have to worry if you want to buy in large quantities. Moringa powder price 2022 will be cheaper when you buy it wholesale.

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